Episode 37

While Tricia was beaming with joy over her sister and her man’s photos that lay almost on all the known blogs and websites on the internet, someone was looking at same pictures with so much håtred.

“So it’s true after all. Leonard had always had a thing with that girl all the while, and they kept deceiving themselves with the platonic relationship they claimed” Vivian hissed.
She had been having a hard time going through her social media accounts without having to see their annoying faces every where.

A particular blog even posted a video of them, showing how he proposed to her, alongside Vince, how she hugged him so tightly and ksses him non stop. She felt like throwing up as she watched people cheer and applaud them.

She was too hurt to admit that they looked so great together. Why did she suddenly begin to feel that she had made a mistake by letting Leonard go? Could it be because Jeremy had turned out to be a dêmon?

Vivian had tears on her face as she looked at the beautiful pictures of Leonard and Valerie. She could have been the one by his sides, the one he gave the looks he was giving Valerie in virtually all the pictures.

Truly, life would have been a thousand times better with Leonard. Jeremy was a total nuisance; his roughness towards her had always been there from the beginning. He h!t her hard on her face the first day they met after all, but his inability to provide for her and his indifference towards her welfare, is truly one of it’s kind

He shoved her and screamed at her while they prepared to get their marriage registered, but Vivian had been too sure he’d change after their baby was born. The red flags had always been very visible, but she had so much faith in him changing after the birth of their baby.

When she was in her second trimester, Jeremy had come home one night, after being away for over a week, heavily drunk. It wasn’t strange for Jeremy to drink, but to have him so drunk and acting so unable to coordinate himself, Vivian didn’t know what to think.

“Where have you been Jeremy? How could you abandon me here for over a week? What provisions did you make for my upkeep that kept you so relaxed wherever you kept your mïserable self all these days?” Vivian screamed as soon as he entered the house.

The apartment was a very small and poorly furnished one, but Vivian had been bent on giving her child and herself status that she didn’t want to care if she was literally moving from a paradise to a jungle. She’d rather live in a slum with a man who was a man indeed, than live in a palace with a man who couldn’t get it on for her.

So at the early stage of their marriage, Vivian was quite happy with her life. She was pregnant, and the man who got her pregnant had taken the right step of getting her become his wife officially, even when her mother had been a hindrance, as she thought.

But her happiness was rather short lived, because it wasn’t long before she found out just how insensitive Jeremy was. Not only did he take calls in her presence, discussing in details about how he had slept with a woman he was asked to sleep with, he stopped touching her as well.

So that night, as she saw Jeremy stagger into the house, Vivian was indignant and boiling with so much rage as she noticed how he look at her with so much disgust.

If her mother hadn’t been kind enough to let her feed from her house, she wondered how Jeremy thought she’d have been coping.

“Watch what comes out of that trap you call mouth. Jeremy is not the type of man you talk to in that tone, not even you, who has nothing to offer, but her body” he yelled at her.

“Says a man, who jumps from one woman to another, seeking which woman wants to set another up. Apart from your hopeless string in between your legs, what else do you have to offer?” Vivian had bellowed at him

“This is one of those things I can offer you, especially when you’re this sënseless” he told her as his hand flashed across her face, giving her a sound slap, followed by a big shove that sent her staggering.

She was lucky to have been standing close to a couch, for she would have had a very great fall. Vivian lay on the couch shocked at how mean he could be to her in her state. How could he not care if she got hurt by his as.såult on her while she was heavily pregnant?

Vivian was full of regrets, for even though she ended up birthing her first child, her life had become a degree more mïserable, all thanks to Jeremy’s insensïtivity, she couldn’t tell anyone how sad and unfortunate her life had become in the twinkling of an eye.

So, looking at the pictures splattered all over the internet, she couldn’t help but feel pained by the situation she had found herself, while Leonard having a blåst with his life.

She was still mulling over her unfortunate life when Jeremy walked in. He noticed how she was engrossed in whatever she was looking at on her phone, and decided to sneak in on her to see what she was looking at.

“Oh wow! So my wife is sitting on a couch in my house, drooling over the photos of another man. How wonderful!” he snorted angrily, and Vivian flinched fearfully for she knew what would follow.


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