Episode 36

The two couples proceeded to their destination with so much fulfilment and happiness. Tricia couldn’t believe Vince had managed to pull off something as huge as that without her getting a hint.

She had always been sure she’d know the day Vince would propose marriage to her. She had always been able to predict his next move by just watching his countenance.

He had somehow been able to make her so clueless about his plans because he wanted to make her have the best and most memorable proposal ever.

When Vince told Leonard about his plans to propose marriage to his woman, Leonard had told him, he was planning to do same the following week. “Congratulations my man, so you guys will just be a week ahead of us” he said

“Is there a special reason it has to be next week?” Vince had asked his friend. “I made a special order for a limited edition diamond ring. I know Valerie’s preference when it comes to jewelries, so even though it cost me so much, I had to ensure what I’d be holding while asking her to be with me forever won’t be what she’d despise” Leonard explained.

“Hmmm” Vince responded as he scratched his head in deep thought. What do you say, if I adjust my date to be in sync with yours? That way, we make a monumental and unforgettable impact on the Mcmorrits. What do you think about us getting them say yes or same day and in the same place” he asked

“Superb!” Leonard exclaimed, snapping his fingers in delight. The two friends planned and re-planning, decided and undecided, agreed and disagreed until their brainstorm brought about the plan to hïghjack a flight.

They spent the time Leonard was waiting for the delivery of the diamond ring he ordered, perfecting their plans. They had to visit the airline they had chosen to use ahead of time, to make preparation for the big show.

And looking at the effect of the pleasant surprise they had pulled on the people that mattered the most to them, the two friends were gratified, even though the plan and execution had cost them real big.

At the arrivals, people trooped around them to take some more photos of the great VaLeo and VinCia, they almost looked like celebs. Or would it be they became celebs?

For while some people who had boarded with the had flickered away on their cell phones and some going the extra mile of going live on social media platforms while the drama lasted, almost everyone in the country had been alerted of the most r®mantic proposal ever.

So as soon as they touched down Vince’s home town, there were paparazzi and zealots everywhere, cameras flashed now and then, as everyone with a camera wanted to get a photo of the good looking pair of couples.

“The demi god of beauty has chosen to come over to earth with his goddess of allure and charm” one reporter exclaimed as he saw Tricia and Vince stepping side by side, their fingers laced just as their hearts stayed connected all the while

Another entertainment reporter whistled under his breath as he looked behind them and saw Valerie walking graciously, her left hand hooked to Leonard’s. She held a part of her flowing dress with the other hand as she followed Leonard’s lead, out of the arrival hall.

“Mama Mia! I must have been a saint in my past life to have deserved to be alive to see this day? If this isn’t Adonis and Aphrodite, then my history teacher would need to refund my parents the fees paid!” the reporter proclaimed

“Dmn! The teachers failed to warn us about how enchanting and contagious their smiles can be. Why didn’t we know they look better than they were described?” another reporter who was close to the one who talked about Adonis and Aphrodite remarked.

Vince and Tricia trudged ahead, the chattering and camera flickers notwithstanding. But Valerie was slowing Leonard down with her endless poses for the cameras. She was too thrilled by the attention to care about how slowly they were moving.

Leonard had nothing else to do that day, so if Valerie wanted to smile at all the cameras in town, he was just as ready to let his dimples show, and his grace compliment her glamour. They were indeed a pair to behold.

Tricia had actually guessed right to some extent that Vince was making plans to officially hand over the property he told her about, to the foundation that helped him when he lost his parents.

After he had taken the bold step to ask his woman to be his forever and got a yes, he proceeded to the venue of the official handing over of the documents that transferred the ownership and rights over the property to the foundation.

With the deed of conveyance duly signed by the parties involved, Vince and Leonard set out with their soon to be brides to celebrate their successful engagement.

It was such an emotional and memorable day for Leonard. While Vince and Tricia were celebrating for successfully taking the first step for their forever journey, Leonard was so happy about the feeling he had, he felt he was doing it right, for the first time!

When he met Vivian and fell in love with her innocent and decent appearance, he never thought marrying her would be his greatest mistake. He had assumed that getting married to a woman that looked every bit the opposite of Mary, a woman of low virtues, would be all he needed to have a fulfilled home.

How was he to know that thesame Mary he was avoiding like a communicable disêase would be the very reason his marriage would fail? Or was it the kind of woman he had chosen? It had to be! He didn’t assess Vivian’s IQ and EQ before embarking on the forever journey with her.

It was his mistake, and he felt lucky that their journey was somehow trauncated. For if things hadn’t gone the way it did, he’d have had to spend the rest of his days by the sides of a woman who not only had very low EQ, but is too obstinate to listen to the voice of wisdom.

So technically, he failed, and just like for any varsity student who fails an exam, given a chance is to write again, he had written this exam with dexterity, and with the help of Tricia and Vince, he’d been able to get the woman he deserves out of Valerie. Yes! Unlike Vivian, Valerie had a teachable spirit

The four happy souls sat in a cozy restaurant to have dinner before they proceeded to the night club the men planned to wind.down afterward.

Valerie and Leonard kept cuddling and cooing while they sat next to each other, barely eating the meal before them. Anyone who saw them that night would assume they had just started dating that week; such was the fire that kept burning in their love life.

“Just look this! Someone has turned my sister to a celebrity over night! Valerie the fashionista, your pictures are all over the blogs, the internet is burning with your glamour and glitz” Tricia screamed as she turned her phone around to show them the pictures splashed all over the internet.

There were roars of laughter and echoes of joy as they celebrated. Leonard blessed the day he was hired at Mcmorrit Holdings. He especially thanked his stars that Vince was a man of principles and not one to bother with insecurity. If he hadn’t been the man he was, then his closeness to Tricia, would have been a major problem. “But look how he had drawn me closer to himself, technically taking me farther from Tricia” Vince thought, smiling.


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