Episode 38

“Did you imagine I’ll let you make a f??l of me? Do you think I’ll be as stüpid as the weaklïng you were once married to?” Jeremy raged after htting Vivian so hard on her face.

“I have told you the truth, but if the only thing that will give you the extra 0rgasm you’re looking for after being with your numerous women is to b.êat me yet again, then go ahead! Take the pound of flêsh you’ve always been taking from a helpless nursing mother” Vivian lamented as she stood defiantly.

“I saw the pictures and was looking at them because even though I have always suspected Leonard had a thing with the Mcmorrits, I never expected it was with the younger one. And yes, I was furious looking at the pictures because Leonard always claimed to have nothing going on between him and any woman.”

“At some point, I was regretting allowing myself fall into you and Mary’s trap because I imagine he was innocent” Vivian explained bitterly

“And just how do all these trash you’re saying concern me? How are they enough reason for you to be ogling over another man’s photo in my house?” Jeremy insisted, shaking her vi0lently as he spoke.

“You know what? This concerns you a lot. You’re the reason I have the time to feel the pa!ns after seeing them together. If you weren’t such a nu!sance, if you were half the man Leonard was, then I wouldn’t care if Leonard married the two sisters. And how the hëll are you able to raise your voice at me for looking at a photo, when you not only sleep with women but make videos of them? It’s painful to me that I allowed you and the dêspicable Mary who could allow you sleep with her and film her f??l me” Vivian spat out angrily, bracing up herself for the worst.

“Somebody is growing wings right? You dared hold my phone in your annoying hands to snoop around my stuff?” Jeremy asked, his nose flaring in uncontrollable anger.

She’d had to endure so much from Jeremy with the hopes that he’d change, but the more the days they spent together increased, the more her misery of being by his sides increased. And that day, after seeing Leonard so happy, a sharp contrast with her m!serable life, she was ready to tell him all the things she’d held in her heart for so long. She decided to tell him all she had been so afraid to tell him all the time they’d been together.

“Yes Jeremy, I’ve grown wings now. I’ve overcome the fear you’ve always used as a tool to gag me, making me unable to stand up to you, Leonard would never have cheated on me with so much impunity. He’d never sleep around like you’re doing, and still have the effontry to hit me” Valerie told him contumaciously.

Jeremy was so provoked by the fact that she had compared him to her ex husband, that he descended on her like never before. Beyond what Vivian had imagined,. Jeremy pulled out his belt and beat her so badly until she passed out.

Even though her baby kept crying as she received the beãting, Jeremy wasn’t deterred in any way. In fact, it took so much restraint to keep him from k!cking the baby out of her hands when she rushed to pick the baby up as she screamed in fear, hearing the commotion.

“Put that thing down now Vivian! You don’t want the mini Jezebel you have birthed falling in the line of the fire that’s about to consume you now!” he threatened her, but she held unto her daughter, crying pitifully, and hoping he’d let her go that night because of the baby.

Alas, Jeremy wasn’t done with her she should have known better than challenge him so audaciously. How dare her rummage through his phone and still have the temerity to compare him with Leonard? So he hit her so terribly until she passed out.

She had been getting hit a lot in these past few months. Jeremy had become so v!olent after her child was born and it turned out to be a girl. She kept picturing how he’d continue t?rmenting her even if she stayed 10 years more with him

He kept blaming her for making him father a girl child when he had vowed never to have a female child. According to him, he would have been better off without a child.

Jeremy dêspised women so greatly that he had no value for them. He lost the respect he had for women since he was just 10. Having been told of how his mother had abandoned him when he was born, for harl0tory, he grew up, seeing women as sxx objects and nothing more.

And as much as he tried to accept Vivian and her child as a part of him, as much as Vivian tried to make things work between them, he couldn’t forget the fact that she had betrayed her husband so call0usly to be with him. She wasn’t any different from his mother. His mother may have done what she did for both the pleasure and money she was said to be making from the harl0tory, still, Vivian had abandoned her man for the wild sxx she was sure she’d get from him. It made him hãte her the more.


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