Episode 34

It’s been close to one year since Mary was incarcerated, and things seemed to have been going so blissfully for both Valerie and Tricia in their respective relationships.

Valerie was made to go through several sessions of lectures by her sister after the incident that almost cost her her relationship with Leonard. Tricia spent time talking to her about what was expected of her if she was ready to make things work between her and Leonard.

“Vince and I are enjoying our relationship today, not because we are just lucky, no Val, we’re where we are today because both of us have consciously and intentionally worked on ourselves to make us who we are today. You need to sit up and brace up for your part in making this work. You won’t like yourself if you lose a good man that fate had made you get on a platter of gold” Tricia had told a very solemn Valerie

There were days Tricia made Valerie sit for several minutes listening to her tell her about how Vince had been traumatized after his parents passed. The crack in their marriage had been a very big problem that eventually saw the two departing the earth long before they were due.

Leonard had been prepared to cope with Valerie’s excesses, while he moulded her to the woman he wants her to be, but he was super pleased at the woman her sister was turning her into. He had always had great respect for Tricia,but with her input in making is relationship with Valerie work, he felt eternally indebted to her and her incredible man, Vince.

Leonard watched his back so meticulously, you’d think he was in one of James Bond movies. Valerie had actually settled to the new reality of being in a relationship with the man she loves.

The two love birds were preparing to attend an important event, Vince had invited them to accompany him and Tricia to his father’s compound. He told them he needed to have them around when he took a step to begin one of the most important missions in his life.

And according to his explanations, he had to get to his father’s house to begin the process. “He is about to initiate the process of officially handing over the property he told her he’d eventually give to the foundation that helped him when he faced the trauma of his parents’ departure” Tricia surmised

And even though his home town wasn’t far from where they resided, Vince had insisted on booking a flight for them all. Valerie had insisted that he let them drive, but Vince wouldn’t have a word of it.

On the day they were billed to make the journey, Leonard kept running helter skelter, as if he had some things to attend to in urgency. Valerie couldn’t really get what was going on, but she felt Leonard was being all secretive and strange that morning.

“What’s up with you honey? You’ve been acting real strange and weird since morning. Is everything okay with you?” Valerie had inquired as she couldn’t keep her concerns about the change in his attitude to herself

“I’m alright baby, I’m just too happy to act otherwise. My friend is taking a huge step today, and it has somehow shed light on our paths. It has made me reminisce on a lot of things this morning” Leonard told Valerie, smiling so happily.

He asked her to get on one of her best outfits. “From what Vince told me, it’s going to be a great occasion, and I don’t want you looking any less beautiful than you could be. The brightness of your beauty should be felt 10km away from where the event is billed to take place” he had told her.

Nothing pleased Valerie more than getting to look beautiful, except getting kssed by Leonard of course! She got her hair styled into a new and enchanting one, and then chose one of the very beautiful dresses her father had got for her on her last birthday. She looked almost like one who was about to be married to the president of America.

Tricia was getting ready to set out. Vince had insisted that she dressed to ki!l, and when Tricia wasn’t standing briskly in her duty as the CEO of Mcmorrit Holdings, you could mistake her for a socialite!

She had a very good dress sense that always lent credence to her good looks. That morning, she stepped into one of her best party dresses and made some finishing touches to the hair that had been exquisitely styled the day before by her super talented hair stylist.

Tricia had expected her sister to accompany her to her beauty salon to get her hair fixed, but Valerie informed her that she too needed to get her hair dressed. “Leonard wants me to dazzle tomorrow while we accompany Vince and you, and you won’t get me disappointing him ever” she had told her sister laughing.

And since Valerie never agreed to leave her beauty salon for another, the two sisters had to find their separate ways to the people they trusted with their hair.

When the two pairs rendezvoused eventually, the time each of the ladies spent in getting prepared for the journey could be safely said to have been worth it.

While Tricia looked like a demi god of beauty, her sparkles and charm radiating so strongly, Valerie was the goddess of beauty personified. She had both the charisma, the charm and the allure.

How often do people get to see good looking girls around charming young men? Vince looked every bit handsome in his designers collections, his perfectly shaved and styled moustache and beard, making his light skin look so perfect and adorable. Tricia was beaming with smiles as she got her hand hooked in his, stepping out of the restaurant they had stopped by to get a quick breakfast.

If anyone who had seen Tricia and Vince had found them enchanting, then, that someone would have to brace up to be blown away as Leonard and Valerie stepped out, a few steps behind Vince and Tricia.

Leonard was wearing a black tuxedo with a Lavender coloured designers shirt. His freshly shaved beard outlined his jawline, giving his face a don’t-look-away kind of allure. He looked every bit charming that Valerie kept giggling and oozing with pride as she walked besides him. He was dapper, to say the least.

Clad in one of Ann Campbell’s best, Valerie looked every bit like a beauty goddess. Even though she had tried to tone down on the jewelries, the 20 carat gold simple pendant she wore on the gown, sparkled just as the wearer dazzled.

They got into the cars that would take the to the airport and zoomed off. Leonard and valerie.sat in his car, while Vince and Tricia were chauffeur driven to the airport in Tricia’s Bentley.

*Which couple do you think klled it? VaLeo or VinCia?


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