Episode 39

When Vivian came around something later that night, the house was deafeningly silent. Her fist thought was what the lunat!c she got herself involved with had done to her child. Her heart raced wildly as the thought of a possible harm having come her daughter’s way.

She looked around and found her daughter lying in deep slumber, by her sides. Time check told her she’d been put out for almost three hours. “Oh God! What if I had died tonight? What if Jeremy had succeeded in making me lose the only thing he hadn’t taken from me?” She thought shedding tears of agõny.

Her poor little baby lay sleeping besides her, her face bearing dried streaks of tears, and Vivian could tell she had cried for so long. Her stomach was very flat, she hadn’t had anything to eat since morning, after all.

Vivian made to pick her baby up, but her shoulder ached so badly, she couldn’t lift the baby up. She winced in pains as she forced herself to a sitting position.

Her baby was still lying calmly, unaware that her mother had regained consciousness. The poor child had cried for so long after her mother stopped shrieking and her father had walked out of the house, her heart wrenching cries notwithstanding.

If only the child could speak. If only she could ask Jeremy her offence and the reason he dêspised her so badly, even after the DNA test he had insisted be conducted when she was born, showed she ways his.

Vivian sat for a while, reflecting on the events of the night. The thought about how she had been hungry since morning but too ashamed to go to her mother’s that day again.

It was becoming too embarrassing that she had to always go to her mum’s whenever she needed to have a decent meal. Jeremy couldn’t even afford a simple meal for their child.

She thought about how she had seen Leonard and Valerie dazzling alongside Vince and Tricia in what a blog had called the most romantic marriage proposal ever!

Then she thought of how Jeremy had hit her just because he found her looking at a picture on the internet. She began to shed fresh tears as she imagined how much of a gentleman Leonard was to have been able to walk away when he saw a man on top of her.

“You have messed up Vivian!” she told herself. “Why didn’t I listen to my mother? Why did I allow Mary ru!n me so easily?

“All Leonard did was love me perfectly, and Mary managed to get me out of the paradise right into this hêII I call a marriage. I’m going to have to walk away, but I can’t imagine going over to my mum’s. It’d be such a shame to start living with her again with a child” Vivian thought sadly.

“I’ll need to go talk to Leonard. He needs to know how sorry I am, and I’m sure if he knows I’m ready to accept him again, it’d only be a matter of minutes before we’re back to where we used to be. After being away from me for so long, he must have reevaluated his wrong decision of not wanting this child, he’d love this baby like his, and we’d be one big happy family again” Vivian thought, heaving a sigh of relief.

She got up after so many trials, and tried to clean her baby up. She needed to eat and feed her baby, and since she didn’t have anything called food at home, she went ahead to search Jeremy’s clothes, in search of money to convey her and the poor little child out of that place.

When she couldn’t find anything, she decided to try getting help from their neighbour. Even though she wasn’t sure about how he’d react when she shows up on his doorstep, she had no option than to try.

The dude had always advised her to get the hêll out of the prison she called marriage. There had been times he had forced himself into their apartment to save her from dying in Jeremy’s hands, but on those occasions, Jeremy had turned v!olent on the man, accusing him of having interest in his wife.

“Look here Mr Pascal, I’m sure you know I didn’t kll your wife? So whatever it is you’re trying to do with my wife, I can assure you, that I’d be watching you closely, and you’d be joining your wife so quickly in the great beyond before you know what hit you, if I find you anywhere close to my wife again” Jeremy had threatened.

In fact on one occasion, Vivian had to ask the man to mind his business and stay away from people’s affairs. She had to do what we did to save the man’s head, for even though she knew the man was being Kind to her, she knew what Jeremy was capable of doing. The last thing she wanted was to get someone hurt for her sake.

“What do you want madam?” Pascal asked as soon as he opened his door and found Vivian there. It wasn’t the first time he was seeing her in the sorry state she was in, but something about the way she was holding the innocent baby I’m her hand, told him she needed help.

Please Mr Pascal, I know I made you feel very bad the last time,.but I was afraid of what Jeremy could don’t you. I was worried about you getting hurt for my sake. Believe me, Mr Pascal, I would really not be able to breath properly if some harm befell you when you’re the only one there for your daughter, please help me and my poor baby” she pleaded, almost kneeling.

Mr Pascal opened his.mouth to talk again, but in that instant, he heard Jeremy talking on the phone as he approached.

He knew what could happen to both Vivian and himself if Jeremy found two of them talking at the entrance of his door, so he pulled Vivian inside in a flash and shut his door quietly.

Pascal knew Vivian and her child were famished, and even though he was trying to put his daughter to sleep before they came in, he had to pause what he was doing to ensure they got something to eat before he continued with his daughter.


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