Episode 35

“Attention please, all passengers are advised to hold securely to their seats and ensure their seatbelts are properly in place.

We are about to make a thorough search to fish out two ladies who have been identified as ‘thïeves’. They have been tailed and watched for a long while now, and the Intel reaching us, confirms they’re on board this flight” the voice of the pilot echoed in the aircraft.

Valerie looked at her sister and wondered if they were safe, travelling in an aircraft that has two known thiêves on board.

Tricia was seating besides Vince while Valerie sat beside Leonard, but their sitting positions were arranged in a way that the ladies sat at the edges, with Leonard and Vince seating close to the window on each row they occupied.

Valerie had suspected something was wrong when the flight attendants shared some sort of fliers wrapped with ribbons to the other passengers around them, exempting herself and her sister; Leonard and Vince, were also not given. She turned around and watched the hostesses pass the papers to those sitting behind them

“What’s going on?” she had asked Leonard. He shrugged and told her they may be sharing things that they shouldn’t have. “Speak English?” Valerie asked in frustration

“What I meant my love is that, since Vince had already indicated our decision not to take anything until we land, that may be the reason they’re exempting us from their little party, though, I’m not entirely sure” he explained, managing to confuse her more.

She had been restless since they boarded that aircraft, something kept telling her to be alert. So when the announcement of two thiëves being on board same flight as them, she gave Leonard the ‘I told you’ kind of look.

Tricia looked as unruffled as she could be. What did two thïeves being on the plane with her have to do with her? If according to the pilot, their Intel was right, then they must have made the right plans to get the thieves where they want them before making the announcements, she surmised

Vince had been too focused on the book he was reading to have noticed Valerie’s frantic squirming. Tricia smiled at how he seemed so unconcerned with the announcement of the villians being on board same flight as them, it appeared the mission he had told them about was too important for him to bother about anything else.

“The hostesses are moving around now. Please ensure your maximum cooperation is given to enable us have a hitch free search now” came another announcement .

A few minutes later, well dressed air hostesses moved in a somewhat ‘convoy’, each bearing what appeared like a short gvn. The first two looked special and important; they had their hands in their pocket, not carrying anything visible, except the hand held metal detector (HHMD) on their waists.

The other hostesses followed quietly behind them, and the one at the front walked with so much grace, almost appearing too relaxed for someone who was out to catch a thiëf.

The leader moved on calmly until they got close to Valerie. She paused and asked her to get up. The second hostess behind the leadwr, stood on the opposite side, having Valerie stand between them.

“What seems to be the problem” Valerie asked sharply. “We’re just making our checks ma’am” she replied Valerie and looked at Tricia for a little while before she asked her to stand up as well.

She let the HHMD run through their bodies, then looked up, scrunching her face as if she was shocked at the discovery she was making.

Then just Ike a judge who was worried about a sentence he was about to hand out, she announced that the th!eves have been found.

“How dare you?” Tricia screamed and made to hit the hostess who had made the announcement, but her hand was retrained by an already alert hostess.

Vince stood up suddenly and stretched his hands to get what the first hostess had in her pocket. “Do not stand shocked, looking at the people who are doing their jobs, I’m sure they were reliably informed of the thëft you have so easily perfected my lady!” he began.

“Yes, Valerie darling, don’t standing so shocked, you are as guilty as your sister” Leonard began as he stood up as well, opening his hand to accept what the second hostess also had in her pocket.

The two sisters looked at each other in confusion, not knowing if they had both suddenly fallen into a deep slumber. “But if I’m suddenly having a n!ghtmare, why did my sister have to partake in it?” Tricia soliloquized.

“Valerie Mcmorrit, you’re as guilty as charged, you have stolen my heart when I wasn’t expecting” Leonard continued his speech, seeming not to notice how Valerie was rubbing her eyes, as if to see clearly. “and I’m going to let these ladies take you away if you do not make restitution. Will you pay back for taking my heart and making it yours when I wasn’t expecting? Will you agree to spend your forever besides me, as resistution for this great thêft? Valerie Mcmorrit, will you marry me?” Leonard asked on bent knees, producing a ring from the box the hostess from before had handed him.

“OMG!” Valerie screamed, unable to find words when she needed them the most! She couldn’t believe why was happening. “So Vince had this all planned to help his friend propose marriage to me?” Valerie thought incredulously

“And you Tricia Mcmorrit, are you going to allow me have your heart forever as an exchange for mine that you have kept in your possesion for so long? Are you going to allow me stand by your sides all the days of your life, to enable me stay close to my heart which you have possessed so perfectly? Tricia Mcmorrit, will you marry me?” Vince asked whipping out a ring from the box the hostess had handed him.

And all the other passengers who had been handed the papers from before to inform them of the drama that was about to ensue, and crave their indulgence to allow two love s!ck men have their memorable proposal to the loves of their lives, began clapping thunderously, as they chanted “say yes” in unison.

All her life, Valerie had planned for the response she’d give to the man that she’d love so much, the man she’d want so much she’d be waiting to say yes to, but in all these beautiful scenarios she had imagined getting asked the big question, never had she expected something as big as this. She was simply blown away!

Tricia was shedding tears of joy as she watched her sister stretch out her hand simultaneously with her, and the men they have come to love so much, carefully slid expensive and love symbolized rings into their fingers.

The other hostesses that had been on the convoy with the two ring bearers, let confetti canons explode happily. The other passengers kept ‘oojng’ and ‘ahing’ as the two couples got locked in a kssing competition.


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