LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 31 to 40

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 39

By : Kebby NG

I stood out side the hospital waiting for the investigator to show up

I just hope that what he had to tell me wouldn’t take long

I have to be at Dora side,I thought.

Just then a car pulled up in front of me, The investigator came towards me,Bowing at me

“What’s going on? “I asked starring at him

“This is a very delicate issue,I think we should talk about it in the car your Highness”He said

I knew that he wanted to talk to me but with the way he is behaving,Am beginning to feel scared,I thought as I stared at him

We got into my car and as soon as we both settled in,I asked

“What is going on?”

“I found out some thing interesting about your wife”He said

” What about Dora?”I asked and he gave me a picture

One of Dora dressed poorly with her hair unkept and one of her dressed well,Looking like her normal self

“What is the matter with the picture”I asked

“Can’t you guess already?”He asked

“What do I have to gu……….”I stopped as I stare at the picture again

“They are both two different people” he said starring at me

“Two what?”

” I was quite shocked when I also discovered the truth but it is the truth “He said

“Explain further”I said starring at the two pictures in my hand

“I believe the first picture with you is of A lady called Emma chadwick, She lives with her father and works all sort of job to earn money and this here is Dora Baxter,Your real bride”

“I don’t know how she managed to do it but you didn’t get married to the real Dora Baxter, You got married to Emma Chad wick ,Dora Baxter double”He said

“What?”I asked starring at him

“Am sorry to say but the lady you married is nothing but an intruder”He said

“I just can’t believe this, Are you sure with all your facts”I asked starring at him

“Confirming was the first thing I did and it turns out to be true”He replied

“So the lady with me is none other than Emma Chadwick?”I asked and he nodded in confirmation

“What about Dora? Where is the real Dora ?”I asked

“That can only be answered by Emma, she took Dora place,She must know where Dora was kept”He replied

“But how? How can some one who look gentle and kind be so vicious”I asked

“I don’t think she is working alone your Highness,I think that she has an accomplice and I don’t have a doubt that all the attack you have suffered recently has some thing to do with her”He said

I sat there feeling shocked and surprised, I knew she was hiding some thing from me but I never knew that it was some thing big as this.

I thanked the investigator and I told him to give me more info when he got more news on her

I wanted to go back in and confront her but I didn’t do it, She should get out of the hospital and when the time comes I will make it known to her.

I hadn’t expect her to go back to her parents house after seeing me with Nina

I was waiting for her to arrive from the hospital,I didn’t go to the hospital to see her because I might lose my anger and spill out every thing ,So I decided to stay home.

I had had a lot to drink and all i remember was Nina helping me upstairs , I didn’t know that she slept with me on the bed.

That was what got Dora angry that she went back to her parents house.

As soon as I woke up and found out that she was in her parents house,I went in search of her,only to find her going out and when she refused to tell me where she was going,I followed her and when I saw that she met Micheal,I got so furious and was still boiling when she arrived.

I had planned to get her to tell me the truth some where else but I was so furious that I blurted it out and by looking at her expression, The investigator was right,She is not Dora.

“who the hell are you and why did you pretend to be some one else?”He asked still starring down at me

“I…..cant tell you”I replied

Micheal had made it clear that if any one were ever to find out then my father will pay for it and I rather keep my mouth shut than to risk having my father killed

“Fine then you leave me with no choice than to call the police”He said bringing out his phone

“No Brian please! Don’t call the police”I said holding unto his arm but he pushed me away making me fall in the process.

“Yes am I talking to the chief of police himself?”he said into his phone and quickly I ran to him and collect the phone,Switching the call off

“Give me back my phone”

“I can’t tell you about it because am protecting some one”I asked

“Micheal? You are doing this so you can protect that bastard,What do you have going with him?”He asked

“I can’t tell you Brian, if I do they will kill some one I love dearly”I said again

“Lies! They are all lies, You are doing this to get some thing from me right? What did they promise to give you in return? My life! Just who the hell are you and why did you come into my life”He said again

“I can’t tell you Brian”I said as the tears kept on pouring

“Fine then,Since you took my phone, Your mother might have her own and am sure that she would be willing to listen to this story of ours”He said

“No!!”I yelled as I stood obstructing his path

“Please Brian don’t tell any one, I beg you,please” I said kneeling in front of him

He crouched in front of me and and starred down at me

“Then tell me who sent you to do this, Who Dora?”He yelled again

“Its…’s Micheal”I said crying

“I knew it,That piece of thrash has some thing to do with it”He said angrily

“Tell me is he the one they refer to as Boss”He asked and I nodded

“That bastard, wait until I see him, I will be the one killing him first”He said angrily

“And you,You will be living the rest of your life in jail” he added starring down at me

“No Brian don’t put me in jail, I was forced to do this,If it were up to me,I would still be living my life” I begged earnestly

“Forced? You are Expecting me to believe that that bastard forced you to do this?”

“Yes Brian,I never wanted to be a part of this,He threatened me”I replied

“More lies,From what I learnt about you, You are poor and you do a lot of work just to survive,So if Micheal came with the proposal of you pretending to be Dora,You will take it, You see poor people do a lot of things just to get by and you are not an exception”he said

“Yes am poor,I barely survived because I had nothing but that doesn’t make me a thief,My father brought me up to be kind and honest”I retorted

“Oh really! Which father is that? Is it Dora father or perhaps is it the father who is helping you along with Micheal”He said and getting angry I slapped him

“Yes I lied, I pretended to be some one that am not, You can call me what ever you want, Insult me but don’t mess with my father”

He took hold of my arm angrily “You don’t want any one messing with your loved ones but you mess with us and you will pay for it,You along with that bastard”Brian yelled at me

“No please,Don’t do any thing,Micheal will hurt me, Please Don’t do any thing”I begged him

“I will keep my mouth shut about you,at least for now but Micheal,That bastard will get it from me tonight”He said storming off.

“No Brian,please don’t do any thing,Please!”I begged but he was immune to my begging.

He walked off and I would have followed if Dora mother hadn’t come out at that period

“What’s wrong?”she asked

“Its nothing mom”I replied wiping off my tears

“But you are crying and I could hear you calling out to his Highness”

“Its nothing, Let’s just go back in”I said pushing her into the house.

I just hope nothing bad happens.

I got to the house Micheal lived with my sister.

I was so angry, The bastard had dared to try to have me killed.

I pressed on the bell button for the third time and when the door opened and the devil him self showed up, I rushed towards him and pulled him out

“Hey what is………” He couldn’t finish his word Because I punched him on the face

Before he had the chance to say some thing again, I punched him hard on the mouth and he fell on the sand.

One thing about Micheal is that he didn’t know how to fight, The only thing he knew how to do was to scheme.

But he made the wrong choice by trying to mess with with me, He made the wrong choice, I thought as I kept on punching his face

“You bastard! You think you can have me killed right?”

“Wh…..what are you talking about?” he asked

“Don’t you dare deny it, You and that Lady who is pretending to be Dora wants to kill me but you won’t suceed because I will make you pay for every single attack I faced”I said

“Brian what are you doing Let my husband go*Natasha said behind us

Not wanting her to witness any of this, I left Micheal and went to meet her

“We are leaving this place ,Right now, You shouldn’t be here”I said and before she could go to him, I pulled her out side.

The only thing left to do now is to call the police.

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