LOVE HAPPENS: Episode 41-The End of Season 1

•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara

Episode 41
“But hey, I wanna know everything”. Ashley said giggling.

She tucked her hair behind her ear; She looks cute to me.

She turned to me. “Is there something on my face?”.

I actually thought she caught me staring at her.
Phew!! That was a close one.

I nodded. “Yep around that corner”.

She cleaned her face.

“Is it gone?”. She asked naively.

I couldn’t help it .. I started laughing.

She hit me playfully smiling as well.

“Hey, stop, stop .. Stop”. I said still laughing.

“How dare you trick me?”. Ashley said giving me little slaps on the chest.

I smiled to myself.
Great oppurtunity.

I held her soft hands placing them on my chest.

I stared at her. “Do you feel it?”.

I so much want to tell her that i love her.
But i can’t .. Adrian is gonna beat the crap out of me.

“Fe .. Feel .. Wh .. What?”. She askes nervous.

I pulled her closer to me still holding her hands to my chest. Being few inches away makes me wanna kss her right now ..

“My heartbeat”. I whispered to her.

She rested her palm on my chest.

I stared at her lovely caramel brown eyes.
She looked at me and our eyes met.

“I feel it”. She said shyly.

I smiled at her genuinely.
She semms so beautiful.

Man up, Xander.
Just go with the flow.
Here it goes.

“My heart. It beats for__”.

I was interrupted by my phone ringing.
Seriously? Right now.

“I think its yours”. Ashley told me.

I let go off her hands reluctantly taking my phone out of my back-pocket.

I checked the Caller I.D.
I frowned immediately.

I tucked my phone back into my pocket walking ahead.
Off all times? She calls me now!

She left me with that monster of a step-father all because she runs a company.
She never defends me; Always against me.
She doesn’t even believe that i’m been physically abused.

Ashley stopped me. “Seriously?”.

I ran my fingers through my hair. “What now?”. I asked frustrated.

“Why aren’t you answering your call?”. She asked curiously.

“Nothing”. I answered angrily. “We have Pizza to pick, remember”.

I groaned.
She didn’t move away.

My phone rang again.
This time, more louder.

“Just pick up the Godd@mn phone, Xander”. She yelled at me.

I paused.

I sighed. “Fine”.

Anything for Ashley ..
I thought to myself ..

I took the phone out of my pocket walking off to answer it.

“Yes. Mum”. I say as i walked off.

“Hello Darling”. Her voice sounds hoarse.

I frowned immediately.
Why is she always acting like she cares?

“Darling”. She said again.

“Mum. Just stop it”. I yelled over the phone. “Why the fck are you calling me?”.

She began crying over the phone. “It .. It . didn’t . didn’t last”.

My heart softened. “Mum .. What happened?”.

“He left just like the others”. She continued crying.

I knew what she was talking about.

My Dad died when I was seven. Since then, my Mum was never the same; Always drifting in and out of marriages.

I hate seeing my Mum get hurt but this time around i’m happy.
My Mum doesn’t deserve someone like him.

“Mum. He’s obviously of no good”. I told my Mum who was still sobbing.

“How . how . can . you . say that?”.

I flared up. “How can i not say that? I almost had an accident because of__”.

She interrupted me. “Stop this, Alexander, he’s your_”.

I hung up the call.
I gripped the phone angrily.

I turned to go meet Ashley but I saw her trembling ..
And .. Axel.

I walked over to them and quickly held Ashley’s palm to ease her.

Surprisingly, she pressed herself closely to my side.
Is she that scared of Axel?
Authoress Kamara Library
I dropped Kathryn off at her house after receiving a disgusting kss.

On my way back, I saw Ashley with Xander.
Wait!!. Xander?

I stopped the car blocks away.
I got down locking the car.

I turned and saw they were not together anymore. I sighted Xander at a far end talking on his phone.
This is my chance.

I walked over to Ashley. “Hey Babe”.

She turned slowly. “Axel?”. She whispered shocked.

I smirked.
I still have an effect on her.

“Where’s your sidekick, Kathryn”. I pretended to think. “Oh thats right, she betrayed you”.

“I hate you”. She yelled. “What exactly do you want from me? What do you see in Kathryn that I don’t have?”.


“What?”. She asked.

“Str!p now”.

“There’s no way i’m doing that”. She replied. “I’m not your puppet that you can order around”.

I moved closer to her trying to touch her but she went backwards.

“Come on, Babe, don’t you miss me?”.

“Stay away from me, you cheat”. She yelled.

I held my chest dramatically. “Ouch . That hurts”.

She didn’t reply; Just stared at me.

I took her hand. “Babe. Its Axel”.

“Let me go”. She removed her hand from mine.

Just then; Xander came and held her palm protectively.

I scoffed inwardly.
Are they a couple or something?
“Hey Babe”. I froze immediately i heard that voice.

I turned. “Axel?”.

He smirked. “Where’s your sidekick?”. He looked around. “Oh thats right, she betrayed you for me”.

“I hate you”. I yelled at him.

In actual truth .. I still love him.
Some part of me wants to trash his face right now.

I continued. “What exactly do you want from me? What do you see in Kathryn that I don’t have?”.

I’ve been wanting to ask that question.

“Str!p”. He ordered.

“What?”. I asked.

“Str!p right now”. He said.

I scoffed. “There’s no way i’m doing that .. I’m not your puppet that you can order around”.

He smirked moving closer to touch me but I moves backwards.

“Come on Babe, don’t you miss me?”. He purred.

He is such an Asshole.

“Stay away from me, You cheat”. I yelled.

He held his chest. “Ouch, that hurts”.

I can’t believe i fell in love with him.
I thought staring at him.

“Babe its Axel”. He said taking my hand.


I flinched. “Let me go”. I said removing my hand.

Xander came over holding my palm and I moved closer to him.

“Walk away”. Xander said causally but I could hear anger in the tone of the voice.

Axel glared at him. “Stop trying to b.utt in”.

Axel turned to me. “What are you now? A slut?”.

It hurts hearing those words from Axel.
My eyes moistened.
Don’t cry, Ashley, don’t cry.

“First me, then him, pretty much very soon, you are gonna be hooking up with every guy in school”. Axel continued mocking me.

Xander spoke up. “I’ll spare the fact that you just insulted Ashley but if you don’t leave in 10 seconds. I’m gonna do something, we both know you will regret it”.

I gasped.
A fight!!

“Xander. Stop. Lets go”. I said dragging his hand but he didn’t budge.

“Bring it on”. Axel replied.

Xander Jaw tenses as he looked at Axel.

“Come on Babe, lets ditch him”. Axel said.

“Do not fcking call her that”. Xander spits.

“You should leave her alone. The only guy she’s interested in is me”.

“Do you want my fist in your fcking face?”. Xander growls.

Axel gets close to Xander. “Do it. I dare yah”.

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