LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 11-20

•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 11
I sighted Xander and he winked at me which made me smile.

“Lets do it. I wanna beat someone’s ass”. Axel yelled.

I rolled my eyes.

Coach handed the ball to me. “I hope you are as good as Adrian”.

I took the ball. Ashley, you can do this.
Just beat Axel.

Coach immediately blew the whistle.
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J.R came up to me. “Hey. Did you watch me back there?”.

“Yeah”. I snickered. “I certainly saw how she beat you”.

“Hey!! I did my best”. He defended.

I scoffed. “Yeah right. Just admit it, your crush beating you at something you like is embarassing”.

He groaned. “For the last time, I don’t have a crush on her. Okay”.

I smirked. “Oh right, i forgot. You like classy girls”.

He shook his head. “You are cr@zy”.

I chuckled. “Okay. Mr. Classy”.

“You know what, Coach should pair you up with Ashley. Lets see how that works”.

“Too bad. She’s alreay paired up”. I said looking at the court.

J.R crossed his arm. “Axel and Ashley. Who do you think is gonna win?”.

“Ashley of course”.

I glanced at the court and caught her staring at me so I winked at her. She blushed turning to Coach.

I watched as Coach gave her the ball saying something to her.

She bounced the ball on the floor then ran off still bouncing it.

Axel ran around her and dribbled to his hoop. He was about to shoot but Ashley came up behind him and stole the ball. She took it and twisted it around quickly before he had time to react.

She ran down the court to her hoop with Axel hot on her heels.

She got close enought to shoot but Axel was too close to her.

“If she shoots now, he will steal the ball”. J.R said beside me.

I smiled. “She knows what to do”.

Ashley turned around confusing Axel, then she quickly shot the ball and it went through the hoop.

She turned smiling at me from the court while I laughed and shook my head in disbelief. She shrugged her shoulders.

Axel glared at her. “It was a just a lucky shot”.

Yeah, not really.

They got back in position and Axel got the ball. He looked mad that Ashley had beat him.

Axel held the ball tightly before bouncing it on the floor running off with it. Ashley tried to catch up with him but he kept on dribbling the ball.

Then finally Ashley got hold off the ball running to throw it. Unexpectedly, Axel slid on the floor past her making her trip and falling down.

J.R gasped. “Okay. That is totally not part of the rules”.

Everywhere was silent. Only the basketball bouncing on the concrete.
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I groaned in pain as i tried to stand up.

“Aargh!!”. I cried out in pain.

Coach blew his whistle. “Game’s over. No points”.

Adrian quickly ran over to my side followed by Xander and Audrey, Lily, Jessy and J.R.

“Sis. You alright?”. Ian asked staring at me.

“It hurts”. I whispered.

“Thats bullsht”. Axel yelled. “She only fell down. Why is she making a fuss about it?”.

Adrian stood up angrily. “Can you be less annoying just for once?”.

Xander moved closer to me. “Can you sit up?”.

I sat up on the floor clutching my leg painfully.

“Which one?”. He asked softly.

I sniffed. “The left one”.

“This is gonna hurt a little”. Xander said.

He touched my left leg carefully pressing his fingers on it applying pressure. Tears ran down my eyes when it more painful.

He suddenly raised my legs trying to straighten up.

“Stop!! Stop”. I cried. “Its painful”.

He caressed my leg. “Sorry”.

“Anderson. What you are doibg will not work. Take her to the school nurse now”. Coach ordered.

Xander carried me bridal style walking out of the court. I glanced back and saw Adrian still arguing with Axel.

“Are you okay?”. Xander asked still carrying me.

“It just hurts. Thats all”.

We got to the nurse’s office and met two nurses discussing.

“We will take it from here”. One of the nurse said.

I was placed on one of the beds covered in white sheet.

“You can leave now. Come back maybe after class”. The nurse told Xander.

He came over and pecked me on the lips. “I’ll be back”. He said and left.

“So sweetheart. Where does it hurt?”.

I pointed at my leg. “There”.

“Gym class right? Really stressful”. The nurse said examining my leg.

“It was basketball”. I said.

The nurse smiled. “They are all sports right?”.

I nodded. “Yeah”.

She turned to the other nurse. “Bring the full kit. There’s no blood. Just a sprain”.

The other nurse nodded leaving.

“Just a sprain? Why does it hurt tgat much?”. I asked her.

She turned holding a clipboard. “I’m Silvia. Whats your name?”.

“Ashley”. I replied.

“Ashley Powers”.

“My leg. Is it going to be okay?”. I asked nervously.

She touched my leg lightly. “Its just a sprain. So what caused it?”.

“I tripped on the floor. Someone kinda tripped me”. I admitted.

“And your hot boy-friend brought you here. How r0mantic”.

My cheeks turned bright-red. “How did you know that?”.

“The way he looked at you. I knew there was an attraction involved”. She said. “Besides, he kssed you in front of me”.
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“Everyone take a break”. Coach Raymond ordered.

“I’m gonna go wash my face”. I said to Lily.

“Huh. Okay”. She replied.

I went out of the court heading straight for the girls bathroom. I got in and went to the sink turning on the faucet.

Water gushed out and i splashed some on my face.

I heard voices so I ran into one of the cubicles.

Wait!! Why am I hiding? I just came to use the sink. I was about coming out when I heard Sophie and Samantha speaking as they entered.

“Come on Sam. I’ve been giving him the green light but he hadn’t noticed me”. Sophie said.

Giving who the green light? I thought as I eavesdropped.

“Maybe he’s interested in someone else”. Samantha replied.

Sophie scoffed. “Someone else? I am the most beautiful girl in DaSilva High. Who could Xander possibly fall for?”.

“Sophie. You should probably let it go, after all you have Adrian”.

“I don’t want Adrian”. Sophie yelled. “I want Xander”.

“But won’t Adrian notice?”. Sam asked.

“He’s so gullible”. Sophie said.

I heard Sam sigh. “But Sophie, You are destroying a friendship here”.

“I’m out”. Sophie said.

Then I heard a door open and close.

“Sophie wait”. Sam said also leaving.

I waited for some minutes before leaving the bathroom.

I walked through the school hallways in thought. Why will Sophie do such thing?

I stopped when I saw Sophie talking with Xander. He seemed really impatient.

I quickly hid by a locker so I could spy on them.

He shoved her off but she quickly held his face kssing him.

I gasped at the sight.

“What are you staring at?”. Someone said behind me.

I turned. It was him.


Ashley got hurt by Axel .. Hope she turns out fine
Sophie is really desperate .. Someone else boyfriend
Jessy finally knows .. Is she gonna inform Ashley about it?
Who caught Jessy spying?

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