LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 11-20

•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 17
~Jayden Roy~
I turned to Adrian. “Are you happy now? He’s gone”.

“This isn’t my fault. You both are the ones getting all up in my business”. He said angrily.

I scoffed. “Really? All up in your business? Adrian, we are friends. He was just looking out for you”.

“He was indirectly calling Sophie a snitch”. He argued.

“Why are you defending her?”. I asked. “Did she brainwash you or something?”.

He stood up. “You know what. I’m outta here”.

“Fine then go”. I pointed at the door. “There’s the exit”.

He went out of the room shutting the door angrily.

I flopped back on the bed sighing. This day couldn’t get any worse.

My phone immediately rang.

I picked it from my bedside table and checked the Caller I.D. I groaned when I saw it. Dad.

I picked the call.

“Hey Dad”.

“Don’t ‘hey Dad’ me”. He yelled over the phone. “Where is Andrea?”.

“I don’t know. Somewhere in the main house, maybe”.

“Both of you are gonna have to work together because you are doing that duet with Andrea”.

“But Dad”. I grumbled.

“No buts, Jayden. What I said is final and get your songs ready for your concert this friday”.

“Dad but__”.

He disconnected the call cutting me off.

“D@mmit”. I threw my phone back on the table.

My stomach rumbled. G0sh!! I need to eat something.

I got down from my bed heading downstairs. I made my way to the kitchen but I stopped when I saw Andrea.

I turned back and instead headed for the main door. I went out and went straight ahead for the driveway.

“Kelvin. My keys”. I said to the driver.

He gave me the keys and I opened the car getting in. I put the key in the ignition and started the car driving outside and the gates shut back.

Where to go? I really need to eat something.

I headed towards Golden Spade. I got there and parked my car entering into the restaurant. I guess I won’t have special treatment since I’m not wearing my mask.

I walked in and was directed to a table and a menu was placed in front of me.

I went through the menu and nothing was to my taste.

“Excuse me, can I take your order”.

That voice. I dropped my menu and looked up at her.

She gasped. “You!”.

I chuckled. “In the flesh”.

She crossed her arms. “What are you doing here? Did you follow me? Please tell me you didn’t follow me”. She ranted on.

“You are cr@zy. I’m just here for a meal”.

“Awww, so you couldn’t cook at home”. She mocked me.

I frowned. “I can just call your Manager right now”.

“Sorry”. She straightened up. “. So what will you like to have?”.

“I don’t know. My choices are not on this menu so you have to choose for me”.

“Come on J.R, just choose. You are not the only customer in here who needs attending to”.

“But I’m the most handsome one here”. I winked at her.

She sighed. “Just tell me what you want”.

I smirked. “I want you in my bed”.
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“Everything. The whole plan”. I explained.

“Spill it”. Audrey said.

“Kathryn wanted to make Ashley miserable while Axel just wanted to sleep with Ashley and all Sophie wanted was Xander”.

“It all makes sense now”. Audrey nodded. “Adrian needs to know about this”.

I stopped her. “What if he doesn’t believe us? I mean, he didn’t believe his own best-friend”.

She furrowed her eyebrows. “What do you mean?”.

“Apparently, Xander sent me a text saying Adrian can not be convinced”. I showed her my phone.

“Well we have to find some proof or something”.

“We will figure it out tomorrow at school. For now Audrey, concentrate on yourself”.

“Wanna go skate?”. She asked.

I smiled. “You just know what I like. Lets go”.

We stood up and was about going. I glanced at the table where Axel was and noticed only Kathryn was there sulking.

I chuckled as we went out of the coffee shop.

Audrey looked at me weirdly. “What?”.

“She deserves it”.

“Who?”. She asked.

“Kathryn”. I replied. “She was rejected by Axel”.

“Serves her right”. Audrey said as we laughed.
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“And she has eyes on you”. I added.

Xander faced me. “You noticed”.

I shrugged. “I figured it out. That’s why she hates my guts”.

He held my hand playing with my fingers. “My eyes are only focused on one girl”.

I looked at him. “Who? Me”.

He shook his head. “Nope, a girl named Kendall”.

I laughed. “Oh My God!! How did you know my middle name?”.

“I won’t tell you but I know Adrian’s middle name is__”.

I cut him off. “Gregory”.

We both laughed together. After a while, we stop and just stare at each other.

He lowers his lips on mine as he ksses me, i pull his neck close and deepen the kss. He trails down to my collar bone to my neck.

I moan loud as my hands delve into his hair messing it all up. He kssed me hungrily as I pushed myself up grinding against him.

We kss deeply. My hands slip into his shirt and my fingers roam around his bare chest.

“Can you both please stop?”.

I pull away to see Adrian at the door with crossed arms.

Xander drew back and rest his forehead on mine. We were both panting heavily. My eyes staring into his ocean eyes.
God!! Why do I love them …

“I clearly said stop”. Adrian said angrily.

“What is wrong with you?”. I asked looking at him.

He scoffed. “Why don’t you ask your boy-friend over there?”.

“Just ignore him”. Xander whispered standing up from the bed.

I pouted. “You are going? Now?”.

He smiled. “Yeah. I have to but I’ll come by tomorrow”.

“I’ll come by tomorrow”. Adrian mimicked him.

Xander looked at him. “Dude! Grow up”.

“Bye Xander”. I blew him a kss. “Call me”.

“Bye!”. He winked at me leaving.

I faced Adrian. “Seriously? Why were you interfering?”.

“Interfering? Wow!! Did he tell you that he also interfered in my relationship with Sophie”.

I sighed. “So its all about Sophie?”.

“Of course its all about her. I don’t like it when people talk trash about her”. He defended her.

“She is a btch thats why she gets all these trash talks”.

He moved closer to me. “Don’t you ever call Sophie a btch”. He warned angrily.

“She has totally brainwashed you, Ian”. I yelled.

He walked to the door. “I’m in my room”.

“Adrian, we need to__”.

He went out slamming the door cutting me short.

I sighed rubbing my temples. “This is harder than I thought”.

A knock came on the door softly. “Can I come in?”.

“Yes Mum”. I answered resting back on the bed.

She opened the door holding a cup walking over to me.

“What’s in it?”. I asked curiously.

“Hot Cocoa but its not for you”. She sat at the side of the bed.

“I didn’t want it anyways”. I teased.

She laughed dropping the cup on the bedside table looking at me.


“I heard bickering. What happened between you and your brother?”.

I flopped back on the bed. “Nothing okay. Adrian is just so annoying lately”.

“Anything you guys are keeping from me?”.

I shook my head. “Nope. Everything’s good”.

“Really? Because I just found out that you are dating Alexander. Since when”.

“Its not a week and thats not what we were arguing about. Apparently, I kinda found out that his girl-friend is cheating on him”. I explained.

“Did you talk to him?”. She asked softly.

“I tried to tell him even his friends told him but he still defended her”. I said.

She held my hands. “You know your brother is really strong-headed. He does things his own way”.

“Adrian doesn’t even listen to anyone”. I added.

“He’s just like your Dad, they always they are right at every moment. But you just have to make them understand things the way they are “.

“Then tell him so he will understand. He will listen to you, Mum”. I pleaded.

She shook her head negatively. “I can’t do that, Sweetie. You kids have to work out your problems on your own”.

“Fine but take me to Adrian’s room”.

She crossed her arms. “Try to walk”.

“I’ll try tomorrow but just carry me for once, please”.

“Okay fine”.

She helped me get down from the bed as she placed my arm around her neck so she supported me out of my room to Adrian’s room door.

“Dinner will be ready in an hour”.

“Okay Mum”. I replied.

I pushed his room door open as I hopped on one leg inside. I held the door handle so I wouldn’t fall.

I glanced at Adrian. He laid on the bed and was staring at the upwards doing nothing in particular.

“Can I come in?”.

“You are already in”. He replied still looking upwards.

I hopped to his bed and managed to climb it without hurting my left leg. I went on his bed closer to him, i lay back on his pillows watching him.

“Sorry for calling Sophie a bitch”. I apologized quietly.

He shrugged. “You have your reasons”.

We didn’t say anything for a while.


“Yeah?”. I turned to look at him.

“Are you certain that Sophie is cheating on me?”.

I could see tears at the corner of his eyes.

“She doesn’t love you, Ian. She is just using you to get to Xander and I’m pretty sure she has slept with other guys as well”.

He said nothing just staring upwards. I wonder what he’s thinking right now.

I spoke up. “Adrian, you have to believe me on this one”.

“I believe you”. He sat up. “You are my twin sister”.

I sat up too hugging him. He hugged me back resting his head on my shoulders.

“I really need to know if she’s cr@zy over my best-friend”.

“I have a plan for that”.
J.R sef ehn .. Imagine Jessy’s face when he said that to her
Well looks like Adrian finally believes them .. All thanks to Ashley … Siblings are the best
What do you think Ashley meant when she said she had a plan?

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