LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 11-20

Just so you know, Jayden Roy is same as J.R.
•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 13
“What?”. I asked.

“Sophie. She might have kssed you for a reason”. J.R explained.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “She can’t just kss me out of the blues”.

“Exactly”. J.R exclaimed.

“So what do you think she has in mind?”.

He shrugged. “I don’t know the way girls think”.

I heard water running.

“Do you hear that?”. I ask J.R.

“Hear what?”.

I heard the bathroom door creaked open.

She came into the room fully.

“Huh. Roy”. I tapped him.

He sat up. “What the fck are you doing in my room? Who let you in?”.

She walked to one of the room sofas and sat down. “I’m Andrea Young and I don’t need permission to go into my boyfriend’s room”.

He frowned. “We broke things off months ago”.

Andrea pouted. “But I missed you”.

“I’m just gonna leave you guys to solve your relationship problems”. I said standing up.

“Oh Xander, sorry I didn’t see you there”. She walked over for a hug but I stepped backwards.

She scoffed. “Seriously?”.

“I have a girl-friend. Andrea”. I said firmly.

“I’m not gonna seduce you”. She laughed. “So where’s your other hot friend, Adrian?”.

Roy ignored her picking up his phone.

“What are you doing?”. I ask confused.

“Calling security”. He replied.

“Yeah, i’m just gonna go”. I said taking my backpack. “I’m in the studio room”. I said and left.

I left and headed straight for his studio room. I got there and pushed the door open entering. I dropped my backpack and sat on the couch.

My phone vibrated in my pocket.

I quickly removed it checking the Caller I.D.
Adrian. I swiped answering it.

“What’s up”.

His voice came on the phone. “We need to talk”.

“You sound serious. Whats going on?”.

“Don’t ask me that”. He said angrily.

“Then why are you calling?”.

“Where’s Ashley?”.

“Ashley’s at home, the nurse said your Mum took her home”.

“How expected of you to know where Ashley is”. He said sarcastically.

“What are you talking about?”.

“What’s going on between you and Ashley?”.
•Authoress Kamara Library
~Jayden Roy~
Xander left and I turned to Andrea. “Get out”.

“Come on baby, don’t you miss me?”. She asked walking seductively towards me.

“Dress up Andrea”.

“I’m dressed”. She said sitting on the bean bag.

I crossed my arms. “Why are you here?”.

“To sing a duet with you. Apparently, i’m gonna be performing with you at the concert”.

I scoffed. “Sing? With you? You must be dreaming”.

“Okay fine then, i’ll just call your Dad then”.

I frowned. “Call him. I’ll just say I wanna sing with someone else”.

She walked towards me pushing me on the bed. “You need to take off this mask”.

I held my mask. “Don’t”.

“Is not like I haven’t seen your face before”.

I sighed removing my mask.

She ran her fingers on my face. “You look cute”.

“Look Andrea”.

I tried to stand up but she straddled me.

“Roy, lets just go back to way we were before”.

“Andrea. I like someone else”.

She immediately planted her lips on mine kssing me. I stiffened for a moment before reciprocating it.
•Authoress Kamara Library•
The car kept on driving sleekly. Ashley had her driver come pick me up. The car got to Ashley’s house and I saw securities at the entrance.

Okay this is confusing
Ashley never has this much securities although she’s rich.

The driver stopped and showed them his pass then the gate was opened for the car to pass through.

The driver stopped the car and unlocked the car door for me. I opened it and got out.

OMG!! Is this for real?
Ashley’s house is a huge mansion but she never flaunts her wealth.

There was a water fountain at the centre, they had two garages and there were different classic cars parked in it. I guess this is why Adrian changes car every time.

A lady came up to me immediately.

“Your name please”. She said looking at a tablet.

“Jessamyn Hathaway”. I said nervously.

“Good Afternoon. Miss Hathaway, come with me”.

I nodded and followed her. We got to the entrance of the house and I followed her in.

The sitting room was very big and dazzling bright. I noticed there was a meeting going on in the ineffable sitting room.

They looked like executives and there was a large projector displaying images. I walked in quietly as they fixed their gazes at me.

A middle-aged woman turned to look at me. Her face looks familiar.

“Excuse me please”. She said coming over to meet me.

“Hi ma’am”.

“Jessamyn right? Ashley’s room is up there, you will know when you see it”. She said.

I smiled. “Thank you”.

I went up the stairs past the executives and landed in a large hallway. I went down the hallway and stopped at a door decorated.

“I guess this is it”. I mumbled knocking.

“It’s open”. Ashley’s voice rang out.

I pushed the door open and stepped in. I saw Ashley on the bed with toys surrounding her.

I crossed my arms. “Seriously?”.

She smiled. “What? They are not mine”.

I closed the door. “Yeah right”. I walked over to her large bed sitting on it.

“So how is your leg?”. I asked as i sat on the bed.

“Awesome. I wish this happened earlier”. She giggled. “The nurse at school called my Mum”.

“Is that why she’s downstairs?”. I asked.

“Yep. She can’t leave me so she’s holding her meeting in the house”. She said. “She also got me toys to play with”.

“She must really care for you”. I said softly.

“I love her too”. Ashley smiled.

I heard a ‘ding’ from my phone. I checked it. Celebrity news.

“Whats that?”.

I sighed. “Just celebrity news”.

“They must be talking about Andrea Young, she came into the state few hours ago”.

“Why is she back?”.

She shrugged. “I’ll ask Adrian. He’s the one who’s close to them”.

“We need to work on our project right away”.

“How was school?”.

I suddenly remembered Sophie kssing Xander.

“School was .. was fine”. I stuttered.

“Did something happen?”.

I shook my head. “Nope. Nothing”.

“So nothing happened? Nothing at all?”. She asked again.

“Ashley? Whats wrong?”.

“I don’t know. You tell me why my boy-friend is cheating on me”.

I gasped. “How did you?”.

“You know too. Oh wow”. She said softly.

“Ashley, its not what you think”.

“Is not what I think? My Mum took me home and the first thing I see on my phone is a stupid video of Xander and .. and that .. that Sophie”. She broke down.

“Ashley. It wasn’t_”.

She cut me off. “I know what you wanna say. That its not what I think, that you can explain for him”.

“Fine then. Explain why Sophie of all people kssed my boy-friend?”.
Adrian’s asking whats going on between Ashley and Xander? Do you think he knows? Who might have told him?
What about Xander? Is he going to tell Adrian they are dating?
So Ashley knows .. What’s Jessy gonna tell her?
About Jaden Roy and Andrea, well it looks like Jessy is gonna have some competition and J.R said he likes someone, who is it?
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