LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 11-20

•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 16

“Adrian, i have something really important to tell you”.

“If its about having s*x with Ashley, then no way”.

I frowned. “What? No, not that”.

He exhaled. “Okay good. Then what is it?”.

“Its about Sophie”.

Roy exhaled. “Finally”.

“Sophie is not who you think she is”. I breathed deeply. “She doesn’t like let alone loves you”.

He tucked his hands in his pockets. “And why will you say that?”.

I sighed. “She kssed me earlier today so that clearly means she’s not interested in you”.

Adrian busted in laughter.

Roy and I exchanged weird looks.

“Dude. Why are you laughing? He’s saying something important”. Roy said.

“It was just a dare”. Adrian said still laughing. “Sophie told me all about it, she was dared by her squad to kss you and she did it”.

“You are so d@mn brainwashed by her”. I muttered.

“What the h*ell!”. Roy yelled. “She told you it was a dare and you fcking believed her?”.

“So I shouldn’t trust my girl-friend?”. Adrian asked frowning.

I flared up. “This is not about trust. She is just using you to get to me”.

“I don’t believe you”.

“Come on Adrian. Sophie is obviously crazy about Xander, she just always manages to revolve every conversation about him”. Roy said angrily.

Adrian rolled his eyes. “That is because she is being friendly”.

I sighed frustratingly. “Oh really? Friendly? She leers at me at every glance, whenever she’s next to me, she’s always too close and also do you know what she said to me when I told her I had a girlfriend?”.

“What did she say?”. Adrian asked bored.

“She said she’s gonna find out who that girl is and that she wants me. Is that friendly to you?”.

Adrian stood up. “I get whats going on”.

“Yes!! At last”. Roy said.

“You guys are just being jealous”.

I scoffed. “Jealous? Of what?”.

“Obviously, Sophie and I”.

Roy fell back on the bed. “You have got to be kidding me”.

Adrian continued. “I don’t wanna hear any word against Sophie”.

“I’m trying to help you. We are trying to help you”. I suggested.

“Maybe I don’t need your fcking help. Sophie and I are perfectly okay”.

“She is cheating on you”. Roy shouted. “There I said it”.

“Stop saying that or else__”.

I cut off. “Or else what? You are gonna stop talking to us just like you did with Audrey?”.

“Huh. Xander, what are you doing?”. Roy asked.

“If you think I’m going to choose you guys over Sophie then you are kidding”.

“Fine then. I don’t know about Roy but for you and I, we are no longer friends”.

“I don’t fucking need your friendship”.

“Its cool”. I turned to Roy. “See you in school tomorrow”.

I walked out of his room and heading to the studio room. I took my backpack and stepped out of the studio room going downstairs.

I got out of the main house and went to the driveway. I unlocked the car and went into the driver’s seat starting the engine.

The gates opened automatically as I drove out of Roy’s house. Maybe I should go straight to my house instead and face Mum. But first, I gotta see someone.
•Authoress Kamara Library
I scooped another spoon of Ice-cream into my mouth. Vanilla. My Favorite.

My bed was filled with chocolates, cookies, pies and other delicious things. My Mum just knows how to take care of someone.

“Sweetie. Someone’s here to see you”. My Mum voice rang out in the hallway.

“Okay”. I shouted so she could hear me.

Someone? Who could that be?

I stood up and placed the Ice-cream bowl on the table and headed to the door hopping on one leg. I opened the door and was surprised to see Xander.

“Hey Love”. He said stepping in.

I quickly held his arm for support so I wouldn’t fall.

He carried me and walked to my bed dropping me carefully.

I sat up. “So what are you doing here?”.

“Should I go because I can see you are very busy”. He said looking at the goodies on my bed.

“Oh that. My Mum just gave me so I wouldn’t feel the pain my leg”. I explained.

He sat on the edge of the bed. “How is your leg”.

“Getting better. At least, i can lift it up”. I raised my left leg showing him.

“It would have been better if you were wearing a skirt”. He winked at me.

I gasped blushing. “You pervert!”. I took a pillow and threw a pillow at him.

He caught it chuckling. “You look beautiful when you blush”.

I giggled excitedly.

“Do that again”. He said.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Do what?”.

“Giggle”. He said smiling.

“You are cr@zy”.

“Cr@zy about you”. He replied.

I shook my head laughing.

“Why are you here?”. I asked staring at him.

He stretched out his arm and picked the bowl of Ice-cream.

“Hey!! Thats mine”. I interjected.

He scooped a spoonful of Ice-cream and raised his head to look at me. “I came to see you”.

He looked at me. I felt a shiver running down my spines. His stare was making me nervous.

“Stop looking at me that way”. I said nervously.

He chuckled. “I love you so much Ashley”.

The butterflies in my stomach started dancing.

I darted my eyes away from his and took a cookie from my bed. I munched on it quietly.

“You are not going to be in school tomorrow. Right?”. He asked sadly.

I nodded. “Yeah. My Mum said i need the rest”.

“You know, we would have walked in together holding hands”.

I chuckled. “Yeah. Too bad. At least Adrian knows and you didn’t get beaten up”.

He frowned immediately. “Yeah. I didn’t get beaten up”.

“Is something wrong?”.

He breathed deeply resting on the bed. “Its Adrian. He doesn’t want to believe Sophie is cheating on him”.

“And she has eyes on you”. I added.

He faced him. “You noticed”.

I shrugged. “I figured it out. That’s why she hates my guts”.
•Authoress Kamara Library
“Remind me what we ate doing here again?”. I asked.

“Kathryn and Axel are at the other table so we have to spy on them”. Audrey replied.

“Umm, Audrey. Don’t you think we are going extreme?”.

She sighed. “We just need to find out something thats all”.

“Audrey. Just tell me why you really need to do this”. I said softly.

“For Adrian. Okay, I am doing all this for Adrian”. She explained.


She sniffed. “I really like him Lily and it hurts me to see that Sophie has been playing him all along. I just want him to be happy in any relationship”.

I was surprised. “Wow! Thats a lot to take in. Just tell him how you feel, i guess, i really don’t know how relationships works”.

“Lily. I just need to show Adrian that Sophie doesn’t love him before its too late”.

“You don’t want him to be heartbroken”. I understood everything. “Just the way you are”.

She cleaned her tears. “I don’t want him to feel the kind of pain I’m feeling right now”.

I glanced at Audrey. “You are a mess and I never noticed”.

“I have to go clean my face up”. She stood up heading to the restroom.

I sighed looking around the Cafe. I looked sideway and I saw Kathryn and Axel.

They were speaking hastily. I think I can read their lips.

Kathryn held her Axel’s hands. “Axel. I really love you”.

Axel shoved her hands away. “Look Kathryn, all this was just part of the plan. You wanted to make Ashley miserable, I wanted to have her body and Sophie just wanted Xander. That was all “.

He kept on talking but I diverted my attention.

“Hey”. Audrey came back. “Look, they are at the next table so all we beed to do is__”.

I cut her off. “He already said it”.

“Said what?”.

“Everything. The whole plan”. I explained.

“Spill it”.

“Kathryn wanted to make Ashley miserable while Axel just wanted to sleep with Ashley and all Sophie wanted was Xander”.
So Adrian and Xander are no longer friends … Adrian is really going to regret all this
Xander and Ashley just keep blooming
Lily and Audrey finally knows why Ashley is being targeted.
But what about Audrey? She really likes Adrian.

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