LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 11-20

Love Happens
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 14
Jessy gasped. “How did you?”.

“You know too. Oh wow”. I said softly.

“Ashley, its not what you think”. She said.

I flared up. “Is not what I think? My Mum took me home and the first thing I see on my phone is a stupid video of Xander and .. and that .. that Sophie”.

“Ashley. It wasn’t_”.

I cut her off. “I know what you wanna say. That its not what I think, that you can explain for him”. I sighed. “Fine then. Explain why Sophie of all people kssed my boy-friend?”.

“Well Sophie is cr@zy over Xander”. She blurted out.

I raised my eyebrows. “What?!!”.

“Well yeah I figured it__”.

“This is awesome. I knew it”. I interrupted her.

“You are not angry?”. She asked me.

I frowned. “Of course I’m annoyed she kssed my boy-friend but I’m happy because Adrian will finally see reason to break up with her”.

“Don’t you think he will be kinda heart-broken?”. Jessy said taking one of my teddy bears.

“Yeah you are right and also He might not believe me”. I said resting on the headboard.

“We will just show him the video they sent to you”. She suggested.

I tapped her. “No way, he’s gonna beat the crap out of Xander”.

“Well what do we do? I told Audrey, Lily and J.R about it”.

I wiggled my eyebrows. “You told J.R? Smooth”.

She covered her face with her palms. “Jeez Ashley, stop”.

“J.R and Jessy sitting on a tree”. I sang.

“Ashley!”. She groaned.

“I never knew you could blush for a guy this way”. I rolled my eyes. “Except you know, Jayden Roy”.

“Jaden Roy is really awesome”. She argued.

“I get that he can sing but seriously, why are girls all over him drooling”. I faked a gag.

“You don’t just get it, he’s cute, sings well, dances great and he’s also nice because he gave us those VIP tickets”.

I smirked. “I bet J.R is cuter than him”.

“No way, J.R will be like only 30% cuter than him”. She immediately widened her eyes. “Oh My G0sh, did I just say that?”.

I laughed. “You are In Love with J.R”.

She took a pillow and smacked me. “Stop saying that, Ashley”.

I took up another pillow to hit her but she stood up from the bed and ran to the door.

“You are in luck, I can’t walk yet”.

She stuck out her tongue at me. “You can’t catch me”.

I chuckled. “Just admit it. Jessamyn Hathaway has a crush on J.R Alvarez”. I teased her.

My phone rang immediately and ‘Bae’ displayed on the screen. I smiled knowing it was Xander.

“Hey Love”. His voice came over the phone.

“Love? Seriously? After sharing a kss with Sophie?”. I huffed.
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“What’s going on between you and Ashley?”. Adrian asked immediately.

“Adrian maybe we should talk”.

“I knew it. You are dating my sister?”.

G0sh!! He sounds angry


He cut me off. “Don’t ‘Adrian’ me. I’m coming over to where you are right now”.


But he disconnected the call.

I tapped my forehead frustratingly. This is serious. How did Adrian know? Someone must have told him. But who?

I decided to call Ashley. I dialed her number and she picked at the first ring.

“Hey Love”. I said.

Her voice came over the phone. “Love? Seriously? After sharing a kss with Sophie?”.

“Ashley. Sophie planned it all, i swear I didn’t kss her. She just kssed me”.

“Those lips are mine only”. She said protectively.

I laughed. “Say that again”.

“I mean I trust you”.

“That’s so sweet but did you by any chance tell Adrian that we are dating?”.

“No I didn’t. Wait!! He knows?”.

“Well I think so. He just called me and asked whats going on between us. He sounded really angry”.

“Don’t worry. I’ll explain everything to him”. Ashley soothed me.

I smiled. “I love you so much”.

“I love you more. Bye”.

I chuckled disconnecting the call. I decided to go check up on Roy.

I went to his room stepping. I stopped surprised seeing Adrian.

“How did you get here so fast”. I asked surprised.

He crossed my arms. “I need to get to the bottom of this. How long have you and Ashley been dating?”.

“Who’s Ashley”.

I looked sideways to see Andrea. She was wearing a long polo and short shorts beneath.

“Ashley is my twin sister”. Adrian explained.

Andrea gasped. “Oh yeah. I remember, she’s actually beautiful. So .. She’s dating hunk over there”.

“This is none of your business”. I said to her harshly.

Roy spoke up. “Andrea leave”.

“Kss me first”. She said shamelessly.

“I wonder how you are people’s icon”. I muttered.

“Andrea”. Adrian said icily.

She huffed. “Fine. Bye baby”. She blew Roy a kss and went out.

I turned to Adrian. “Look I was gonna tell you”.

He scoffed. “Really? When?”.

“Who even told you that Ashley and I are dating?”. I asked curious.
So Jessy is in love with J.R .. Great news
Ashley took it perfectly .. I guess their love is gonna stand after all.
So Adrian? What do you think he wants to say?
And who told Adrian that Ashley and Xander are dating?
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