LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 11-20

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•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 19
I stared at him. “Seriously?”.

“Stop staring. Take a picture, it will last longer”. J.R said.

I rolled my eyes. “Oh please. As if”.

He snickered paying attention to his phone.

I toyed with my spoon. I wasn’t even interested in eating anyways. I looked at J.R and saw him pressing his phone constantly.

I turned my attention back to the food. Not my taste.

I dropped my spoon. “Well. I better get back to work”.,

“Just stay with me. Is that too much to ask?”. He asked looking at me.

“Stay with you? Apparently you are busy”. I replied him.

“Okay fine”. He placed his phone on the table. “You have my attention now”.

“I don’t want it”. I mumbled.

“So lets talk. Ask me anything?”.

“How did you get Jayden Roy’s headphone?”. I asked curiously.

He shifted uncomfortably. “Anything but that”.

“Well I don’t know what to ask”. I admitted.

“Won’t you ask why i’m so cute? Or why I keep staring at you?”.


“Forget I said that last part”. He said nervously.

“So cute. You keep staring at me”. I teased him. “No wonder you lost at the basketball practice”.

“I didn’t lose .. I just .. umm .. I wanted to let you win”.

“Spare me that. I won and you lost”. I laughed at him.

“You look prettier when you laugh”.

I placed my chin on my hand. “And you look cuter when you lie”.

He grinned. “So you finally admit that you have a crush on me”.

“I never said anything like that”. I said defensively.

“Okay then, chatterbox. Who do you have a crush on?”.

“No one”.

He raised his eyebrows. “Not even a boy-friend?”.

I shrugged. “It doesn’t matter or does it?”.

“Someone as cute as you are don’t have a boy-friend?”. He asked shocked.

I smiled. “You think I’m cute?”.

“You are cute especially when you put your glasses on. It makes you look like a nerd but a beautiful nerd”.

“You are complimenting but at the same time insulting me?”. I snickered. “Wow and Ashley said you are silent”.

He crossed his arms. “So you actually talk about me to Ashley? How sweet”.

“We weren’t talking about you. She just said silent boy and talkative girl don’t make a good pair”.

I suddenly realized what I said. “No no no, i didn’t mean it that way”.

“You visualize about us being together huh? I do that too”.

“Why are you being straightforward all of a sudden? I mean, you were not this flirtatious”. I said curious.

“Things change. You wake up one day to find out that you are in love all of a sudden”. He explained.

“What are you saying?”.

“What i’m saying is that I__”.

His phone vibrated on the table interrupting him.

He glanced at the caller’s screen then turned his attention back to me.

“You can answer it if you want”.

“I want to focus on you for__”.

He was interrupted again.

He clenched his fists for a while before pocking his phone.

“Why the fck are you calling me?”. He yelled in his phone.
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I frowned immediately I heard that name.
That m0nster.

“Mum. Did he do anything? Why are you crying? Tell me what happened”. I asked her but she kept on crying.

I shook her. “Mum. Just answer me”.

No response.

I sighed. “Okay. You have to go to bed right now or have you eaten? Should I make you something?”.

She just nodded.

I helped her to the feet and placed her carefully on the bed. She climbed on the bed and I placed the covers on her tugging it back.

I caressed her face cleaning her tears. “Just rest for a while. I’ll make you something to eat”.

I went put of her room and headed to the Kitchen. I noticed everything was set in place perfectly. My Mum had already cooked.

I went to the dining room stepping in. The table cloth was scattered everywhere and plates were in broken parts.

That m0nster was truly here. He had spoilt everything My Mum cooked. I looked around at the chairs overturned.

Why the h*ell was he here? I thought Mum divorced him.

I rested on the wall thinking about the times he would beat me up. That monster had used me as his punching bag several times. I almost had an accident running away from him the last time.

I need to do something about it. I need to make sure he doesn’t come back here.

I took out my phone from my back pocket turning it on. I immediately went to contacts and clicked on his number.

It rang for a while before he answered.


“I need your help. Badly”.
Authoress Kamara Library
“I’m not taking no for an answer because when Axel left me, you beat him up and also you utterly humiliated Kathryn. Now you are telling me you can’t do anything to Sophie?”. I continued.

“I’m fcking in love with her. Don’t you get that?”. He yelled.

I scoffed. “Fine then until you finally admit that you are wrong and you are ready to listen to me. Don’t you ever speak to me”.

“Seriously? Has it gotten to that point?”.

“Huh hello. Has your stupidity gotten to that point?”. I fired back at him.

He scoffed. “I thought you would understand me the more but you are just like them”.

“She’s going to scr.ew you”. I told him.

“You are not taking any stupid revenge on Sophie”. He ordered.

“And you think I’m going to listen to you? As what?”.

“As your brother. Fuck, Ashley, I’m older than you”.

“If you are older than me, are you not supposed to be more sensible?”. I yelled. “For fuck sake, she doesn’t love you”.

I was expecting him to shout back at me. But he did something unexpectedly.

He fell back on the bed. Tears were rolling down his face.

“Adrian?”. I touched him.

He sniffed. “She actually screwed me up”.

“Ian”. I sat close to him.

“Sophie really meant something to me, i never hurt her for once, i also treated her right”. He cried the more.

“Ian. Please stop crying”. I said softly.

“Was this how you actually felt when you realized Axel was cheating on you with Kathryn?”. He asked in tears.


He cut me off. “I never suspected for once that she was into Xander”.

I hugged him. “Just let it out”.

He pulled away from me hugging a pillow. I stared at him. I never wanted it to reach like this. Getting heart-broken is the worst thing that happened to me.

I stroked his hair. “I love you so much Ian. Just know that we care for you, your friends care for you”.

“I swear she’s gonna pay for this”. He muttered. “I’m gonna make sure she feels the same thing I’m feeling right now”.

“Adrian maybe you should just rest for a while”.

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