MY LIFE AT THIRTY : Episode 61 – The End

? EPISODE 65 ?

By Princess ?

That was what i shouted when i opened my eyes as sweat was all over my body, i looked around and what i saw was my parents and some people including my childhood friend in a place that looked like our house in Offa.

I was not mistaken, it was definitely our sitting room in Offa, my parents started jubilating as i was trying to figure out where i was, they were just shouting “Alhamdullilahi” Alhamdullilahi” Allahu Akbar” “ Allahu Akbar” (We thank Allah, Allah is great)
My parents told me I had been unconscious for the past 8 months, i was in LUTH for 3 months hoping i would wake up but when i didn’t, they later transferred me to Offa general Hospital, i spent another four months there before i was taken home as the doctor and nurses advised that it was only prayer that could revive me.

I started crying and begging my parents to forgive me for what i did, i told them it wasn’t intentional and how i wish God could give me a second chance to correct all my anomalies. I explained what happened between me and Nimat to them, how we were dating as husband and wife while in school, how i started chasing over women, i told them we started sleeping with each other since her 100level years till she got to 400level after which she got pregnant for me and i was the one who gave her drug to use which eventually killed her.

I beg them to help me seek for her forgiveness as her ghost was seriously hunting me up and down and she was the one that chased me till i opened my eyes. I told them how i used to sleep with married women, how i used to play on their emotional imbalance to get them to bed. I told them Joke was one of my girl friends that was married to a man and had given birth to kids before i started sleeping with her. She got pregnant for me and but her husband later got to know that the baby was not his, so he divorced her and that was how she ended in my house with my baby.

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