MY LIFE AT THIRTY : Episode 61 – The End

? EPISODE 63 ?

By Princess ?

I was taken from the court straight to Ikoyi prison. I started counting down to two weeks from the first day I got there. There were different sections of prisoners inside Ikoyi prison. There was section for foreign nationals, sections for criminals were there too while they have section for bankers that committed financial crimes. There i met my colleagues both old and young, everybody narrating one story or the other.

After a week i arrived at the prison and i was expecting to go to court the following Wednesday, my sister came to visit me at the prison when she broke the news to me that we wouldn’t be going to court the following week again, that magistrate court judges are on indefinite strike because of some demands from government or their agency. “So, when will they call off the strike i asked”, we don’t know ooo we are praying to God for them resolve the issue on time.

She left that day and i was devastated, i started thinking and the usual headache i used to have way back then was back again. There was this headache i used to have that whenever it started, it always worry me but i always use paracetamol or anti malaria drug to cure it and it would go the following day. Another thing was that over the last one year plus i had started losing my hair and i was becoming bald but i never saw it as anything as there were so many guys even below my age that already had bald hair.

The headache had started again and i believed it was from the news i just heard, did i forget to add that over the past 6 months or so, i used to urinate so often, during the night, i could urinate more than 5 times.

Days was going into weeks and the strike was not called off, they eventually called off the strike after like six weeks and that means i had already spent close to two months inside the cell.

I was happy when my sister told me that hearing for my bail application had been fixed. The day arrived and that was after spending more than two months at the cell, the judge later granted me bail to the sum of N10million naira and a surety in like sum. I was asked to be remanded at ikoyi prison pending when my bail conditions would be met. I was happy that at least i would be free in a matter of days or so but how is my parents going to raise N10million?
I had over N3million naira in one of my personal accounts with another bank. I asked them to help me call my account officer so that i can talk to her that i would be issuing a transfer instructions to my sister that she should help me attend to it as a matter of urgency. I told them that I had two properties, one in sango, two v!rgin lands in Ilorin town and the other in Tanke, I asked them to sell one of them which i knew then would worth up to N15million naira. My dad said getting a surety was not really a problem that he would sort that out. My sister said i was seriously looking lean, who wouldn’t look lean after spending two months in prison.

I started counting days waiting for my parents or sister to come but none of them was forth coming. Weeks, one month and two months even the trial date they gave me at the court was just approaching.

I was in the prison this early Monday morning when they called me out, there was my sister, my parents and another lawyer entirely waiting for me, they said my bail conditions have been met and I coulf go home now to start preparing for my trial.

I was looking extra ordinarily lean, I asked why it took them so long before coming to get me out of the prison and my dad drop the bombshell. He said they were able to get the money from the bank with the help of my account officer even though it was difficult initially but it was a surprised when they got to my house and met some people in the house who said your house had been sold to them by one Mrs Adejoke, she sold off all your properties, your main house, the one in sango and Tanke including the v!rgin lands..
The only option we had left was the hostel in Offa that you built for us that we should be using the house rent to eat, we had to sell it off for 6 million naira, your sister’s husband gave us N700k and we sourced for the remaining N300k. I fainted immediately.

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