MY LIFE AT THIRTY : Episode 61 – The End

? EPISODE 64 ?

By Princess ?

I woke up, i asked where i was and i was told that i was in Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Idi-Araba. I asked what happened to me and they told me it had been two weeks i was unconscious. They gave me the good news that the bank had dropped charges against me because they were able to apprehend the IT guy in the office who said it was some guys that installed a software on his system and instructed him to just put any of the bank network cable into his laptop. He said he didn’t know what they wanted to do with it but they promised him N1million naira if he was able to deliver which he did and they paid him the money. The funniest thing was that those guys that sent him had travelled out of the country. I was told the bank had withdrawn my service from their employment too. I was happy because at least was not going back to the prison.

I asked when I would be going home and i was surprised when my father started preaching for me again saying i would need to be strong and be a man, this time around, you didn’t need to think about any other thing rather how you would get better. After running series of test on you, it was discovered that you have untreated syphilis for over a very long period of time which had affected your kidney and you would be needing transplant later on and the fact that you also have a partial stroke…. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw my sister Nimat whipping me with a cane and after flogging me for close to an hour and blood coming out of my body. She started chasing me up and down with cutlass, I was running away from her as i didn’t know where the strength was coming for. All I heard her saying while chasing me was “i told you i will hunt you down” “i told you”. I was pleading with her but she was still chasing me then i fell down on the floor, the moment she wanted to cut me with the cutlass, i shouted mo ku oooo (Am dead ooo)..

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