By Authoress Succy

Chapter 11

Evelyn stood, still staring at him angrily. She was never going to allow him to get into her mother’s heart once again.

The only mistake she made was not telling her mother what she was going through in the relationship. Maybe she would have hated him.

“I am never going to allow you to visit my mother,” she yelled, proving her stubbornness, and that was one thing Martin hated.


“I am your boss here, Eve, and whatever I say, you can’t stop me. You won’t stop me from visiting your mother,” he said calmly, and Evelyn scoffed.

“So you think just because you’re my boss, I can’t stop you? Well, I can stop you from visiting my mother,” she boldly stated.

Martin rested his back on his chair, staring at her with a different expression than he used to.

He was kind of surprised to see Evelyn so bold. He kind of liked it, but he didn’t want her to be that way towards him.

“No matter how hard you try to stop me, I am visiting your mother,” he said and started typing on his laptop, ignoring Evelyn, who was fuming angrily.

“I hate you so much, you son of a b-,” she muttered, but Martin heard her clearly.

That was something he hated to hear from her. That was something he wanted to change badly.

It affected him so much when she made such a statement, but did she really mean that word?

“You hate me?” he asked, standing up from the chair and started moving towards her gently.

Evelyn just stood still, staring at him with the same fear inside of her.

Could she ever stop being afraid of him?

“What did you say?” he grabbed her by the hand, pulling her closer to him, and she gulped, trying to pull away from him, but he didn’t allow her.

“I hate you,” she repeated, pushing him away with all her power, and Martin just stood there, staring at her.

He didn’t say anything, but that word hurt him like h’ll.

“Get me coffee,” he said, going back to sit on his seat, and Evelyn just rolled her eyes before walking out of the office.

The environment was already becoming familiar to her, unlike the last time when she seemed lost and ended up asking the wrong person for directions.

“Evelyn,” someone hugged her from behind, and she smiled, knowing full well it was Elizabeth. She turned around to look at her.

“Good morning, Elizabeth,” Evelyn said, and Elizabeth smiled, kssing her on the cheek, making Evelyn’s eyes widen.

Elizabeth was a 23-year-old girl, and one would think she was Evelyn’s elder sister.

“What the hell!” Evelyn exclaimed, staring at her with a smile, and they both burst into laughter.

A friend is defined as someone close, someone to share your pains and worries with, someone who puts a smile on your face when you are hurt, someone who knows when you are hurt and knows most of your secrets.

And she had found one yet again. Even though they had just met, she knew Elizabeth was that type of friend.

“Do you want to get coffee for the boss?” she asked, and Evelyn nodded.

“Come on, let me tag along,” Elizabeth said, and they both smiled at each other before walking away.

“So, tell me, how long have you been working for the company?” Evelyn asked as they walked back to the company.

Yeah, she had bought the coffee, and they were heading back to the company.

“Hmm, three years,” Elizabeth said, and Evelyn just nodded.

As they approached the company, they noticed four cars parked outside, and almost immediately, four boys stepped out of the cars.

They appeared affluent, wearing expensive clothes that clearly displayed their wealth.

“Who are they?” Evelyn asked, and Elizabeth sighed in response.

“They are Boss’s friends. I’m sure they’re here to visit him,” Elizabeth replied.


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