“Now I want to hear the full story of why I went to your school just so I could see you, but guess what? You were no where to be found.”Seth said, straightening up so he was now looking at her.

Sabrina fisted her hands on her thighs. She bit on her bottom lip… Heck, even Seth who wasn’t attending her school knows about her missing at school.

“Uhm, I-“Sabrina stammered a bit on her words, not knowing an excuse to give.

Then she decided to say,”I skipped class because I was feeling so sort of pains and had to visit the hospital.”

Afterwards, a knock came on the door and Sabrina sighed in relief, hoping Seth would have forgotten about the topic by the time he was done with whoever is at the door.

“Come in,”Seth responded, casting his eyes to the door.

The door opened and the chef walked in with a tray of healthy looking sumptuous dishes arranged on it.

“Sir,”the chef greeted and when he had placed the tray on the center glass table before them, he looked towards Sabrina and greeted her with a huge smile.

He was somehow struck by her beauty that he couldn’t help himself.

Sabrina smiled back before taking her face away and darting it straight on Seth’s huge king sized bed.

A puffy duvet was laid smoothly on it, and the walls was painted with white and blue.

She smiled internally at the fact that he has the same wall colour as hers, but the little difference there is it’s also a mixture of white.

“Go ahead.”Seth said beside her and that’s when she realized the chef has left and she’s to start eating.

“This is too much.”Sabrina shook her head. Before her are different varieties of food like bacon, toasts, some croissant, casserole and a bottled water, accompanied with a glass of red wine.

“Well, it’s all for you.”Seth smiled at her. He couldn’t bring himself to take his eyes away from her.

Ever since the first day he saw her, her rare beauty struck him like lightening.

And also, ever since he’s been born to this earth, never has he seen someone so gloriously gorgeous as her.

“No, I’m full.”she shook her head, leaning back on the chair. Now, only her eyes were on the food.

“Okay then,”he replied, also leaning back on the chair. Sabrina looked at him beamed instantly at the fact that now she won’t have to eat anything and can go out to find Luciano.

“But you’re going nowhere without eating those…”he suddenly added, pointing at the tray of meals.

Her heart dropped as she glanced back on the food. Maybe now, she has no choice.


Austen hurried up the hallway to get to his locker. He pressed the unlock code and when it opened, he brought out his backpack from it.

Glancing over at his wristwatch; it reads 5:57PM. He quickly locked his locker and went out of class.

By now, no more students was around at school. He was going over to his motorbike when someone called.

“Hey Austen!”Aria called, hasten her steps to reach him.

Austen didn’t even wait, instead he got on his motorbike and start up the engine. She reached him before he could go.

“Austen, I…”Aria made to speak but stopped when Austen sent his index finger to the air, signalling for her to stop.

Seeing this, she moved back nervously.

“You should stop coming after me. I really can’t love you back. Moreover, I’ve got a whole lot on my table to deal with more unnecessary headaches.”he spat bluntly at her, and zoomed off. Leaving her on the stand.

Aria sniffed, feeling the breamimg of tears about to fall down her eyes. Turning, she ran away.


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