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“I just love you. You’re my type. So, how about friends?” Evie asked and Valerie just stared at her.

Slowly, a smirk crept on her face.

If anyone ever told her a day would come when Evie Zhang was gonna ask her for friendship will come, she’d have bluntly denied it.


But look now.

“Sure.” Valerie replied and Evie smiled.

“Great. So how about we go do some shopping? I need to change my wardrobe.” Evie told her and she shrugged.




?? A runaway groom??!

?? Is that even possible??

?? What if he has elope with another girl??

?? You never can tell men.

?? Poor girl.

The guests murmured amongst themselves as it is already going to an hour now and the groom still hasn’t arrived the church.

The bride was already standing on the altar.

“What’s going on Adams?? Where the hell is your son?” Mr Chen (Glenys’ dad) queried Mr Hewitt (Leroy’s dad).

“Honestly, I’m confused as well. Did he runaway from his wedding?”

“Bvllsht!!” Mr Chen blurted.

“Dad, where’s Leroy?? Don’t tell me he’s gonna keep me standing on the altar.” Glenys cried beside her dad.

“Don’t worry my child. Leroy will be here soon.”

There was great panic in the hall amongst the relatives.

What if he had been kidnapped?? But they had seen him early that morning. Where could he be??

The priest suddenly walked up to them.

“Mr Hewitt, Mr Chen. Simply tell us if your son isn’t ready for this union, I have other things to carry on with.” He said.

“I’m sorry priest, just give us ten more minutes. I promise he’ll be here-”

“That won’t be necessary coz I’m already here!” Leroy said in his deep voice, entering the hall that minute.

He didn’t hear what his dad said, but he already assumed he was pleading with the priest for more time.

Loud gasps started falling from everyone’s mouth as they stared at him, not really him, but the person beside him.

The lady beside him who was wearing a wedding gown, that minute everyone started looking from the bride with him to the one standing on the altar.

“What’s this madness Leroy!! Who’s she?!” Mr Hewitt barked.

“My wife to be.” Leroy simply answered with a smile on his face.

?? What!

?? What the heck is going on??

?? Tell me this is a joke.

?? Is he really marrying someone else?

“No Leroy, you’re playing prank aren’t you?” Glenys said climbing down the altar sharply.

“What are you saying Leroy? Why are you marrying someone else?” His mom asked.

“It’s my life mother, I have every right to marry whoever I want and to also refuse who I don’t want to marry, and today I’m refusing to marry Glenys Chen!” He thundered, the venom he applied in calling her name could be felt.

He glared hatefully at her before holding Alecia’s hand and started walking to the altar with her.

“No Leroy! You can’t do this to me!” Glenys cried holding his arm and he pvshed her roughly and she fell on her bvtt, crying.

“Don’t you dare touch me you vixen!!” He fired, venomously.

“If you don’t wanna incurred my wrath, calmly watch me get married to another woman or leave this place this minute!” He commanded, gasps won’t stop leaving the mouth of the congregation.

“Young man, I can see you’ve lost it! How dare you talk to my daughter like that?! You think you’re gonna get married to someone else under my watch?!” Mr Chen barked.

“You’ll watch me do that today.” Leroy said calmly, but his eyes were emitting fire.

He tightening his hold on Alecia’s hand and began walking to the altar with her.

“Leroy no!”

“Stop this Leroy!”

“Don’t do this!”


“Start the ritual priest!” Leroy said standing in front of the priest and he nodded.

Alecia pressed tightly on Leroy’s hand. She was scared that her heart was gonna explode soon at the way it was beating fast in fear.

“What has she gotten herself into??”


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