Back at Home…

Sabrina jammed her door shut and plopped on the bed. All Ronald had told her was still up roaming in her head. Another world?

Yes, she believes there’s another world because of her journey to the beauty Land not too long ago. She needs to let him know about this. She tried to locate him back at school but he didn’t attend today.

Horrified, she jumped out of bed and hurriedly wore her flip-flops before scurrying out of her room.

“Where to?”she shrugged shoulders with her brother as she descended the last stairs, quite unaware of his presence due to the fact she was in a hurry.

“Somewhere. I will be back soon.”And she left after half yelling her response.

Soon, she could be seen standing before the palace gate. She brought up her hand to knock, and waited for the security to open up.

“Who’s there? Oh, you.”the security open the door and was inquiring when she took in her face. Recognizing her, he was quick to usher her in.

“Thanks.”she told him as she raced her way into the palace.

Hearing voices from the parking lot, she looked to see a certain royally dressed in a floral white dress speaking with a certain doctor in his uniformed white jacket.

Deciding not to waste too much time, she furthered to locate Luciano’s room.

The guards didn’t try to stop her as she ventured inside. On one or two occasions, they have sighted her with the Prince.

Not knocking, which she regrets as soon as she steps foot into the room caught up with her as she was soon slammed against the wall at such a scary fast motion.

This caused a winch to escape her lips as she looks up to his face but it was too late.

Luciano yanked his sword from its shred and targeted it towards the intruder’s abdomen without even a look at the face. A gasp followed…


Somewhere unknown***

Sabrina woke from the heavy sleep and coughed out, her throat choking her to tight she jumped up to her feet with a start.

She takes a step forward thinking it’s her room and about to go get water to ease her cough when she froze.

Her Adam apple bobbed around their sockets as she start to move backward hurriedly.

Faced with two unknown creatures that resembles m..onsters or maybe a wolf, she trembled with fear and her heart pound inside her chest.

She quickly clench her head in-between her palms, as she started recollecting her memories.

How she came here. How everything happened, because apparently this doesn’t seems like the surface of the earth.

She remembered while at school she had went to use the toilet and… oh God! That must have been when she was kidnapped.

“You should be scared. And you should be crying in pain now, but no; we don’t do that until we have given you a warning.

So, if you still don’t yield, then we shall do to you the way we please.”One of the de.mon’s boomed, its voice creating so much te..rror in me that I jumped back in fright.

They look so huge and hunky. Both monsters has two horns each on their head and they didn’t have tooth but fangs, a very sharp ones because as the mo..nster boils angrily at her face, she saw the way its fangs sharpened and glittered.

Their legs looks like animal’s ones, and their body alone looks like that of a be.ast.

Never in her life has she witnessed nor seen with her eyes such creatures.

Well, except in movies and back then, she remembered how she was always grinning at the TV not knowing she’s going to meet them in reality and instead of grinning like back then, she’s going to be trembling with fear.

She gulped down nothing as the second mo..nster staggered towards her, each steps the mo..nster took shook the cave they were currently in.

Wait, the cave? Her eyes widened, this cave looks just like the ones she saw while journeying to the beauty Land….


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