Sabrina almost choked on her meals but her mother quickly grabbed the bottled water and pour the water inside a glass, passing it to her.

Sabrina glanced at her mother in appreciation before gulping down the water in a go. Done with it, she placed it by the tray and continued eating.

“So…? How did you end up in your room?*Sabrina paused on her meal, dropping the fork back on her plate before looking directly at her mother who has a curious look on her face.

Sabrina decided to act confused and arched a brow inquisitively at her mother.

“I mean, your brother searched everywhere for you at school but you were missing.

Until he decided to come home and announce to me about….”her mother shrugged, waiting to see if Sabrina has catched up with her words but instead, she still has a confused expression on her face.

“Just tell me in one simple word, were you kidnapped. It’s either a yes or no.”her mother added.

“I don’t know. I can’t even remember what happened.”Sabrina responded, quickly taking her face away from her mother’s direction. Quite afraid she might see through her face and read her lies.

“OMG! That means they literally dumped you home…”her mother gasped in shock, her palms over her mouth.

“Was it through the window they came in?”asking no one in particular, her mother scurried towards the window and skimmed her eyes over it, then furrowed her brows confusedly,”But I can’t find a hole.

Or something to prove they came in through the window. There’s absolutely no traces.”

“We don’t know their ways, mother. I’m not even a spy agent, so I can’t possibly know their ways of dumbing bodies from school back to their home.

“She resisted the feeling of wanting to roll her eyes and picked up her fork, still needing to feed her stomach.

Heck- it felt as if she hasn’t eaten for days.

*Tell me the truth, Sabrina. Hope they didn’t do anything to you? You weren’t rapped, right?”her mother ran over to her and cupped her mouth filled face, her eyes widening as if just realizing.

Sabrina chewed on her food not minding the fact her mother has my palms over her cheeks.

“They don’t. Had they, I would have known. Moreover, I can’t even remember what happened not to talk of knowing I was definitely kidnapped.”she then mouthed.

Her mother backed away, nodding repeatedly while Sabrina hoped her mother wouldn’t bring up the topic again.

“I’ll be back…”her mother flashed her a small before walking out of the room, the door still left opened.

Sabrina abandoned her food immediately and grabbed a jacket from her closet.

She wore her flip-flops and made her way out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

She need to see Luciano…


Somewhere Unknown

“She sleeps quite much.”A husky voice commented. And that was when Anita opened her eyes, and the first thing she did was roam her eyes about.

She frowned when it wasn’t the usual sight of her pink wall, huge pink closet, and a puffy bed which she was clearly on based on the fact that what she was currently laying on is poking her body.

Frightened, she jerked up on her feets and laughter filled the cave at her behavior.

“Well, we’ve waited for too long and I think it’s high time for the real business.”Running her eyes over the cave for the hoarse voice, she jumped back on seeing two huge looking beings… Wait, mo..nsters before her. What the heck is happening, why is she here?

“I won’t bother asking you questions since you won’t be remembering anything once you leave here.”Anita trembled with fear, her feets aching. She looks down to see she still has her high heels on.

“Get her down her feet. Beat her to stupor. I’m more concerned about her not leaving here in one piece.

She dared kssing my husband…!!”A sudden feminine voice thundered and enchoes inside the cave.

The voice which the mo..nsters recognized to be that of their queen; Queen Roselia.

Anita hearing the command, she got scared and her heart almost jumped into her throat when she couldn’t even see the person that just spoke.

She turned to run away to hit her head on the rocky cave instead… she whimpered but was cut short and turned into cries when the mo..nsters grabbed her and started b..eating her non-stop.

When they are done with her, they cleaned her memory and made sure she didn’t remember what happened there before dumping her back on earth….

Queen Roselia smirked from her room where she’s watching the whole scene, her lips tugging with a fulfilling smile thereafter.


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