On realization that she wasn’t even on the earth anymore but a place far away, she feels like collapsing and never walking up.

And if the mo..nsters decide to eat her up, that would be better as long as she won’t be waking up to see them again.

“Do you know King Luciano Pavarotti?”She sighed out when the monster only asked and stopped a few feets away from her. And his question, she furrowed her brows in slight confusion.

“No, I don’t. I-“she started, shuttering.

“Straight answers. Don’t get me so angry that I will have to feed your stupid body to the dogs!”The mo..nster yelled annoyingly at her, its face flaring up in anger.

She blinked rapidly, her heart thumping up and down her chest as she quickly spluttered in fear,”Yes, but it’s prince Luciano I know.”

She hoped they will drop topic about the innocent prince immediately, but instead, their noses crinkled with irritation before the monster before her huffed in disbelieve.

“Your prince but our King.”the monster corrected, intentionally drawling on the word ‘king’ so even if Sabrina happened to be deaf, she’s going to catch on its words.

Sabrina would have laughed at the monsters face right now and tell them to get the fk off if she wasn’t at their mercy right now.

She knew they can snap her head into two within a minute so she has decided not to test their patience but instead, just shut up and listened to them.

“Ok,”Seeing them giving her a longing look, she remembered she hasn’t replied them so she quickly uttered, giving them an apologetic look she isn’t even sure they noticed.

“We want you away from him. Our queen wouldn’t mind wasting your fking bI.ood if she sees any traces of you with him.

It’s a pity she’s just to mercy, so thank your stars cause else… We would have been gladly feasting on your bI.ood.”

Queen? Which Queen? Sabrina wouldn’t mind asking but on look at their scary faces, she slammed her mouth shut. And their warning…

They told her to stay away from Prince Luciano who they are currently referring to as their king.

She knows that would be too hard but she’s ready to grab the second chance.

“Get her back home.”the monster snapped at the second one behind him and immediately it commanded, a tunnel appeared before her causing her to sigh in relief. She’s going home!


Sabrina’s Room**

“Mother, we can’t find my sister!”Austen ran into the house and announced to his mother. He didn’t even bother to close the door after getting in.

His mother hearing the noises scurried out of the kitchen with the spatula in her hand, as she was cooking when she heard the door been flung opened.

“What Austen? It’s not even time for you to be home yet.”his mother asked, hurriedly climbing down the stairs to meet face to face with her.

“We can’t find Sabrina. The whole school has been searched but still, it’s all futile.”Austen sighed out in frustration, his chest rising up and down as he ran his hands through his hair.

“What do you mean? How can you just come in and tell me you can’t find your sister.

C’mon tell her to enter, you guys jokes can’t work on me.”she laughed lightly, about to turn away and go back to the kitchen.

“I’m serious mother. I never joked with such a thing before, we seriously need to find her.”Austen said, his voice thick with seriousness.

She turned to face him, her face becoming pale as realization hits her… What did he just say?

“Oh goodness, where did my daughter go? Why can’t you find her? She never really goes anywhere without informing us.”she starts to panic, tears was starting to form in her eyes.

Austen walked past her, heading upstairs.

“Where to? Aren’t we supposed to be out and go find her?”she turned, asking him. She wipes the tears that just dropped on her cheek with the sleeve of her shirt.

Austen didn’t even have the time to reply as he was already at her door.

He jerked it open with his right foot and made his way in, sweats forming on his head.

His eyes widened when he saw Sabrina on the bed, laying on her stomach.

“Mother!!! She’s here… Come up and see mother.”Austen called unto her as he ran to Sabrina’s bed.

“W-hat?!”entering the room, she dabbed on her eyes to confirm she wasn’t seeing things. How can she be here?

“Honestly son, I don’t know when she came in. I was in the kitchen throughout until I… I… went to the kitchen to go prepare dinner.

Except she entered through her room’s window which isn’t even possible since the fence is so high and… Oh heavens…”she kept panicking, fumbling with her words as she walks here and their the room.


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