(Be Careful With My Heart… )



Many reporters were present in the room so were other partners..

They all came to witness for themselves if truly the video of her allergy was fake

Godiva smiled then faced the audience..

” Do you know everyone around the world will be watching you right now?” A report asked since it was a live show

” Sure, and I’m here to prove to y’all that the video posted weeks back is fake ” she smiled as her eyes trace the crowd and it fell on Raphael who gave her a thumbs up..

Vespertine winked at her and she chuckled.

” Truly, I’ve been with mask for years and I know many have been wondering why I always wore one but the thing is, I just love wearing it.

It has nothing to do with an allergy, I’m not allergic to perfumes ” she said

” But the rules in your company says no employee should wear a spray..” Someone from the crowd said

” Sure, how can I be a master perfumer and let my employee wear cheap perfumes?

Most of them wear spray which weren’t even as good as mine.. ” she said and the crowd laughed

” You’re surely confident in your work..” Someone said and she chuckled

” Of course cause I’m good at what I do.. ” she smiled

” Enough of the long talk Ms Moreno.. remove your mask then use a perfume on your face so we can believe you.. ” someone said and She gulped, staring at the person..

She stared at the perfume then at Raphael who nodded his head though he was kinda nervous too

Gently, her hands reached for her mask and she took it off

Larina held her husband tightly as the watch the live broadcast on Tv.

Nana and the rest of her employees in Japan also watched the show

” Umaku iku koto o negatte imasu ( I hope it goes well )” Nana muttered as she clasp her hands together praying silently..

Godiva removed the lid of the spray then gulp again..

She stared at the reporters, Gianna, Raphael, Vespertine then at her partners..

She exhaled then smiled slightly before spraying the perfume directly on her face.

She blinked continuously and nervously as she felt the liquid rest on her face.

” Check her skin to confirm it.. ” someone said and she gulped fighting back silently..

She closed her eyes and did exactly what Raphael said.. she imagine his lips on hers, the way it feels anytime his soft lips met with hers

” No rashes or any sign of allergy” The person who went to check her body said and a loud screamed was heard from her employees

Gianna ran to hug her and that’s when she opened her eyes

” You did it ma’am, the company will be fine again” Gianna said and her eyes widened..

She checked herself and she was totally fine.

” I’m fine? ” She wondered unbelievably


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