(Be Careful With My Heart… )


She disengage from the hug and went to Raphael..

She jumped on him and kissed him right there while he responded to it immediately..

Their make out session scene was aired online too and everyone cheered for them

All the partners who left all came back asking to partner with her and within minutes, everyone wanted to partner with her..

Alston and Larina couldn’t stop smiling.. same goes to everyone who knew her

” I made it Lora, I wish you were here to scold me for not wearing my mask..” She muttered lowly with tears already gathering in her eyes

” Let’s go home..” vespertine said and She nodded..

She did a small bow before leaving while Gianna took responsibility for the other things happening




Raphael and Godiva got married after everything went back to normal five years back.

They always visit Alora’s grave every year and they made sure they gave her lots of beautiful flowers

Godiva had a baby girl who’s a replica of her dad, a real work of art. As small as she is, she’s madly troublesome.

Her name is Alora and She practically took late Alora’s attitude, you say sh*t about her parents, she beats the hell outta you..

Godiva made sure, she told her about her godmother Lora who died saving her.

She also made sure she told her about how loving Lora was.. even without seeing her in real life and only through pictures, Alora loved her godmother very much

Vespertine was also done with school and working in the same company as Jerry..

They were the best of friends anyone could ever wish to have..

Trisha became a model while Hannah became an artist.. They decided to let go of the past and get along..

Hannah also found a guy she’s dating while Gift became a business lady.. Things were working really well for them.

Grandma Jane made sure she always had time for her great grand- child and Larina loved her granddaughter a lot too..

Godiva was dressed for work with Raphael and they were about leaving the house when Godiva’s phone rang.. she knew it was from her daughter’s school

📞 What again ma’am? She asked

📞 Check the Tv… The headmistress said and She stared at Raphael before ending the call..

They turned on the TV, then boom their daughter was on TV, a live broadcast

” What’s she doing there? ” Godiva exclaimed

” My daughter is making me proud, she’s already on TV ” Raphael smiled and Godiva rolled eyes at him

” So why did you beat up your class mate Alora? ” Someone standing beside Alora asked and little Alora shook her head in frustration

” She reminds me of Alora entirely..” Godiva chuckled

” How many times would I tell you she said my mom is a devil?

I really hate it when someone talk that way about my mom..” She said sternly and Godiva chuckled again

” So is that why you asked for a live broadcast?”

” Why not? Isn’t it enough reason? No one has the right to call my momma names else I’m gonna beat them up” She said and Raphael laughed

” She’s you, your old self ” he said

” I doubt that, she took after Alora.. ” Godiva turned to Raphael and kssed him


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