(Be Careful With My Heart… )


Wendy burst into laughter as she brought her phone and started recording her

” This will be so much fun..”she giggled, watching Godiva groan and gasp for air

” Barbie..” Raphael struggled to reach to her and the metal rod was h!t on his head and bI.ood rush out.. another landed on his shoulder and it felt as if his glenohumeral joint( The bone connecting the arm to the shoulder blade) break..

The p.ain was unbearable

” Diva, Raphael..” Alora struggled to them and held Godiva

” I’m sorry diva, I’m Sorry, I know I was being stupid in the past but I regret it now I swear.. please diva come back to yourself..” she cried

” How touching..” Wendy laughed shortly

” How do you feel when you see your sister in this State Huh? How do you feel when you know you’re the cause of what she’s suffering from?” She said and Alora gulped

Raphael looked at her ( Wendy ) and she giggled

” Surprise? Of course she’s the cause of her sister’s allergy.. I gave her the substance myself cos she asked for it.. ” Wendy said bringing down her phone

” A… Alora?” Godiva called not wanting to believe as she struggled

Alora shook her head as tears left her eyes

” I’m sorry diva, I had no idea it was gonna turn out like that ” she sobbed while Godiva crawled away from her..

” I’m sorry.. ” Alora said as tears ran down her cheeks and a gun shot was heard

” What happened? ” Wendy asked

” Just sent Michael to the after life..” Jerome replied and the next thing he felt was a sharp pain in his chest..

Wendy shot him twice

” You… bch ” he fell to the ground and died instantly

Wendy walked over to Alora and grabbed her hair

” You’re just as bad as me Alora. You seriously wanted to kll your cousin because she was more better than you?

Gosh, I told you isopropyl was enough to harm her but you went ahead to add extra ethanol.. ” Wendy shook her head at her in fake sympathy

She let go of Alora’s hair and faced the boys who were with her..

” Burn Jerome and Michael’s body ” She ordered while they nodded

Three of the boys took Jerome’s body out of the building while the rest stayed back

” Let’s join hands and send your sister off..” Wendy faced Alora who was still in tears..

Her eyes were on Godiva as she was struggling.. Raphael too was loosing a lot of bI.ood

” Raphael.. ” Godiva muttered and crawled to where he was, bI.eeding profusely

” You need to be strong for our baby..” she muttered when she got to him..

She held his face and kssed him while crying in the process and that only got Wendy angry.

She took her phone and uploaded the video she took of Godiva’s allergy to the net before turning to them again

” Fk you Godiva” she cvrsed and cock her gvn.. She pulled the trlgger aiming at Godiva’s head when Alora stood in her place

The bvllet went through her chest and Godiva’s eyes went wide

Her body had come back to normal

” Lora.. ” she called fearfully and held her..

” I’m glad I could still save you in my little way.. Don’t forgive me cute psychó.


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