SCARLETS : Episode 31 – 40


(Life of a fan girl)


(Cool it)

Episode 40

Aurora’s POV

I keep thinking if to call him or not, I mean I can’t.

What will I tell him when i do?
He doesn’t even know who Arielle is, he doesn’t even want to talk to me so why will I tell him?

I’ll just look dumb, like a lost puppy.

“I can’t do that Arielle, I am sorry.” I said as I concentrate more on my cookies.

“Okay I understand.” She said. Even though I understand the fact that she’s disappointed, I can’t bring myself to do what she wants.

Its an insult to me and even though I love him unconditionally the little pride I have left I want to keep it intact.

“So how was your day? She asked and I shrugged.

“Mabel came hot at me.” I replied and she covered her mouth.

“What? So what happened next? She asked curiously.
“For the fact that I heard that Mabel is a fierce lady, did she expel you? If so tell Me.” She added.

“Come on Arielle, you are making the whole issue complicated.” I said and chuckled.

“I wasn’t expel, Min ho saved me.” I said and she stare at me in shock.

“Really? You are a celebrity already girl.” She said as she punch me lightly on the shoulder.

“That aside, how is your dad? She asked as I stood up from the bed.

“He is inside his room, probably sleeping.” I said.

When I left the scarlets mansion I used the money I got to acquire another room so that it will be two room and parlor.

Our agent was kind enough to give it to us in a more lesser price.

I used the money to get some food stuffs for us and buy some other things.

I feel contented about it, at least I used the money for something good.

“You got food? I am hungry, I haven’t add anything since morning.” She said and I nodded.

She followed me out of the room as I made my way to the kitchen.

I made cheese and bacon.” I said and she jumped in excitement.

“You got my favorite and you couldn’t even tell me, I want it right away.” She said with a pout and I giggled.

She look so cute.

I put hers and mine and walk back inside the sitting room.

We ate in silence as my mind keep wandering around.

I can’t help but think of Dian, my mom. Everything is just so complicated for me.

After eating my food I return to my room with Arielle trailing behind me.

“I just think of looking for a job.” I said to her.

“Oh, have you check out your formal last work place? She asked and I scoffed.

“I just told you that I just think of looking for a job.” I said.

“Oh whatever,check out the pizza place or the hotel down Mahhil.” She said.

“That hotel? A five star hotel? I doubt if I will have the chance.” I protest.

“You may be lucky.” She said with a shrug.

Few minutes later she left through the window and I sigh.

I brought out my phone and received a message from an unknown number.

?Hi, please who are you?I asked politely.

Minutes later the mysterious person replied.

?You have been doing so great Aurora mamman, you forgot about me? The unknown rants on.

?Who are you please?

?Bobby? The message come in.

?Bobby, I really missed you? I typed. I was so happy at the thought that Bobby really cared.

?I miss you too Miss, how have you been?He asked.

I chuckled at the way he typed the ‘Miss’ and smile to myself.

Bobby knows how to make someone smile that was why he was my first friend in the mansion.

?Am good Bobby? I replied.

?Chat you later princess, I got to go now? he texted and didn’t text again.

When he stopped texting I felt lonely and sad but I shrugged off the thought and lay quietly on my bed.

I sigh at the thought of what Dian might be doing right now.

His he in his room or practice or probably in the garden?


I can’t sleep!

Dian’s POV

I stare at my last message with Aurora in Texas.
The text makes me smile, I mean what did I expect?

Why did I even asked her that question in the first place.

I sigh as I dropped my phone on the night stand and stood up from the bed.

I walk inside the bathroom and removed my clothes. I took a warm bath and rest inside the bathtub.

I couldn’t sleep so I thought that raking a bath will help lessen my stress.

I stood up from the bathtub and pick up the towel on the glass door.

I tied it around my lower body and walk back inside the room.

I cleaned myself up and walk inside my closet. I picked a pajamas and a pair of black singlet.

I wore em after rubbing my lotion and still no sleep.

I place my headphone around my head and listen to a night song.

Slowly I drifted off to sleep, before sleeping my phone dinged indicating a new message but I ignored it and slept off.

Next morning

I woke up as early as possible and wore my gym outfit before heading to the gym house at the basement.

A call came into my phone and I looked at it.
I rejected it and put my phone away.

I lay on the bench press and breath out.

After doing exercises for more than an hour my body we already full of sweats.

I was sweating profusely.

My phone dinged and I checked my message box.

Oh fk it!

Mabel again?
She already called me more than twenty times and then she finally sent me a message.

?Hey babe, seems like you are busy. Dad invited you for dinner this weekend so that we can start making preparations for our wedding?

I dete$t her g.ut.


This is the ending of season one?

Promzy Davis???


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