SCARLETS : Episode 31 – 40


(Life of a fan girl)


(What I want)

?Episode 39?

?Dian’s POV?

I don’t know why I stopped Mabel earlier but I couldn’t stand it when she wanted to sl@p her.

I knew that something like this might happen that was why I decided to come to school.

I just don’t know why, it is confusing.

“Dian.” Mabel called but I ignored her.
I’m not in the mood to entertain her lectures.

“Baby.” She called yet again.

“Can I rest Mabel? Am tired I need space.” I said and she furrowed her brow.

“What are you tired of? I mean why are you tired? Tired enough not to talk to me? She asked. And I rub my forehead with my two fingers.

“We will talk later Mabel, just not now am tired for real.” I said trying to let her understand.

“Oh whatever.” She said and peck my lips before leaving my room.

I lay down on the bed, my eyes fixed on the ceiling. Her face keep coming into display.

My mind was just focused on her, I just don’t know why, I mean she literally shouldn’t be whom I think of.

I sigh and stood up from the bed, I walk towards my desk and sat down on the chair then opened my laptop.

After booting it I sign in and checked my e-mail.

Tons of messages from God knows where. I replied the one that should be reply and trash out the others.

I later log into my Instagram account and quickly scroll down, my eyes caught a comment from my last post and I find myself smiling.

@auroramamman cute

She really amazes me.

I contemplate on replying but later decided against it.
I sign out of my account and close up my laptop.

I went inside the bathroom and brush my teeth, I splash some water on my face after brushing my teeth and touch my jaw.

I really need to shave, there are stumble on my jaw already.

I went back inside the room and pick up my phone before leaving the room again.

I need a drink.

I climb down the stairs and went straight to the bar. I went across the booth and brought out a bottle of tequila.

I pour some quantity on a shot and gulp it down.

I shrunk my nose at the taste but pour another shot.

I heard steps on the stairs and look out to see Min ho wearing only his pajamas, his hair was rough. I think he was sleeping.

“You good? I asked and he looked at me before nodding his head.

He went inside the kitchen,a couple of minutes later he came out with a glass of milk in his hand.

“What are you doing here? He asked and I shrugged.

“Just came to have some shots.” I said and he chuckled.

“We all know you rarely have a hot drink Dian, all you drink is wine.” He said and I nods.

He was right anyways.

I rarely have hot drink, even when they do I prefer wine or juice.

I was never a fan of hot drink unless I am upset or confused.

Really I don’t know what I feel right now.

“I am good Min ho, just got my mind occupied.” I said and he nods.

“Heard from Director Chu? He asked and I nodded.

“I read his mail about fifteen minutes ago, he just reminded me of the board meeting.” I said casually.

I just don’t like associating myself with anything concerning meetings.

They assume that I’m arrogant, well I am and nothing can justify that but I can’t bring myself to do things I don’t want.

“Okay, I’ll be in my room now.” He said before climbing the stairs.

I pour yet again another shot for myself and gulp it down before resting my hand on the shelf.

I look over the stairs and Min ho was long gone then I walk to the couch and sat on one of em.

I brought out my phone and started playing any game that could distract me from thinking wild again.

All I needed was a cool night sleep but I couldn’t sleep, sleep refused to come I just have to do whatever it takes to keep myself busy.

?Aurora’s POV?

While discussing with Nora earlier today I couldn’t help but wonder what else Dian have but the world doesn’t know about.

It is funny how a billionaire prefers singing and getting tons of criticism from anti fan than sit down in his office and give out instructions.

“What do you mean royalty? I mean Canada doesn’t do royalty.” I said to her earlier and she laughed at my ignorance.

“Amelia Zara Macbeth Myers was from England, Dian mom originated from royalty that is why he is royalty.” She explained and I mouthed a wow.

I heard my window creaked open and I look out.

It was my friend Arielle.

“You creep.” I said and throw my shirt at her.

“Came to jolt you away from your thinking’s.” She said and I smile.

She knows me too well.

She sat Indian style in front of me and pick one of the cookies I was eating.

“So about Dian? She asked.

“What is it about him? I asked confused at what she will say.

“You both have talk yet? She asked and I shook my head.

“There is absolutely nothing going on between us Arielle,stop over thinking it.” I said casually like I wasn’t bothered.

But deep down, I wants all my fascinations about him to come true.

“How is work today? I know that you have some tough sh!ts going on but are you okay? I asked and she nodded.

“Can you call him please, I want to here his voice please.” She said and I couldn’t hold my nervousness.

Am going to hear his voice again, calling Dian isn’t such a nice thing to do.

I feel excitant to do so but I couldn’t.

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