SCARLETS : Episode 31 – 40


(Life of a fan girl)


(I miss him)

?Episode 37?

?Aurora’s POV?

I dropped the ring on the stool and took two step back.

I guess this is a goodbye then.
To everyone, I don’t even know if my scholarship is terminated.

His eyes was fixed on me as I made my way towards the door.

“You can still come to school, but you have to know your limits.” He said and I quickly turn my back to face him.

I was happy, even if I don’t work here again I can still we him in school sometimes.

“Thank you.” I said happily before turning to leave again.

“Mrs Russell, I’m leaving.” I said and she nods and sniffed in.

“Be safe out there okay?

“Yes ma.” I replied and she kssed my forehead.

I took a cab and went back home, dad was not around so I went to visit Arielle my friend.

It have been two days since I let the scarlets mansion, if I say that I don’t miss them then I’m lying.

I miss them all, I miss him.

It just doesn’t feel right, having feelings for someone who have a fiance or loving the person who doesn’t acknowledge my presence.

It hurts but I blame myself for it.

It was my mistake after all, nobody told me to fall in love with him. I did.
.I fell in love with him willingly.

It was nobody’s fault but mine,only mine.

I wore a blue tight jean trouser and a red top before picking up my backpack and wore it on my back.

I’ll be seeing the boys after a week, seven good days as a girl.

I brush my wig properly with my hand and did a little make up on my face before opening the door.

“I will be back soon dad.” I shouted to his hearing before leaving.

I got a message from Arielle and chuckled. She was really trying her best to cheer me up after I told her everything.

Firstly She was so mad at me but later understood why I did what I did.

I board a cab and keep staring at Dian’s picture.

Can’t get you out of my head Dian.
Why can’t I get you out of my head?

Why is this happening to me?

This has always been my routine for the week.

Whenever I remember Dian I find myself crying yet again.
I hated myself for this but I couldn’t stop it.

The cab came to an halt and I came down from it after which I gave the driver his money.

I stared at the bold sign board with the name “Scandal international school” in front of me.

I took a sharp breath in before going inside the compound.
There were different types of cars parked along and it got me wondering if the scarlets are in school.

I got to the stairs and was stopped by Nora of sweetdreamers.

Did she recognize me?

She looked at me weirdly and smirked.

“So you finally decided to show your true self.” She said and I was surprised.

“What are you talking about? I asked and mentally thank myself for not stuttering this time.

“Aurora mamman, you are beautiful.” She said and I blushed.

She knew but played along.

“So you’re going to tell me why you masked your identity? She asked and I sigh.

Even if I want to, I can’t.

I can’t just trust someone I don’t know.

Nora is just someone I meet and forget, she is not steady.

“Who is she? A voice asked from my back.


She was the least person I was waiting to see, I can’t face her rude self now.

I turned to look at her and she frown.

“Aurora? She asked staring me.

“Yes…I am” I stuttered, a little oh fk me.

“Jeez, you are a girl.” She yelled immediately she saw my appearance.

The students were gathering slowly.

They are here to watch a show, I felt so embarrassed. The students were watching and I couldn’t help the years that was threatening to rush down my cheek.

Her hand land across my cheek as she gave me a hot sl@p.

“You btch,you actually lied to everybody. Dian ,Min ho, Barley, Liam, Bobby, Asher.

You fking lied to everyone btch.” She said disgusted by me.

I rubbed my cheek as my tears increased, I can’t believe that Mabel sl@pped me but I blamed myself for it.

She have the right to, Dian is her fiance anyway. I know that she’s gon’ react like this.

“Mabel ….I….I am sorry.” I stuttered trying to hide my face.

“You are sorry? Oh really b**ch you did it knowingly! She yelled.

“Hold it Mab, the girl didn’t work for you. She worked for scarlets and not you so why are you getting infuriated? Nora asked as she stood in front of me.

“Oh you knew? I can’t blame you, you were always jealous of me Nora. And also you are supporting her because Dian is not your fiance.” Mabel snapped.

How am I going to get over this?

She held my hand roughly and started dragging me outside the building.

“What…..what are you doing? I asked when I noticed what she was trying to do.

“You are leaving this school right now.” She said and I froze.

“What? I can’t leave.” I protest but she raised her hand up in the air.

I don’t know if it was for her to sl@p me or stop me from talking further.

“Don’t you dare.” A voice said from the gate.

Who is that?

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