SCARLETS : Episode 31 – 40


(Life of a fan girl)


(Before I throw you out)

?Episode 36?

?Dian’s POV?

I loosed my sh!t on her, I couldn’t hold myself and I lash out my anger on the wall.

“Calm down dude, it’s okay.” Min ho said holding me from causing myself more harm.

“I calm calm down Min ho, am fking down. I just can’t believe she did that to us.” I said trying to calm down.

I just can’t help it, I can’t help but feel like she did use us.

She used me, everyone of us.

I can’t just help it that I thought that I’m a g.ay but…..

This is bull sh!t, am confused, angry, and mad at Aurora.

I can’t believe that she could do this to me, to us.

“Just calm down okay, I’ll be downstairs.” Min ho said before leaving the room.

I just feel used.
I can’t believe this.

I sat down on my bed, taping my foot on the ground.

I was frustrated, I was angry.
I don’t know what to feel anymore, I feel like purging immediately she revealed her identity.

I even became friends with her,d@mn I trusted her that I became to have likeness for her(when she is a ‘he’)

She just…. I don’t understand, why?
Why did she have to do this?

There are other ways to make money if it is because of money.

I stood up from the bed and got out of my room.

Immediately I spotted her door, my anger became more worse.
I feel like sending her to jail. Of course she deserve it.

I met Bobby on the way downstairs but kept my shit cool because I font want to lash out my anger on anybody else but her.

All I wanted is to see her in pain just like I felt betrayed by someone I called a friend.

She is just one of them, imposter.

Aurora’s POV

After an hour, the doctor already came and checked me up.

I was better again, I changed and drank the soup Mrs Russell made for me.

I was beginning to forget what happened until my mind replayed it.

The angry expression in his eyes scared the f**k out of me.

Have never see him that angry before, he was always cold and calm. But the Dian I encountered An hour ago is a totally different person.

I stood up from the stairs and made my way downstairs.

I stopped on my track when I saw the boys sitting down.

Just like before, Dian was sitting different.

He has gone back to his old introvert self. I cleared my throat and he glance at me.

He was still angry which made me inhale a sharp breath.

I made him angry!

“I….I just want to say that am sorry.” I said and he made up a disgusted face.

“I did it for a reason and I hope that y’all will understand me.” I said and sigh.

“And then what? His voice snapped as he stood up from the couch.

“You wanted to come here, so you are here. What else do you want? I will answer that. Nothing else so you leave.” He said calmly and my whole world crumbled.

The word that I have been avoiding to hear from him.

I knew this will happen but I wasn’t mentally prepared for this.


“Before i throw you out myself.” He seethed calmly.

He didn’t act like he was talking to me, I didn’t know when hot liquids started rushing down my cheek.

“Please, please just don’t do this.” I begged and he laughed.

It was a hearty laugh and I got lost in it.

It was s*xy!

“Oh really? I shouldn’t? Maybe you should talk to me when you changed your dressing code to that of a girl, then we can talk. Get out if this house before I come back downstairs.” He said before walking out.

I looked at the boys and they were busy with whatever they are doing.

They don’t care, I have to leave.

I rushed upstairs to my room and knelt down beside the bed.

I let my tears rush down my cheek like a pool of water.

Why did this happen?
I can’t believe this.

I stood up after sometimes and started packing my clothes.
After packing the little clothes I got inside my backpack I look around the room in silence.

I later left the room and make my way downstairs,I found Dian standing beside the bar taking a sip from his wine.

He continue staring at me as I keep taking a step down the stairs.

“I…I am leaving.” I said and he acted like I wasn’t talking to him.

I stretch out my hand and open it,holding out his ring.

“Where did you get that? He asked immediately his eyes caught the ring on my hand.

“On that day, in front of the coffee shop.”

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