SCARLETS : Episode 31 – 40


(Life of a fan girl)


?Episode 38?

?Aurora’s POV?

Mabel began to drag me outside the building when I wanted to stop her she raised her hand at me.

“Don’t you dare.” A voice said from the gate and we all quickly turn to know who it is.

“Dian, baby what are you doing here? Mabel asked and quickly release my hand.

Dian walk towards us, his hands deep inside his jean trouser as his eyes was fixed on me.

“What are you doing? Dian asked her still gawking at me.

“Well, she lied to everybody she is a liar, an imposter so people like her are not needed I scandal.” She replied boldly.


“And? Did you just hear yourself Dian? And? She lied and all you got to say is And? She fumed.

I don’t understand what is going on between this two but I don’t want to take part in it.

“I don’t think you have the right to expel whom we gave scholarship Mabel.” Min ho said.

“Oh really? Well for your information I got the power to do so, I got sixty percent share in this school.” She bragged and the students wowed.

“And I got more than seventy percent, so do you still want to expel her? I don’t mind doing same to you.” Min ho seethed and the students murmured.

Why is Min ho angry all of a sudden? I thought that he will be angry with me instead.

“Baby, Baby, he…..he….he is bu.llying me.” She whined and held unto Dian’s hand like her whole being depends on it.

My heart skipped when she did that but who am I to object?
They will soon get married.

Dian left the crowd with cling Mabel and I keep watching them as they do so.

They are perfect for each other.

The students also started leaving,remaining the scarlets and I.

“Thank you for saving my Scholarship.” I said still looking at the ground.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at them.
I just feel so bad and awkward for me.

“You look beautiful as a girl.” Asher complement which made my face flush.

I can’t believe that they are not angry with me. Well except for Dian but at least he did stand up for me earlier.

“Thank you.” I muttered and look up to face them.

Asher got a dirty smirk on his lip and I heaved a sigh knowing what he is thinking about.

“I…I will be in class now.” I said and turn around before leaving.

I don’t want to run into anybody and my first class is five minutes away.
I walk briskly into my AP class and sat down beside Nora.

“Are you okay? She asked and I nodded.

I don’t really know why she like me, she is beautiful with her round ass and busty b**bs but I am the complete opposite.

Slim, little a** little b**bs, straight leg, round face with a big plump lips.

She smiled at me then concentrate on the projector screen.

I sigh and open my backpack, I brought out my note book and my pen before zipping it up.

The class slowly went by, same thing with my two other classes.

“You want to grab some burger at the cafeteria so we can talk? Nora asked.

Should I go with her or not?

I nodded my head and she grab my hand before leading the way.

We got to the cafeteria and she quickly other the burger with juice.

We sat down across the table taking a bite of the burger slowly.

I clean my mouth with the towel and dropped the burger on the plate.

“I want to ask you a question Nora.” I said and she focused her attention on me.

“Why is Mabel so into Dian? I mean she is from a rich family so why is she with him? I asked and she furrowed her brow.

“You don’t know? She asked and I shook my head.

“Know what?

“Dian Dad was one of the top business mogul in Canada, he died and Dian is in charge of the empire now even though he doesn’t run it, his employees do it for him. His mother is a top politician and was once a presidential candidate.” She said and I mouthed a wow.

“Do you want to know something else? She asked and I nodded.

“He is from a royal lineage, sh!t he can buy the whole of Mabel family with their companies and money. Dian is not just a band leader but a business mogul.” She explained.


Oh come on Aurora, and you are thinking of being with him?

A royalty? Someone who can feed the Malik’s and their entire generations to come?

I must be dreaming.

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