SCARLETS : Episode 31 – 40


(Life of a fan girl)


(You got something to tell me?)

Episode 32

Dian’s POV

I stare at Aurora as he stood in front of me and I couldn’t even concentrate with what I was doing.

What is wrong with me?
What is so special about him that is distracting me so much?

I stopped playing the piano and stare at him.
Confusion, fear, nervous.
That was all I could read from his facial expression.
Did I scare him.

I swallowed the lump on my throat and told him to sit down.
He did sat down on one of the chairs two meters away and look at me.

“Sir you called me, so I came immediately.” He said and I nodded.

“What happened earlier? You left with Bobby to scandal_e but when we got there none of you was present.” I said and he nodded. Staring on the floor.

“Well Sir, I forgot my phone so Bobby decided that we should come back to get it. Then later we didnt go back to scandal_e, I am sorry.” He said and I nodded.
I did ask Bobby about it immediately we got back from scandal_e but he told me a complete different story.
Does this mean that they are lying?

But why will they lie to me?
I cleared my throat and fixate on his eyes.
He was gulping down on his throat making me believe that he lying.

“You got something to tell me? I asked as I fixed my eyes on his.

“Hum,actually sir I don’t have anything to say.” He said and I nodded.
He is lying again, i can tell when he is lying he always look down on his leg and avoid my gaze.

What could he be hiding?

“Okay you can go now.” I said as I faced the piano yet again.

I can hear his retreating footstep and I sigh.
The door closed and I turned towards the door, why am I feeling like he is hiding something?

I covered the piano and left the practice room. I walk towards my room and glace at Aurora’s room.
His room door was closed and I sigh before unlocking my door and got inside.

I guess the end of the day is near.
I removed my shirt and sat down in front of the Laptop desk. I booted it up and log into my account.

I reply the sensible and important mails that I should reply and upload the picture I took earlier on Instagram.
Soon there was lots of comments.

@eva.lei always looking cute oppa.
@joongb Elegant as always.
@amayah69 my husband??

I log out of Instagram and sign out of my laptop before going to sit on the bed.
I lay down on the bed and sigh.

Aurora’s POV

I heaved a breath that I didn’t know I was holding and gasped.
Why was he questioning me so much tonight?

His he suspicious of me or something?

I sat down on the bed and log into my account again.
The first thing I saw was Dian’s new post.

He was cute I the picture, he was laying on his red Ferrari with a black sunglass with a golden frame.

I liked the picture and scroll through the comments and I can’t help but smile at them.
Even most of the fans that knows about his fiance are still calling him their husband.
Audio husband!

I decided to comment on it.

@auroramamman cute
I comments and quickly log out.
I keep my phone on the night stand and went inside the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth then wash my face before drying it off with a clean towel.

I went back inside the room and a knock came on the door.

“Come in.” I said faintly.
A maid came I and invited me for dinner.

I wore my flip flop before going downstairs.

I met Bobby and Asher already sitting around the table and I sat beside Asher.
With what happened earlier today even though Bobby didnt know what really happened I was still ashamed.

I can’t believe that he just saw my bl00d.

The boys keep coming out of the room one after the other until they were all present.
Dian started eating with everybody at the dinning table and I guess that was a big improvement for him since he never does that before.

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