SCARLETS : Episode 31 – 40


(Life of a fan girl)


(You should have….)

?Episode 35?

?Aurora’s POV?

He keep counting his step his he made his way towards me while I step back I fright.

My breathing became heavy as his eyes held mine in an intense stare.

He wasn’t ready to break off the stare and I couldn’t help but feel nervous.

His he going to hit me?

What is he planning really?
I don’t understand.

The way he look at me,the way his eyes held mine like there is a treasure hidden in my eyes.

The way he look at me got me shrieking where I stood.

“What…. What are you doing? I asked, more like I whispered it to myself.

He stood in front of me and chuckled bitterly.

“Say that again.” He said calmly.
He was calm.

He is less angry right now and I felt the urge to talk to him.

But I couldn’t.

I feel scared, yea I am. I mean he is bipolar and I don’t just want him loosing his shts and going ape sh!t on me.

All I want to that at that moment is hold his face in my palms and caress it.

But no!

It is just a mere dream, it can not happen.

I swallowed the lump that already formed down my throat and breath out.

“You are my friend, Dian.” I said and something flicked in his eyes. I can’t just pinpoint what it is but I did saw it at that moment.

It was an unreadable expression.

“No you are not, you never was. You just….just like every other desperate girl out there.” He snapped. His last six words got me going ballistic.

How can he say that to me?

I mean it’s true, I was desperate. But not in a bad way.


“Take her away.” He said before turning around and started climbing the stairs.


No. I can’t go to jail. Dad, dad, he will die if he gets to know.

No….I can’t!

“Dian fking Myers!! I suddenly yelled and he stopped right on his track.

Why I call out his name confused me as well.

I just want to try anything, to convince him that am not fake!

I want him to believe me, I have true intentions of coming here and I did achieve that.

I just want him to get to see reasons with me.

“Did…. Did you just call me? He snarled but I rushed towards him.

I am in real pain.

The pain is becoming worse, I can’t handle it.

It just felt like I was being controlled by a remote.

This minutes I felt less pain then boom, the next became more worse.

I tried to stand straight up on my feet but my leg was betraying me.

I don’t want to look pathetic in front of them but it looks like I already am.

I was about to fall down from the stairs when two big hands grab my waist.

“Aurora…” I could hear his faint voice as he continue shaking me.


“Call the doctor! I heard him yell.

Why is it that everything he does makes me happy?

Suddenly I felt like Dian is my happiness, I just don’t know how I feel.

He carried me upstairs and opened my door.

He got inside and lay me down on the bed, my eyes was half closed.

The boys and Mrs Russell were all standing in my room.

“My child, what is it? She asked me as she caress my cheek.

I didn’t know how to tell her that I’m on my period and the pain is getting intense and g0sh I need to change.

“I….I” I tried to speak up but couldn’t.

“Mrs Russell can I have a word with you? Bobby asked as he left the room.

He is the only one that knew,maybe he want to tell her?

Or maybe something else.

They came back few minutes and Mrs Russell cleared her throat.

“You guys can step out now, I want to speak with Aurora.” She said and the boys nods before leaving.

She walk closer to me and help me up.
“Bobby has already went to get you pad, he told me so don’t be nervous.” She said and I nodded.

She help me inside the bathroom and fill the bathtub for me before leaving me alone.

I str!p out of my cl0thes and dispose the used p@d carefully before sitting inside the bathtub.

I guess today will be my last day here.

What he will do to me later go my breathing became heavy again

I close my eyes and lean on the bathtub.

I feel my emotions rush in. I felt hot liquids rush down my cheek and I sniffed in.

This is cr@zy!

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