SCARLETS : Episode 31 – 40


(Life of a fan girl)


(What’s that bl00d?)

Episode 31

Aurora’s POV

Oh sht!

How can this happen here?

“What the fk is this bl00d? Bobby asked and I shivered.

“Hum, can we just go back please. Before the boys come here.” I begged and he nodded.
He led me back inside the car and sat down on the driver seat.

“Thank you.” I muttered and he look at me with a shock expression.
How I wish I could lie,but I can’t find it in my self to continue with this.
I can’t keep hiding my identity for life.
I just can’t do it.

“You’ve got a lot to explain later Aurora.” He said, his eyes glued to the road.
I suddenly became scared, what if Dian or the boys are still at the mansion?
What will I tell them?

My palm became sweaty and I rub em on my shirt.
I was getting really scared,my heartbeat quicken as I look out of the window in fright.
Am surely going to lose my job today, oh my gosh.
I looked at Bobby and he was so quiet which is unlike him.
Well everybody will react that way.

He drove into the driveway and park the car inside the parking lot.
I think we missed the boys,the cars are out.

I opened the door to get out but Bobby held my hand.
“What’s that bl00d? He asked and I heaved a sigh.

“I….I yes, I got wounded inside the bathtub and got a little scratch on my buttock so that must be the reason for the bl00d.” I lied. He stare at me weirdly like he doesn’t believe what I said but I laughed and bumped his shoulder.

“What can probably caused the blood except from what I said? I asked jokingly and he shrugged.
How the fuck did I forget that my mensuration period starts today?
I must be a real fool.

I quickly got out of the car and rushed inside the house.
I need to tell them, i don’t want them to find out themselves.
I want to confess myself.

I unlock my room and lock the door, I rushed inside the bathroom and $trip out of my bl00d stained cl0thes before getting inside the shower.
Can today get any worse?

Of course I know that if it were to be Asher then I won’t escape this.
I squeeze the liquid soap in my hand and scrubbed it on my body.
After bathing I got out and opened the glass door where I picked out my towel.

I wrapped the towel on my body and unlock the door then went inside the room.

I opened my closet and pulled out my backpack.
I searched deep down and brought out the extra sanitary pad that I have left.
How am I going to get another one?

I only have one left.
I pick out my red rosy pant and fix the pad on it before wearing it then wore my pajamas and shirt after rubbing lotion on my body.

I sat down on the bed and pulled out my phone.
I crosschecked my previous conversations with Dian and couldn’t help but keep staring at it .
The message is seen but he didn’t reply.
I don’t blame him though,its not like he is supposed to reply me we’re just boss and employee and even if I want us to be something else. It can never happen.

I turned on my data and log into social media, what happened last night at the concert was the trending topic on social media, though I wanted to laugh but my period cramp couldn’t let me. I feel so h0rrible right now.

I sleep on my stomach and held it with my hand.
How do I get a pain relief medicine,this is so bad.
I slept off while holding my stomach and was only woke up by the knock on the door.

“Come in.” I said and sat down properly on the bed, my leg curl up with each other as I focused on the door to know who it is.
After sleeping my stomach cramp reduced a little and am grateful for that.

One of the maids Min ho hired came inside and locked the door behind her.
“Good evening Aurora, sir Dian is asking for your presence in the practice room immediately.” She said and I groan.
What does he want to talk about this late?

I thought that she’s here to invite me downstairs for dinner.

“Tell him that am on my way.” I said and stood up from the bed. I need to plan quickly, else how am I going to get another pad?

I wore my flip flop and made my way out of the room.
I sigh as I made my way to the practice room.

I knocked on the door and heard a faint voice inviting me in. I opened the door and went in before closing it behind me.

“Good evening Sir.” I greeted and he just nodded. There is something about his expression that I can’t lay my hands on.

What is wrong with him?
I stood in front of him as he continue playing the piano. My leg was really paining me that I can fall any minutes from now.

He abruptly stopped playing the piano and I looked up in shock, it happened so sudden that I can feel the pressure in how he stopped playing.

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