She’s the one,Odette!???

???Season two????
???Chapter Seventeen??




I couldn’t decipher the feelings,my stomach twisted as I felt his lips on mine. He nibbled on my lower lip. He pulled me close and wrapped his right hand around my neck.

We pulled away to catch our breathe. Staring at each other with a calm steady gaze.

“Odette… I didn’t let him finish,since I didn’t kss him back before he pulled away this time I’m just going to do it in my way. I smirked as some dirty thoughts kept bumping into my mind.

“What?” Kyle arched his brow,I pulled him to myself. Before he could say another word,I planted my l1ps on his and kssed him. Though I’m not a good ksser but at least I’m pretty good,I wrapped my hands around his n.eck and he kssed me deeply,rough though but perfect ?

My heart was beating faster than before,I hope I’m not in love with kyle I can’t love him. We shouldn’t be doing this. We disengaged and he stared blankly.


“Look at you kyle,don’t tell you’re crushing already. Come on,I need a cool shower right now.” I smirked and walked out of the room. I’m pretty there would series of thoughts in his mind but I don’t care. I’m having a hard time I don’t even know what to do with kyle.

I stepped inside and met madulla inside with her head downcast. I walked up to her and stood before her.

“Hey what happened? I asked and sat on a stool.

“Oh Odette you’re here?” I nodded and played with my fingers.

“Is there something you wanna tell me?

“I found your mother,odette she needs you. You have to save her,she’s dying and her soul is freezing.” Madulla said.

“My gosh,what can I do to save her? Is she…I burst into tears. I held madulla hands and wait for her reply.

“How long are you going to stay here?

“Just two weeks.” I mumbled in a choked voice.

“Eleven days left right? I nodded. “It’s OK,there is a connection between daisy and you. Just sing whenever you’re free at least it will easy her pain and light her soul.” Madulla uttered.


“Yeah really.” She said and roughed my hair before transformed into bird and flew out through the window.

“I’m sorry mother,I’m coming for you and I love you.”



I walked into the club as I curled my finger around the car key and strolled to the dancing floor.

I flipped my hair and danced to the beat. A guy dragged me out of the dance floor to a corner. I couldn’t see his face because of he was dragging aggressively.

“Hey let it go.” Henry stopped and $lapped me.

“You son of a btch! How dare you $lap me? I yelled and tried to retaliate but he held my hand in the air.

“That’s for what your sister did, yesterday.” He sneered and I cur$ed underneath.

“Dmn it!” It’s because of kendra,that little btch.

“M©therfker,let it go.” I tried to free myself but he has tight his grip.

“I didn’t get the chance to finish what I started but right now,no one is going to stop me from having you…I mean no one.”

“Jeez!…you disgust me j.erk.” I snapped and free myself. I adjusted my dress and glared at him.

“How nosy,well thanks for the little drama.” I heard Nathan voice and I abruptly turned my head.

“Nathan? I widened in surprise with my mouth open. Oh g©sh! Today isn’t a good day at all why am I coming across my enemy.

“Surprise to see me princess? He moved toward me and pushed Henry away. “Just shut up and your stinky face out of here.” Nathan glared at Henry.

Henry scoffed and walked away furiously.

“Guess,everyone hates your sister. She’s annoying.” Nathan said and caressed my face.

“What are you insinuating?

“And your elder sister,She’s pretty good and I love her shape. She’s hot and her voice is wow!”

“Kendra or…

“You’re the ugly one right? Pss I remember what kendra has done to me,she would be punished anyway.” Nathan said and pulled me close.

“You idi©t,I’m pretty sure you don’t have a death wish. Those two are dev1l in disguise,don’t even think about hurting Kendra because Odette won’t let you live. Secondly, Odette is a btch you shouldn’t mess with. Anyways,thanks for tonight.” I said and moved away from him.

“Guess what if I can’t have Odette I’m gonna have Kendra.”

“You m@niac! You can’t have two sisters,can you?

“It’ll be very fun milady or you don’t want me to have your sister. You’re jealous? Step off it ken,we share no story. You’re just one of my side chicks.”

“Good luck then.” I walked out of the club and hop in the car. I drove out in a full speed. One thing I hate about Kendra is that,she loves getting into my mess. First it’s Nathan and now,it’s Henry. She’s annoying.

I stepped out of the car and walked inside. She was in the living room.

“Where are you coming from? She asked.

“The last time I check,you ain’t my mother so how the hell do you want me to answer you?

“Remember you live in my house so I deserve to know,tell me where you’re coming from Kennedy. I don’t want to include Odette.” She said and I rolled my eyes.

“Club,anything else? You know what? I despise you Kendra can’t you mind your fucking business and let me alone for goodness sake. If you want me to leave then I will. Well this isn’t my father’s house.” I scoffed and walked away.

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