She’s the one,Odette!???

???Season two????
???Chapter Fourteen?


“Of course not,she really minds.” Kyle butted in and I glanced up.

“Oops! Then I’ll be on my way now.” Nicholas said and winked at me before walking away.

Immediately he left,I turned toward kyle and glared at him.

“What was that for? I asked but he ignored me totally and tried to walk away but I held him back.

“Kyle I’m talking to you.” I said and he stopped. He stared into my eyes because talking.

“I’m gonna implore you to stay clear away from him. Yes! He seems cool but dangerous.” Kyle said and I was taken back for some seconds.

“Why? How could you say such a thing about him? That’s guy means no hurt. He was just ask…

“I didn’t ask you to explain anything Odette…I was just trying to look out for you. Everyone here has that innocent looks but deep down they’re dangerous.”

“And what do you know about him? What kind of ruse are you cooking up kyle? I’ve heard enough of you. Please…I’m not a kid I know what good from bad,you have your reasons for saying this. I never say I’m going to say yes to his request anyway…it seems like you don’t like him?

“You know what? Please yourself I don’t wanna get into your mess anyway.” He said and walked away.

Could kyle be right? What if he doesn’t like him for his own reasons? Everyone seems cool but they’re dangerous,what did he mean by the statement?

I kept thinking about what he had said. I walked up to our building and stepped in. I met kyle in the sitting room with an earphone on his head,he closed his eyes and relaxed on the sofa facing the ceilings.

I didn’t bother to start a conversation rather I went to my room. Let my hair down and sat on the bed.



Immediately I hung up the call,I stepped out while heading to Davis lounge. I was in the hallway when I heard his voice.

“Hey wait up kyle.” Nicholas called out and I stopped walking.

“What do you want? I asked nonchalantly.

“Jeez! What a shame.” He said sarcastically and snapped his fingers. “You’ve got another hot shampoo again kyle. Well I’m a change person I won’t mess with what’s yours.” He smirked.

I moved toward him and whispered in his ear.

“Give it a try and meet the real dem©n.” I patted his shoulder and left.

Nicholas isn’t someone to get close to,he’s a cr@zy playb©y. When I saw him with Odette I couldn’t sit back watch him trying to close to her. He’s a heartless m©therfker. Sht! I despise him like a piece of horse sht.

“Over here kyle.” Davis called out and I headed toward him. He was far from the beach.

“Where is Odette?

“She’s taking her nap and I don’t wake her.” I mumbled and sat beside him.

“Oh,that’s great. So the practice is scheduled to commence tomorrow.” he slowly sipped his wine.

“Did you want drake to come over?

“Nope I’m good.” I muttered and glanced around.

I stood up and left but a famine voice stopped me.

“Kyle.” She shouted and I abruptly stopped.

“Oh my g©$h! Thank goodness you’re here. I didn’t get the chance to talk to you yesterday because your partner but right now no one is going to stop me. I’m Lee min cha.” She stretched her hand forward and returned with a smile.

“It’s pleasure meeting you kyle,I’m one of your cr.azy fans can’t do a day without listening to your songs. You’re such…

“See you around Min cha.” I said and walked away,I’m not ready for any chit-chat.


I walked in,Odette was descending the stairs with a black facial.

“Why do I feel worse after taking a nap? She uttered and examined her forehead.

“Are you OK?

“Yeah I’m perfectly fine. have you work on the lyrics?

“Yep.” I pouted “here check it out.” I picked it up and handed it.

She scanned it and a smile craved her face.

“This is awesome kyle,I don’t have to work on it anymore. Thank you.” She grinned.

“You welcome.”

“I’m dmn famished right now.” She muttered and I laughed out.

“You know your way to the kitchen right? She narrowed her eyes before speaking.

“Yeah…but…well I can’t cook.”

“Like seriously?

“To be frank with you,I can’t. And you?. She repeated.

“Not really,but I can boil water.” Her lips was slight opened as she watched me in awe.

“You’re joking right? Water? She arched her brow and I nodded. She scoffed and I rolled my eyes.

“It’s annoying but… She stopped talking and glanced around. She was staring at an open space.

“What happened? I inquired.



It has been a week I’ve heard from Odette. I didn’t want to distract her because of the concert and at the same time she has to save her mother life. Daisy needs her now,she’s dying and her soul is fading away. I went to the forest to check on the flower but the most awful part is that the white flower is turning black and falling. What do I do?

Daisy mustn’t die,she has to live because I don’t think Odette would accept to be our Queen. I’m going to retrieve her erased memory. She has to save her or darkness would overwhelmed witch town forever.

I sat beside daisy,she isn’t breathing her hair starts falling down. I walked towards the mirror but it shattered on the flower.

“Ooh no! I cried out and rushed out. I entered the dark room then light came out. I stared into water and the white flower came to view. It has turned black as it fell on it ground.

“No it can’t be…no…this isn’t happening.” I cried out.

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