She’s the one,Odette!???

???Season two????
???Chapter Fifteen??




“No I won’t let this happen…No even if telling her truth is going to save Daisy then I’m going to do it. I will definitely do it.” I mumbled and walked at a leisurely pace.

Akeela flew in and quickly transformed into human form. She walked toward Daisy and held her hand,she planted her palm on Daisy forehead. She recited the spell with a great feeling. Light appeared as her gray hair blew up because of the strong wind.

She moved away from her and walked up to me. She sat on the couch tiredly.

“Her life is in danger.” Akeela said and I lifted my right brow.

“What do you mean?

“Her heart is very weak because the white flower died. If not removed,Daisy will die but now she’s still alive but her soul is as freeze as ice,it has to be removed from the flower.” Akeela devulged and I sighed.

“I need to talk to Odette… I mean right now.” I uttered firmly.

“Then you have to return the memory of her mother first before anything else. Odette might lose her voice and I’m pretty sure she’s going to get it back one way or the other.” Akeela said and hit her forehead weakly.

“What you’re saying is that Odette mights have her voice back after she has saved Daisy’s life? Akeela nodded.

“There must be a way out but I’m still thinking about the solution. There must be a spell to break the curse. One more thing,you must make sure that she is perfectly fine. We can’t lose both mother and daughter at the same time.” Akeela said.

“Okay thank you,I’m overly grateful.” I appreciated.

“Don’t mention madulla,I’m doing this for everyone. I will be going now.” She said and transformed to bird and flew away.

“Don’t even think about dying on me because I won’t let you go. You have to be alive for everyone including your daughter. She has suffered enough because of your careless decisions. Human are wicked,getting close to them only going to ruin us all.” I muttered and went out.

“Welcome ma’am.” Maids greeted but ignored them totally. Odette has to know the truth about her mother.

I stepped inside the dark room and walked up to the mirror. I recited the spell and the portal to the human world opened wide. I walked into it and appeared in human world.

I was able to found her because of the connections. She was sleeping peacefully with her eyes close. I sat beside her in the bed and laid my palm on her forehead. I returns all the memories of her mother and she winced in pain with her eyes still close.

“I’m sorry Odette but your mother needs you now.” I muttered and became invisible.

She groaned in pain as she opened her eyes slowly. She touched her forehead and stood up,she wore her slippers and stalked out of the room. She descended the stairs as she muttered.

“Why do I feel worse after taking a nap.” She mumbled and I understood. It’s because of the memories. She will get use to it in the next few hours.

I watched the way they chatted happily,she has prepared for the live concert. I’m really perplexed right now,frankly I am. I didn’t know how,when she’s going to have her voice back. So annoying. Odette doesn’t know her true form and kyle? Jeez! I have to find a way out.

“I don’t know what to do.” I said abruptly and she glanced over. Staring at me with a calm steady gaze.

“Madulla what are you doing here? She broke the long silence.

“Wait! You seeing me? I asked and she narrowed her eyes.

“Of course yes,remember I’m not blind. So tell me what you doing her or did you find my mother? She asked and I shook my head.

“Hey Odette who are you talking to? Kyle asked.

“No one.” She said and sat on the sofa.

I looked at her before flying away.



“Are you sure? Kyle asked and I nodded. “Not really,I was trying to talk to madulla through my mind.”

“Okay. The practice is scheduled to commence tomorrow. So get ready.”



I walked inside the room,almost everyone was there already. I could decipher the strange feelings. It looked so real at the same it looked like a dream. I didn’t even know who my mother is so how I can I dreamt about her. This world is so crazy.

I moved toward a seat and sat down. Kyle wasn’t far from me,I glanced at him but he looked away.

“Hey beauty.” I glanced out to my surprise Nicholas was standing next to me.

“Can I? He asked and pointed at a seat.

“Sure go ahead.” I muttered and he sat close to me. As he drew his seat close but I looked away trying to avoid unnecessary chat but he spoken again.

“You look appealing Odette just like an ocean view.” He said but frankly,I didn’t move.

“Thank you Nicholas.” I said.

“Nope Nicky. I love the name and I would love it if you could call me that instead of Nicholas.” He grinning and I nodded.


“So listen up everyone. I’m Mrs piper,so some of you ain’t new here. Well I’ll be your music tutor for the main time.” Mrs piper said and moved to the front facing everyone. Jeez! She looked like a nun.

“I’m gonna pick someone to sing first.” She said and I prayed silently that she shouldn’t choose me.

“You.” She pointed at a lady. She stood up with smiles and sang. Her voice wasn’t bad at all.

“Hey you.” She pointed and me and I arched my brow.

“Are you talking to me? I asked and she nodded.

I quickly checked my bag but I couldn’t find the pearl pin. I kept searching.

“Hey Odette are you alright? Nicky asked but I didn’t say anything.

“Oh my goodness.” I exclaimed when I could find the pin. This isn’t happening right.

“We’re still waiting young lady.” She roared.

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