Written by Authoress Angel

Episode 21

???? Diana Pov ????

We both stared at each other for so long till Ryan broke the weird silence.

“Why are you here?” He asked and I rolled my eyeballs.

“Isn’t it obvious?. I came to read” I finally found my voice.

He scoffed and I arched a brow.

I did a quick glance around our surrounding to see that we were alone meaning Corriene wasn’t with him and I relaxed.

It’s been so long since I spoke to him.
Soo long …

“What are you searching for?” Ryan asked and I sighed rubbing my forehead.

“A horror themed book named um… Yeah! Twilight!” I finally recalled the name and he scoffed.


“That book isn’t h©rrific cherry. It’s at the romance shelf” Ryan said and I gasped.

“How can a book with va.mpires and wolves be at the romance shelf?” You scoffed in disbelief and Ryan left me heading to the r®mance line before picking out a book as if he had kept it there before giving it to me and I took it only to discover it was the book I had been searching for.

“Thanks” I muttered as he stared at me with a look I couldn’t explain.

“Wouldn’t you love some er.©tica?” Ryan asked in a low tone and I glinted my eyes.

“What!?” I whisper yelled and he chuckled.

“I need to go”I notified and tried walking away when he held my hand.

“Are you really dating Dave?” Ryan suddenly asked and my eyes widened in surprise and I felt him lean in on my back holding both of my arms and I felt his hot breath on my ear.

“Why are you avoiding me? Did I offend you in anyway?” He asked and I gulped.

“Am not avoiding you Ryan neither did you offend me”I replied.

“Then why the cold attitude. You act like you don’t see me everyday..why?” He kept asking and I freed myself from his hold and turned to face him.

“Why are you acting as if I am so important to you? Go meet Corriene, I already have Dave. I love him alot and am happy with him.”I blurted out as Ryan stared at me in obvious shock.

I turned heading back to the reading area and began to gather my things when the unexpected happened.

The rain came down hard and fast in large quantities!

I tiredly dropped my prepared bag on the table.

There is no way I could get into that rain and would make it to my dorm in one piece.

“Guess we are stuck here…’together’…’alone'”I heard Ryan say making noticeable emphasis.

Urgh !

The rain seemed like an endless downpour and the time was going by pretty fast.

As I sat at a table playing with my nails due to boredom, Ryan grabbed a seat next to me as I stared at him.

I suddenly remembered his jacket I was yet to return.

“Um… about your jacket you lent me that night..”I began and bit my lower lip as the memory rushed in.

“… I will get it to you soon enough”I concluded and only silence followed.

Ryan just sat, staring at me which felt really creepy and I gulped

“Why did you accept Dave?” He suddenly asked and I arched a brow.

“That is personal Ryan” I said and he scoffed.

“I do not think so Diana. Tell me why? It can’t be so possible that you suddenly grew to love him” Ryan pressed making me confused.

“Why on earth are you so concerned? It’s my life and choice” I snapped.


???? Ryan Pov ????

I am so confused about myself and my feelings these days.

Yes… Nine of Diana’s choice is my concern but I feel angry over the fact that she was dating Dave.

I could prolly manage to accept any other boy but not Dave.

I sighed running my fingers through my hair and sat back on my seat.

I am definitely going nuts already… totally.


???? Diana Pov ????

We both didn’t talk to each other again till the rain finally reduced to drizzles and it was only few minutes to dinner time.

I picked up my bag getting up on my feet and made a hasty exit feeling Ryan’s gaze at my back.

Once out of the building,the chilly weather made me wince and I hurried towards the dinning hall.


??Corriene Pov ??

I kept glancing at Ryan to see he had a lost expression all through dinner despite how Carl and Nathan talked about so many things.

He suddenly got up after eating his meal halfway and began to make an exit.

“Um … I’ll be back” I notified my friends and got off my seat and rushed after Ryan.

He was heading for the grassy field and I hurried trying to catch up with him.

“Ryan!” I called hastily but he didn’t stop till he got to the field and I met up with him.

“What’s wrong Ryan?” I asked furrowing my brows as I stood before him, staring at his expressionless face.

“Am fine Corriene” He said drily and I scoffed.

“Am not dumb to believe that crap” I retorted as he stared directly into my eyes with an unusual look.

In a swift, Ryan pulled me to himself capturing my lips taking me by surprise.

After literally taking my breath away, he pulled me into a tight hug.

I chuckled nervously hugging him back.

“Relax Ryan. I am not running away..”

“Date me Corriene” Ryan suddenly blurted and I froze not sure if I had heard him well.

He broke the hug and cupped my face searching through my eyes.

“Be my girlfriend Corriene. Please don’t say no else I will loose it I swe*r to God” Ryan added huskily and I felt so delighted within me.

He had finally asked me out!
I raised a palm to touch his tender face.

“You have no need to loose it Ryan. I will be your girlfriend”I accepted a6he smiled.

“Thank you so much. Thank you” He sighed hugging me once again as he planted a kss on my hair and I smrinked widely.

He is now mine!…


??Weeks Later ??

???? Diana Pov ????

“Silvia! Oh my baby!” I cooed hugging her super tight lifting her in my arms despite her weight.

“Diana” Mum cooed and planted a kss on my cheek.

“We a missed you so much” Mum said and I smiled widely.

“Me too Mum”I replied.

“Where is Dad?”I asked letting Silvia down on her feet.

“Am here darling”I heard him say and I turned to see him holding a mini box and shopping bag with his arms apart.

I smiled happily rushing into his open embrace.

“Daddy!” I sighed.

“I missed you”I added and he chuckled.
“I missed you more. Missed your lateness and all” He teased and we all laughed as I broke the hug.

“I got you some of your Auntie’s muffins and little gift for yourself and roomies” Dad said handing me the items as I squealed joyfully.


??Corriene Pov ??

“Where is Ryan my dear?” My mum asked and I sighed.

“Prolly in his dorm room. His parents wouldn’t be coming today”I replied.

“Oh! So I heard. His father had to travel to Japan for a serious meeting” Dad notified.

“And his Mum? Let me guess, she followed him”I scoffed and they sighed.

As expected

“Please go bring Ryan” Mum requested and I nodded.


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