Written by Authoress Angel

Episode 30

???? Diana Pov ????

Silence filled the room while I ate the rice and beef stew he got me.

He only took a bite from his burger and kept it aside.
After what he had said,none of us uttered any word.

Every time I tried to speak up, I ended up swallowing it back.

It took longer than usual to finish my meal and he quickly fixed the disposable pack in the waste bin and headed out, prolly to ease himself or something.

I got off the bed and itched my neck before zoning out.

I should really apologize to him.
The silence hurts.

Ryan soon returned with a small white polythene then gave it to me which I took and glanced inside.

“There is a little note in it with instructions on how to take them. Am certain you would be able to head for the dorm area cause am certain you would turn down my offer to walk you.” Ryan said and I tried to speak but lost my voice.

He turned and picked up his bag and headed for the door.

“Ryan…” I managed to call in a low voice and he paused glancing over his shoulder for some seconds the walked out.

I bit my lower lip slumping back on the bed as my eyes burned with hot tears threatening to spill.

I sighed lifting my head as I blinked back my tears, reached for my bag and proceeded to leave when my gaze fell on a item on the other bed in the ward.

It was flat and wrapped up with a gift wrap of red colour and had heart patterns.

I reached and picked it up then slowly opened it to behold a ‘Get well soon’ card.

I opened it and saw a short note;…

? I hope you over come the allergic reactions my Cherry. They look offensive on your pretty skin. Get well soon.



I smiled widely at the note and sighed pressing it on my chest.

“Thanks Ryan. Thanks.” I muttered with closed eyes.

I soon made an exit and was surprised to see students still outside tho it’s barely past 9…

Ryan actually left me.
It’s my fault but also not mine.
Ryan deserves a friend but isn’t getting the chance.

I had to accept Dave just to show Corriene and her friends that l feel nothing for Ryan…
Yet!..she still despise me.

I definitely made Ryan upset and I need to apologize to him.
After a long lonely walk, I arrived the dorm area and headed for my building.


???? Ryan Pov ????

I sighed as she finally walked into the building.
I couldn’t bring myself to let her walk alone so I followed from a distance without her noticing.

I dunno but, no matter how I try, she can never be the friend I want,a friend that l desire.

The more we get close, the more we drift apart.

It’s more like there’s a force pulling us away from each other.

Diana is scared, scared of being close to me and that is a huge factor separating us.

But I have decided to fulfil her wish. I would steer away.
Her friends seem to even despise me.



???? Diana Pov ????

As soon as I dropped my bag,the girls stood before me arching their brows and I sighed.

“I have a serious explanation for that”I said.

“What could that be? Diana, you are hurt because of that guy.” Denise retorted.

“Am not!” I snapped and breathed deeply.
“Am not. I failed the trial. I messed up and it’s a normal thing to get that penalty. Ryan has no business in it. It’s my fault. I failed and it placed me in this situation. Ryan is not related to it.” I added in a low tone.

“You said you don’t see him so how did he appear back at the clinic? And with his bag and food for you?” Delia queried.

“He had taken me to the clinic after I disagreed. Besides, I needed help. He had also gone out to get me something to eat when you two came in. Look, yes I know we see each other but Corriene is not even aware.” I explained.

“There you go again Diana. Do you wanna get expelled?” Denise asked.

“Ryan deserves a friend!” I retorted.

“Be deserves one. He is a human and has the rights.” I sighed.

“Tell that to Corriene. He deserves a friend but not you. Not someone like you, not someone like us! We aren’t up to their standard. I still recall what our old roomie went through Diana. Please” Delia said and I held my head tiredly.

“Back then they weren’t dating but now they are. Think about it Diana,she could do worse. Just focus on your relationship with Dave cause this might affect it. Just forget about Ryan.” Denise concluded and I sat down on my bed heavily.

“We love you and only need the best for you Diana.” Delia said.
Next day…

???? Diana Pov ????

Today seemed to have crawled as it took so long for recess to finally arrive.

I haven’t seen Ryan around yet and don’t feel like going to the canteen so I just headed for my next class after visiting the restroom to apply my cream.

During the previous class, I had a tough time itching my body while trying to concentrating and despite the fact I sat at the back, few students noticed and began to silently laugh at me.

The red spots were so visible already and I couldn’t hide it even with some make up cause it would itch alot more and I need to apply the cream regularly.

When I was through with applying my cream, recess had not even gotten up to twenty minutes.

I finally decided to go have some lunch, after all, I have pills to take but then again,my face.

I sighed tiredly exiting the restroom.
The classes I had attended had students who laughed at me so it won’t make any difference.

I went back to the class, took my bag and made my way to the canteen.

As I arrived, I spotted Jane who waved at me and I smiled at her.
The students around were already staring at my face and legs.

?? Ugh! So awful!??

??I can’t believe this.??

?? Corriene is so cruel.??

??I feel bad for her.??

?? Would she appear like this on Val’s night? Ugh!??

?? Heard she fell due to wet shoes that’s why she wore the costume ??

?? Obviously! She is a perfect cheerleader ??

It was relieving to know that some students still had good emotions and didn’t mock me.

The last comment really gave me some boost in confidence.

I ordered for some sausage rolls and coke before heading to an empty snack booth.

I didn’t have the guts to stand and search for my friends.

I took a long time before I began to unwrap my snack when three trays were dropped on my table and I looked up to see Denise, Delia and Abigail with sunny smiles which suddenly appeared on my face as they sat down.

“You all came”I stuttered.
“Of course Hun. You are our bff not some plague.” Abigail replied and I grinned.

“Thanks alot”I appreciated.
“Thank me with your coke. You can have my soda.” Denise said and made a quick exchange as I chuckled.


??Corriene Pov ?

I watched them for a while and faced my burger. The red spots would be a great warning to her not to mess around me or Ryan.

I glanced at Ryan only to see him staring…. staring at Diana!

Then he sighed and faced his untouched snack.

I fisted my hands in anger under the table.

“Ryan, eat up.” Nathan suddenly said and I looked at Ryan who only sighed.

“Not hungry.” He notified as he stood up and walked out.

“Did you guys have a fight?” Carl asked.

“No. I’ll be back.” I replied and hurried after Ryan.


???? Diana Pov ????

I was quick to notice how Ryan left the canteen.
He surely didn’t look happy one bit and Corriene was going after him.

I licked my lower lip and tried to engage myself in the conversation going on between my friends.

Time went by fast and I was already heading for my next class.

After history which would begin in minutes, I would be having physics practicals and the chances of seeing Ryan is so high.

I seriously can’t believe I haven’t heard from Dave since the game yesterday.
He didn’t even check up on me.

“Babe!…” I heard a familiar call and angrily slammed my locker shut.

Think of the de.vil…

He tried touching me but I spun around to let him see my cold face.

“Babe..” He called once again trying to touch me but I flinched.

“Don’t” I hissed and stormed off with him hurrying after me.

“Babe… hold on please.” Dave pleaded but I gave him no chance as I ran into an elevator that was already filled up and the doors closed at Dave’s face.

I let out an angry sigh and the ride soon ended.

I came out and headed for the class I have then grabbed a seat at the back.

No sooner, Dave hurried in and caught sight of me then came to meet me.

“Babe… please hear me out.” He pleaded and I scoffed.

“Why? Dave, I fell ill and was at the clinic but you never came. Ok.. let’s say you never knew last night, what about today? Dave how about today!?” I snapped and he sighed.

“Am sorry. Please, you know I don’t act this way. I was caught with school work and only got the chance now. Am sorry babe, please.” He pleaded and I rolled my eyeballs.

“I need time.” I concluded and he tiredly headed for a vacant desk.

The teacher soon arrived and lesson began.
“Good day class..” She concluded and walked out.

I gathered my things when Dave came to me again.

“At least allow me walk you to the lab.” He offered.

“Am fine alone.” I bluntly turned down, carried my bag and walked away leaving him.


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