Episode 2

Camila’s POV

Knock knock! I was awaken by knocks coming from my door. Groaning I turned over to my tummy and hugged my soft pillow while I sigh in satisfaction. So comfortable!

“CAMILA !!” I immediately shot my eyes open and looked around my room. Shit! Darting up from my bed I slipped on my soft fuffy fip fops before running to the door already knowing who it was.

“Mrs. Jones” I greeted my landlord with a bright smiled on my face after I had opened the door. She ignored me while she poked her head inside my apartment looking to see if I brought any guy in her apartment.

“Mrs. Jones” I repeated and she finally pulled back her head before looking a me suspiciously.

“I’m sorry .. I didnt hear when you called the first time” I apologized and she raised her eyebrows at me.


“Yes. Is there anything I can do for you?” I asked waiting for her to respond.

“Yes Camila. I’m waiting for you to pay your rent!” She responded and I sigh. I owe her a month’s rent and is really trying to pay her but no one wants to hire me.

“Yes Mrs. Jones. I know and I’m currently searching for a Job right now so I can pay you”

“Good. You better find a job soon young lady or out you go!” She said and I nodded my head before she glanced in my apartment one last time then left. Letting out a sigh, I closed my door before walking into my living room. Their laid my cute little fur ball puppy. “Coco” I exclaimed before taking her in my arms. “How was you night huh? Still tired?” I asked and she licked my hands before snuggling in my arms. “Now, now. It’s not time to sleep cutie. Let’s eat breakfast! You’re hungry aren’t you?” I asked her once more while walking to the kitchen with her in my arms.

Placing her on the carpet, I went into my cupboard and took out a can of dog food. Opening it, I throw it out into her bowl and placed it beside her. “Here you go Coco” I said while scattering her hair on her head. Washing my hands, I went into my fridge and took out two eggs and a pack of bacon. I cracked the eggs open and threw it into a bowl before beating it and adding ingredients to give it taste.

Taking a pan out, I turned on the stove before placing little butter inside the pan and watched it melt. Adding my egg to the pan, I continously stirred it until it was cooked and scrambled. Placing my now cooked egg in a plate, I took some bacon and placed it over the heated pan and waited for it to finish cooking. After it was done, I took it out and placed my now cooked bacon in the same plate as my egg and put two bread into my taster to toast. After it was done, I place both toast into the plate before sitting on my kitchen island and began eating. After I was done I took Coco to the living room and placed her on the carpet.

“Now stay here and play okay? Mommy is going to take a shower” I said to her before placing her toys next to her and left the room. 5 Entering my small bathroom, I stripped from my clothes before stepping into the shower and turning on the water. Sighing in satisfaction as the warm water hit my back, I took a bar of soap on applied it all over my skin. I then use my wash clothe to scrub all the dirt off then rinsed my skin.


After bathing, I exit the bathroom now wrapped in my towel and walked into my bedroom. Digging in my closet for some appropriate clothes to wear to my job interview, l came across white pants, gray shirt and a rose pink blazer. Slipping on my undergarments, I next put my pants on then tuck my gray shirt into my pants before putting my blazer on and walking in front of the mirror. Picking up my brush, I brushed through my hair betore putting it ina bun.

Grabbing my side purse, I slipped on my block heels before adding a pair of earrings to my look.

“Woof!” 1 looked down to see Coco looking up at me and I smiled before I took her in my arms. “Coco, what are you doing in here?” I asked while she snuggled in my arms.

“Mommy would like to stay with you but I have to try and get a job so mommy can pay the mean landlord her rent, okay?” I said while walking out of my bedroom and into the living room and she barked again.

“Good girl! Mommy will be back by three okay? Don’t misbehave” I said and placed her on the carpet once again. “Bye~wish mommy luck!” I waved before exiting the house. Locking the door, I looked down at Coco who was looking at me and waved one last time before locking the door. God please, I need a job!

“I’m sorry but we don’t need anymore employees” the boss said to me and Isigh before nodding my head in understanding and left.

“Sorry Ms. Davis but you didnt get the job” another said and I sigh again before leaving.

“I’m realy sorry Ms. Davis but we dont hire people like you here. We only hire rich people” another said and I mentally rolled my eyes at him before leaving. This went on for the entire day. Getting turned down by every job interview is no fun. luck is definitely not on my side.

Sighing, I walked to a small opened store around the corner and entered inside. Walking around the store, I took two packs of instant nodded before walking to the counter and paying for them. Collecting my change, I left for the bus stop and bam! It began to rain. Yup…..luck is definitely not on my side at all. Standing under the little shelter that block the rain from wetting me too much, I took a seat and waited for the bus to come while the rain drops hit me every once in a while when the wind blew in my direction. Cuddling with my now drenched skin, my eyes scanned the lonely road awaiting for the bus to arrive while trying to make my feel comfortable because these heels are not comfortable after you’ve walked in them for a long time.


After a few minutes of waiting, the bus finally arrived and I entered. Putting my coins in the machine, I made my way to the back and sat in one of the empty seats, eager to reach home.

“Coco! Mommy’s back!” I said as I entered the house and she jumped into my hands. Taking my heels off, I giggled at her while she snuggled in my arms again. “Are you hungry? Lemme get you something to eat!” I said and walked into the kitchen before feeding her then placed my Ramen noddles, that I opened, and throw it into the pot with a now hot boiling water. I waited for it to turned soft then took it out and placed it in a bowl before adding my ingredients. Gobbling down the food in hunger, Iate all out before placing the bowl in the sink then took a nice shower before slipping on my soft comfortable pajamas and cuddling in bed with my puppy while I browse the web. * Buzz * My notification went off and I checked it.

Job’s notifications * Babysitter: Looking for a babysitter who can look after a five yearold kid. Must be 20 years or older. Interview will be held tomorrow at D.O.L company tomorrow, from 9am to 3 pm.*

This looks suitable for me but should I be around kids after what happened 5 years ago? I shouldn’t but this is my last hope. I have to try and get this job. I’m in a really bad situation right now and need to try. I will try. Sighing, I turned my phone off as the memories of five years ago ran back in my mind. My son would be five years I shouldn’t be thinking about this it’s already happen. I need to move on Letting out another breath, I placed my phone on the desk beside my bed and cuddle with my pillow. Closing my eyes, I made myself more comfortable before I was knocked out like a light.


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