Episode 3

Camila’s POV

“Wish me luck Coco!” I said before placing her down on the carpet and taking one final look at myself. I’ve decided to go with a casual look today so l wore on some black leggings and a wine red sweater. Waving goodbye to her, I walked to the door before locking it and heading to the bus stop. I just hope that I get this job I prayed while now taking a seat and waited patiently for the bus.


After a few minutes, the bus arrived and I showed the driver my bus card before entering the bus and sitting in a vacant seat.

Taking out my phone, I checked the time and saw that it was already 8:32 Pm so in the next twenty minutes, I’ll arrive at the place before nine’o’clock. Letting out a sigh of relief, I put my phone away and looked out the window as the bus pass by the busy market streets. Please just please. I need this job!

“Hi! I’m here for the job interview” I said to a lady at the desk inside of the company. I was surprised at first when the bus dropped me off at a huge building about forty something stories high. I knew about D.O.L company and knew that it was a very popular and successful company run by Damon a very scary CEO, that can kill you in just one glare but Ive never really passed by this company and only then realize that this was D.0.L company when I’ve arrived.

“Okay then can I have your name?” She asked politely and I told her my name and watched as she wrote it down on a clipboard then took up the telephone that was lying on her desk and made a call. She, after a few minutes, hang up before turning to me. “Can you wait a minute please?” She asked and I nodded my head. I saw her resume to her work that she was doing earlier before I approached her and decided to look around the place as I waited. It was very spacious and formally decorated all over. It indeed looked like a rich place as you can tell the decorations looked very expensive and most of them weren’t from the country. Expecially the huge vase that held red roses inside of them. Ping! The elevator had open and I saw a man walking out of it and towards us.

“This is Ms. Davis” the woman at the desk spoke again and introduced me to the man now standing in front of us.

“Welcome to D.0.L. Ms. Davis. Im Mr. Salvay” he welcomed me then politely introduced himself to me and I gladly shook his hands after. “Well, Mr. Salvay will be taking you up to the top floor, where the interview will be held.” the woman said to me and I nodded my head.

“If you can please follow me Ms. Davis” he said and u waved goodbye at the woman before following him to the same elevator that he had came down by. The elevator opened after a few seconds of standing in front of it and we both entered. I watched as he pressed the button to the top floor and the place fell in dead silence after that. Nothing could be heard now except for my hard breathing as I tired to calm my nervous self down but failed.

I was more than nervous with a million thoughts running through my head. What if i don’t get this job? Will my landlord put me out Oh god. please help me! I realy need this job!

“Nervous?” The man standing next to me suddenly asked and broke the silence.

“Yes.” I responded to his question while whiping my sweaty hands on my leggings.

“I feel you. Mr. Alexander is not someone anyone would like to meet and I can tell you this because I’m been working with him for years and have almost been fired several times. Mr. Alexander can be quite cold and heartless at times but he also has his days when he can be considerate and raises everyone pay. However, you should try and never get him on his bad side because then, he won’t hesitate to fired you for good”he said to me and hints of fear was shown in his eyes. That even got me more nervous. “But I’m not saying any of this to scared you. It’s just to let you know some stuff about him and be cautious how you act and what you say around him. My advice to you is to be polite when he interviews you. Also even if he’s wrong, just admit that it’s your fault and I promise everything will go smooth if you do that”he said and I nodded my head.

I have to try and get this job! I cant let any negative emotions get to me now! Im already here and there’s no turning back. You can do this Camila! You are strong!

I kept encouraging myself as the elevator went up and stopped a few times as a few more people entered. I was determined to get this job. I think I can do this! So far everyone is polite to me too so this should be a good start. I was so determined to get this Job and had hope that I’ll get it but .. All those positive thoughts went out of my mind when the elevator stopped and we stepped out and entered a room filled with people.

“Here’s your number. Just take a seat and that woman over there will call your name when it’s your turn” he said to me before placing a piece of paper with a number on it into my hands then pointed to a woman dressed in a jumper suit. Inodded my head and only politely smiled at him.

“Thank you for everything” I thanked him and only received a smile back from him.

“Well, I have other stuff to do now so, I’I be going but keep your head high and use what I’ve said to you. Youll do great! Good luck Ms. Davis” He said with a smile before turning around and left. Sighing, I walked over and took a seat in one of the vacant chairs and my eyes immediately scanned the room.


I was number 57 and believe me, more people came after me. They were mostly girls and was dressed formally, apart from me and I immediately regret dressing casually. Most of them were talking about how rich they were and that they knew they would get the job and all those type of stuff while I just sat their and mentally roll my eyes at them.

“I know Damon will choose me. I’m literally the richest in here and the most prettiest! I’m sure his little son will love me too then I can marry him!” Said one woman dressed in a very short dress. Her waves of curls fall to her side while she ran her hands through them and her face caked with a lot of makeup. She indeed looked rich but the way she’s being bold is too much.

Since i’ve been siting here for almost half an hour, I’ve come to realize some stuff. Most of the women here weren’t even babysitters or can’t even look after a child. All of them were dressed in expensive dresses and almost all of them bragged that Mr. Alexander will hire them but they didn’t actually came here to be hired and work. They just wanted the job so they can get Mr. Alexander to like them then marry them but there’s a rumors going around that Mr. Alexander is single and denies every girl that tired to date him so I guess they’re here to babysit his son so they can try and get his son to like them then his son can convince his father to marry them. But that was so wrong. They should not do that because there’s other people in this room that actually need this job and might not get it because of them.

Sighing again, I whiped my sweaty hands and watch as the line got longer and longer but it was soon my turn. I was actually very surprised that some of them didn’t even last a minute in his office. They just entered and he’s kicking them out so quickly. The line went faster than I thought and soon it was my turn.

“Ms. Mitchell.” The woman called and the girl standing in front of me got up and walked boldly towards the woman and into the room with her. I had to admit, I was really scared that she’ll get the job because she looked rich and was pretty too, that was because of the make up, but she looked like a guy’s dream girl and that made me scared but when she came out just and few seconds later, I look at her as she angrily stormed out of the room without glancing at anyone. I wonder how it went ..

“Ms. Davis!” My name was finally called and I nervously got up before walking towards the woman and she took me into Mr. Alexander’s office.


As we entered, my eyes immediately scanned the inside as I was left amaze at how beautiful it actually looked. The walls were painted black, there were also only few details in the room but it made the room looked better, like the litle book shelf behind the desk and the painting that was hanging on the walls. The room gave of fa dark aroma and the smell of a strong men clone mixed with the smell of wine entered my nostrils as I now stood in front of a desk. There were a chair behind the desk and I believed that there was a person inside but the chair was turn the other way around so that person’s back was facing me.

“Mr. Alexander, the next person is here for the interview” the woman announced then the chair was suddenly turned around to reveal black eyes. I was indeed struck by his beauty as I stood nervously in front of him while his eyes first went to my clothes then to my face. The woman turned around before giving me a little tap on my shoulder and left me now slightly shaking nervously while looking at him.

“Hi, I’m here for the job interview” I said nervously while looking at the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. His dark ash brown hair that was brush back, causing him to appear more appealing. His black eyes that held a very deadly glare, which could kill.

His tin lips that was form in a straight line, causing his face to be emotionless. His beautiful features that was curve by God himself and his tall figure that stood over me. He was the definition of a geek God.

“And you are?” his deep husky voice asked still holding his cold emotion.

“I-I’m Camila Davis.” I responded to him in a shaking voice as his cold eyes continued to stare into mine. The room fell in sudden silence when he didn’t say anything and he finally averted his eyes from me to a file in his hands. He look down at the file in his hands for a few minutes before be finally looked up to me again.


“27” I simply responded feeling a little nervous again by his stares. He lightly nodded his head before looking down back at the file.

“You’re hired” was all he said as he closed his file and he looked back at me and I was looking at him with wide eyes.


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