Episode 8

Camilla POV

“I don’t know” i shrug, still looking at his eyes.

Our eyes were quite similar well it was more than quite, it literally look almost same and I just wonder if we were related or something. But how? I mean he can’t be my son, can he? Because my son was stolen five years ago and Oh my god !!! He’s five years isn’t he?”

“Ethan .. “I began, looking at him with wide eyes.

“Yes Ms. Davis?” He said, tilting his head again while he waited for me to say whatever I was gonna say to him.

“W-who is your mother?” I asked and he immediately stiffen.

” I-I don’t know ma’am.” He said looking away and I frown. What if he’s No, it can’t be. I mean I can’t have a son for Mr. Alexander, right? I never slept with him plus Ethan’s mom must be dead or maybe Mr . Alexander knows where she is maybe it’s Christina.It’s just a coincidence that Ethan happens to be the same age that my son is or would be, that’s if he’s dead and it’s also a coincidence that Ethan don’t have a mother Yeah, it has to be

“Oh” was all I said back to his reply and we sat there in silence, that was until Ethan spoke.

“Ms. Davis, can you make me a sandwhich?” He asked, now looking at me.

“Well I would but I believe Mr. Alexander said that the maids will take care of the foods you want to eat” I responded with a sigh.

“I know but I hate the way they make my sandwiches. It taste awful” He said scrunching his nose and I laughed at the face he made.

“Um then okay I guess but if Mr. Alexander yelled at me for doing so I’m blaming you” I said pointing at him then laughed and he nodded his head.

“Then, show me the way” I said and be we both got up and I followed him to the kitchen.

“So what kind of sandwhich would you like?” I asked ad my eyes scanned around the kitchen. It was very gorgeous “A grilled cheese sandwich please”

“A grilled cheese sandwich please” he responded and I nodded my head before getting to work.

“And here you go. I’m all done” I said after I had placed the sandwhich in a plate and placed it in front of Ethan, who was now sitting on the kitchen island.

“Thank you” he said with a bright smile on his face, which I returned the opened my mouth to speak.
“No problem” I said after and proceed to cleaning the kitchen while Ethan ate his cheese sandwhich and I had to say, I was quite happy that he’s talking to me now. Putting the frying pan and some other wares in the dish washer, I turned it on before washing my hands and turned around to see Ethan looking at me. He hadn’t eat as yet.

“Aren’t you eating?” I asked with a frown.

“I was waiting on you” he said back and I raised a bow at him feeling a little confused and I think he noticed my face expression because he opened his mouth to speak again.

“Let’s eat”

“Eat? There only one sandwhich in the plate, so what am I suppose to eat?” I asked confused.

“I share.” He reply and a smile instantly made its way to my lips. Aww that’s so nice of him ..

“Okay then” I said then I grabbed a life before cutting the sandwhich into two half.

“Thank you” I said as I took one half of the sand which and placed it in another plate then joined him at the kitchen island and we both ate the sand which in comfortable silence. But I kept looking at Ethan while he ate because I wanted to see if he like it or ifit was as awful as the one his maid’s cook.

“So, did you like it?” I questioned waiting for him to reply. We had finish our sandwiches now and I really wanted to know if he liked it. “Yes, it was delicious and one hundred percent better than the one the maids made for me” he said, scrunching his nose when he mentioned the sandwhich his maids used to make for him and I chuckled once again at his facial expression.

“Okay. So–”

“Ethan!” A voice interrupted me and I turned around to see Mr. Alexander entering the kitchen. Sht !!

“Daddy !!” Ethan exclaimed before he got up up and ran into Mr. Alexander’s hands and Mr. Alexander picked him up, chuckling. Okay, I gotta admit that Damon chuckling is cute. He sounds like a cute Damon right now ..

“Hey kiddo, what were you and Ms. Davis up to?” He chuckled after he held Ethan in his arms.

“Ms. Davis made a grilled sandwich for me and it was so0o delicious! I wish you could’ve taste it! You would fall in love with her cooking !!” Ethan rant to his dad and I just stood there silently. Okay Ethan but you forgot to tell him that you were the one who asked me make it for you ..

“Oh really?” Mr. Alexander asked, raising a brow as he looked over to me and Ethan nodded his head.

“Why are you home so early by the way?” Ethan asked his dad, tilting his head again.

“Because I’m taking you out shopping” Mr. Alexander reply and Ethan shout in joy. He’s so cute!

“And Ms. Davis, you can leave early today since I’m taking Ethan out” Mr. Alexander said and I nodded my head. I waved goodbye to Ethan as I began to make my way out of the kitchen but stopped when Ethan suddenly spoke.

“Dad, I want Ms. Davis to come with us”

“Oh no no! Im okay. I rather not go” I refused, waving off and Ethan pouted at me.

“Are you refusing me, Ms. Davis?” He pouted while showing his puppy eyes and I let out a sigh.

” I began, trying to find an excuse. I really don’t want to be anywhere near Mr. Alexander. He frightens me a lot.

“Come on Ms. Davis. Let’s go” Mr. Alexander cut me off before he placed Ethan back on his feet and I frown looking at him then opened my mouth to speak.

“Didn’t say I’m going with you guys”I said, still having a frown on my face.

“But Ethan wants you to come.” Mr. Alexander said looking at me. “Now come along. We don’t have the entire day” he continued before he turned around and began to make his way out of the kitchen.

“B-but-” I began once again but got cut off by Ethan grabbing my right hand. “Come on Ms Davis! It’s gonna be fun!” He said as he began to pull me in the direction his father had went it and I sigh before I let a five year old child dragged me off.

And I’m beginning to think, is this Ethan? I mean when he’s with me, he acts a lot more mature but when he’s with his dad, he acts more like a five year old child. It’s like there’s two diferent person in one body

“This daddy’s car! Isn’t it cool?” Ethan said as he dragged me out of his house then pointed to a black 2019 Mercedes and I came to a halt as I looked at the car in admiration.

“Come on Ms. Davis! Daddy’s waiting on us!” Ethan spoke again and I was pulled toward the car. l opened the back door, letting Ethan enter first then got in and helped him strapped his seta belt, making sure he was safe before I told Damon we were ready to go.



“Ms. Davis wake up! We’re here!” Ethan said while shaking me and I lazily opened my eyes.

“Oh, we are?” I asked after I let out a yawn and looked out the window to see that we were now parked in front of a huge mall.

“Yes! Let’s go!” He said happily and i unbuckled his seat belt first before I unbuckeld mine and exit the car with Ethan and Damon.

Ethan immediately grabbed unto both his father and I , hands as he eagerly dragged us into the mall with him. As soon as we entered, Ethan pulled us to the toys section and began looking for toys. He picked up a few toys which he threw into the shopping cart and in no time it was filled up with toys. There were a few robot toys, batman and superman dolls, a few board games (monopoly, checkers, ludo, snake and the ladder etc), some water guns and regular toy guns, a few toy walkie talkie, a few fidget spinners of all colours and a whole lot more of toys had filled the shopping cart and I had to say, this was a lot of toys for a kid. Ethan was happy as he grabbed some toys that caught his eyes and threw it into the shopping cart. How I wish if I could have done this when I was five years of age. The only toys I have as a five year old was a few barbie dolls and some old video games that was popular in the 1990s ..

“Okay Ethan, that’s enough toys” Damon spoke after Ethan had fill one and a half shopping cart with only toys.

“Okay dad” Ethan smiles. I grabbed one of the cart while Damon grabbed the other and we began walking to the counter to pay for them but as we walked, A remote control car caught Ethan’s eyes and he left to go and grab the car but was stopped by his dad.

“No Ethan, you have enough toys already” Damon said and Ethan only pouted then looked to his dad with puppy eyes.

“I promise this is the last one dad. No more after this, please” he begged. He give Damon the puppy eyes after and I’m sure no one could’ve resisted them but Damon.

“No Ethan. We’ll buy it another time”

“But…what if it’s sold out?” Ethan asked his dad.

“Then I’ll find a way to get it for you. As I said. you have enough toys already. You don’t need anymore” Damon replied in a stern voice and Ethan looked down to the floor. His eyes getting a little teary.

I didn’t want I say anything at first but after I saw how sad Ethan looked, I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut. “Mr. Alexander.. I don’t mean to interfair in your family matters but you shouldn’t had talked to Ethan in that tone. You see, they are kids and and not an adult and as his father, I think.. you should speak to him in a softer tone. I’m not saying you shouldn’t scold him or anything like that but please, talk to him in a more softer tone. Maybe then he won’t look this sad!” I said in a little harsh tone as I was a little angered at him for speaking to Ethan in such tone then held my breath after.

Oh my god Camila !! You’re so fired !!! How could you speak to him in such tone ?? !!

I gulp, looking at Damon who was glaring at me but his eyes suddenly soften, showing no sign of anger.

“Okay” he said and I looked at him with wide eyes.

What did I just heard him say? He.he’s not mad at me?

“Ethan.. I’m sorry for talking to you in such tone.I promise I won’t do it again.Will you forgive me?” Damon turned to a sad Ethan and apologized then asked for his forgiveness. Ethan looked up to his dad with a surprise expression on his face before it turned into a smile.

“Only if you buy me the remote control car” Damon sigh before running his fingers through his hair and finally agreed.

“Yaa !!! Thank you dad !!” Ethan shouted happily before running over to where the car was and grabbed a few boxes and return, throwing it in the shopping cart.

“And thank you Ms. Davis” he said and I smile at him before replying with’no problem’ We then head to the counter and Damon paid for everything.

“Daddy, can you buy me an Ice cream cone?” Ethan asked as we passed by an ice cream cone shop in the mall and Damon responded with’sure before he made his way over to the shop.

“Good evening, what can I get you lovely people?” One of the workers ask.

” Can I get one chocolate, one vanilla and-what would you like?” Damon asked, turning to me.

“Um..can I have a cookies and cream ice cream cone?” I asked him and he nodded his head before he turned back to the shop worker and ordered three ice cream cones with different flavors.


After waiting for a few minutes, a different man came back with our ice cream cones, smiling at us.

“Hi there, I’m the manager. Here you go and Congratulations! You are our hundredth couple customer for today!” He congratulate us then handed out the ice cream cones to us.

“Daddy, did you hear that ?! “Ethan said and I smile at how happy he looks. And that’s when I actually realized what he had just said. Couple?

“And because you’re our hundredth couple customer for today, we have something for you!” The manager said, happily clapping his hands together. He said it again Couple?

“No, no we aren’t coup–” I tried to explain to the man but he grabbed unto Damon and I hands and I quickly held unto Ethan’s hand with my free hand, before we were being dragged off into a room where there were camera’s and a few photographers setting their camera’s up.

“If you can stand over there” the man said then pulled us to a white background and Ethan stood with one of the photographers waving at us.

“Beautiful! You too look so lovely together!” The man exclaimed and I tried to explain to him that we weren’t a couple but he keeps cutting me off.

Oh god, why is he making it so difficult for me to explain to him?


Sighing, I attempt to explain to the manager ocne again.

” Excuse me. You got everything wrong. We aren’t a cou—”

“Okay! We begin in one, two, three !!” The man cut me off again and I sigh…….



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