Episode 10

Camila’s POV

“Ms. Davis! We’re here !!” Ethan shouted in excitement and I turned to him to see that his head was out of the window. He was smiling like if someone had just gifted him a whole closet of candies.

“We are?” I asked, smiling because he looked so happy and cute.

“Yes! I wanna go on all the rides with you and daddy !!” He exclaimed again, not even mentioning Christian name and I could see she was a little angry but she covered that with a smile on her face before she spoke.

“Oh Ethan, what about me?” Christina asked, smiling at him and he only glared at her before looking away.

“You can be all by yourself” he mumbled, loud enough only for Christina and I to hear and I turned to Ethan with a shock expression in my face.

“Haha- You’re too funny Ethan” Christian said, trying to make it sound like a joke but Ethan had a look on his face that said it wasn’t a joke at all.

“Finally, I’ve found a parking spot!” I heard Damon mumbled and he quickly drove the car into the vacant spot, parking it. “Okay guys, we’re here.”

“Yaa !!! Come on Ms. Davis, Let’s go !!” Ethan said happily, once again before he literally dragged me out of the car. Christian and Damon exit the car after and we all walked to the entrance with a very happily and eager Ethan.

“Good Day. Tickets please” the man standing at the entrance, in a ticket bo0ot and we all pass him our ticket before he punched them and give it back to us. Thanking him, we all entered the amusement park and Ethan began to happily jump around as his eyes scanned every single corner of the amusement park.

“So .. what should we do first?” Christina asked before turning to Ethan and spoke again.

“It’s up to you Ethan. What do you want to do first sweetie?”

“I want to go on the rollercoaster with daddy and Ms. Davis” Ethan replied back before he grabbed unto both his father and I hands and Christina smile dropped instantly .

“0-0kay. Then let’s go then” she said, in a lower sad voice and I kinda felt bad for her. Poor Christina, all she wanted was for Ethan to like her and spend some time with her but he wants to go with me instead ..

“Come on Daddy, you gotta keep up !!” Ethan said, pulling both his dad and I toward the roller coaster.


Ethan’s Pov {Third person’s Pov}

Ethan was so happy that Ms. Davos came along with them. He just didn’t want his dad stuck with that Christina. He really didn’t like her and was scared that she’ll be his mom in the future. And he couldn’t let her be his mother and since his dad still have her around him, he was scared that there might be a slight chance that Christina would be his mother in the future which he don’t want. He would rather let Ms. Davis be his mother than Christian. Ms. Davis was more friendly and kind. She could also make the best grilled cheese sandwich and she also treat him very well. She would be alright for his mother .. So..he came up with a plan. A plan to bring his dad and Ms. Davis together. He would do anything to make them be around each other or hang around each other. He like to see Ms. Davis blush when his dad does something silly, like wrapping his arms around her.

Speaking of that, he was so happy to see Ms. Davis and his dad in a picture. He liked how they were so he made sure he took a picture so he can look back at the picture any day. He even set the picture as his dad’s wallpaper yesterday.

So you could tell he really like her and he was going to make his plan to bring them together matter how hard it’ll be. He will make it work.

Ethan broke out of his thoughts when they had all arrived at the roller coaster. He was so excited and happy to ride it but he was even more happy because Ms. Davis was here with him.

“Ethan, you can sit with Ms. Davis. I’ll sit with Damon” He heard Christina said to him and he turned to her to see her running her long, cat claw nails on his dad chest. Nasty! ‘He thought before he He squirm then looked away. He really don’t know what his dad saw in this lady. She was so not pretty. Not even near pretty as Ms. Davis. Her face was caked with makeup. Red lip stick, eyeliner, bright coloured eyes shadow, contour and so much foundation was on her face. She looked hurrible and looked A LOT like Ursula. And every time he watch’the little mermaid’, he couldn’t help but imagine her..swimming under water, looking so scary. He was kinda scared of her too. Especially when she’s in the dark she looked like an evil witch

But he wasn’t gonna let her get between his father and Ms. Davis. As he said, he would do anything to get her away from his dad.

“No, I want to sit with you” Ethan said to Christina and she looked at him a little surprised.

“Are you sure? Because I want to sit with your dad” she asked him running her fingers on his chest again and Ethan glared at her. He just wanted her to stop.

“Yes I’m sure Ms. Brooks.” He reassure her then turned to his dad.

“Dad, you’re gonna sit with Ms. Davis, right?” Ethan asked, tilting his head and acting so innocently.

“I-it’s okay if she wants to sit with Mr. Alexander Ethan. I wouldn’t mind sitting with you” Ms. Davis interrupted and he thought her voice sounded like if she was nervous. Nervous of being around his dad.

“No Ms. Davis. I want to sit with Ms. Brooks” Ethan lied. When he said he’ll do anything to get his dad and Ms. Davis, he was serious.

“0-okay then. I’ll sit with you” Christina replied, lowly and Ethan smiled, holding unto her hands as they all made their way to the rollercoaster.


Camila’s POV

I was hella nervous and scared for two reasons. One. I’m sitting next to Damon and it was so uncomfortable and all the memories for the couple picture thingy came flooding back into my head. And two. It was actually my first time on a roller coaster. I had went to a amusement park before but I had never went on a roller coaster because I was too scared plus I had no one to come on it with me so I never went on any. So this was the reason why I was shaking by now and was breathing hard.

Oh my God! I can’t believe Im on a roller coaster !! Will I die? What if the tracks broke? I’l surely die !!!

“Is this your first time?” Damon voice asked, bringing me out of thoughts and Ilooked up to him. Shaking my head yes then averted my eyes.

“No wonder you’re trembling like crazy” He said, letting out outs sigh, running his hands through his dark locks at the same time. “You can hold unto my arm if you’d like” he said after a while and I turned to him with wide eyes. “If you’re that scared” he added and I shook my head’no’.

“N-no. It’s okay” I said then take a deep breath. Everyone was seated inside and the ride was ready to begin.

Taking another deep breath, I closed my eyes, ready for it to begin. Then it started to move and I let out a squeak, squeezing my eyes shut even tighter.

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god !!!!! “Okay! Camila, You’ve got this. All you have to do is take deep breaths and close your eyes and before you know it, the ride will be over.” I said inside of my head, trying to keep my self calm.

Yes Camila! You’ve got this !!!

But my mind instantly changed when we went down the big drop. I screamed out on the top of my voice and the next thing I did, was something I never thought I would do I buried my head into his chest.


Camila’s POV

Closing my eyes tight, I held tightly onto his shirt for my dear life. The scent of his cologne hit my nose afterwards and 1let out a small sigh, inhaling his nice scent. He smelled so nice. And his chest was hard like a brick wall but warm and I couldn’t help but snuggle into him more. The roller coaster that we were on didn’t had the safety thingy that separates us. There was only a seat for two people in a row and a seat belt you have to strap on to be safe. So you could easily reach over to the next person. I suddenly began to calm down a bit but I refused to move away from him. I’m too scared. I wasn’t gonna move until the ride was over but that changed when realization hit me.

“What the he.ll are you doing Camila?!!!” I screamed in my head when I had realize that I was snuggling into him. Sht! I squirm, thinking of what I’say when I pull away from him. Okay Camila! You’ve got this. Just pull away then pretend like nothing happened. Yes, that’l work. Taking a deep breath, I counted to three before I proceed to pull my head away from his chest but as I was pulling my head away, a hand suddenly came to my head and gently pressed it against Damon’s chest..gain.

“It’s okay. You can stay like this. if you’re that scared” I heard Doman said after my face was buried in his chest again and my heart suddenly sped up.

I held my breath, trying to stay calm but his stupid cologne, that I happened to like, and his warm chest wasn’t helping at all. And his freaking hands were still on my head but then time, it was playing a little with my hair that cause me to relax a little but tensed because we were this close to each other.

I couldn’t wait for this ride to be over. I just couldn’t wait to be away from this handsome demon. He was making me feel so uncomfortable and I hated the way he made me feel! He made my heart beat faster by every passing second, he made my cheeks redder than a tomato and he made me feel so nervous to be around him.

Calm the hell down Camila! It’s okay you are okay. You are not gonna die so calm down and take deep breaths. The ride is almost over’I told myself, taking in a few feet breaths that I happened to blew out on Damon’s shirt and he tensed a little. The ride went on for a few more minutes and finally it was over. Yes!

I was the first person to exit the ride since I didn’t waste time into pulling my head away from his chest then un-strap my seat, as quickly as possible, and exit the ride, still leaving Damon in his seat who was taking his time to unstrap his seat belt.

I tried to calm down but when he exit next and began walking over to me, my heart rate just sped up more and I tired to avoid him but couldn’t. Standing in front of me, he opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by a voice I missed. Even if it was just for a few minutes.

“Daddy! Ms. Davis!” Ethan shouted as he ran over to us, leaving Christina, who was struggling to walk in her ten inch heels, behind. Why did she wear heels to an amusement park?

“Did you guys had fun?!” Ethan asked, eager waiting for our reply and I only nodded my head and I felt my cheeks heat up. Damon on the other hand, responded with a yes and took ahold of Ethan’s hands. I looked away from then to a shadow that was approaching us and saw Christina smiling as she was also near us.

“Oh Damon! I miss you!” She cried, wrapping her hands around his arms.

“How was the ride?” Damon asked her, as he looked at her face and she sigh before looking down to Ethan.

“ was fun I guess” Christina shrug then placed a kss on his cheeks.

“What should we do now baby?” She asked him after and Damon opened his mouth to talk but Ethan interrupted.

“Can we get hot dogs dad? I’m hungry!” Ethan plead and Damon just nodded his head while Christina send Ethan a little galre.

“Yes !! Come on then !!” Ethan shouted happily before he grabbed unto my hands then his father hands and pulled us both to a hot dog stand, that wasn’t too far from where we were, and left Christina in the back .

“Wait up for me!” We heard Christina shouted but Ethan ignore her as he continued to pull both his dad and I to the hot dog stand where we waited in the line for a few minutes before we could’ve ordered.

“What can I get you guys?” A female worker asked us.

“Can we get three hot dogs please!” Ethan ordered and the woman looked at him in awed before replying with a yes.

“Anything else?”

“And three cans of Pepsi” Damon added and the woman nodded her head before she went off to bring the stuff we ordered. We waited a few minutes before the woman came back with the stuff we ordered.

“And here you go'” she said passing one each to Damon, Ethan and I .

“Thank you!” Ethan said collecting his hot dog with a smile and the woman just smile, looking at him.

“What a cute son you guys have got” I heard her say and I almost choked on air. Son? Again with the’son’thing? Ugh!

“He’s not our son'” I said feeling a litle annoyed because everyone thinks that Ethan is my son and it’s getting a litle annoying. We don’t resembled that much.

“Oh really?” The woman asked, looking to Ethan then back at me with wide eyes and I replied to her with a yes. “Oh, I would’ve never knew if you hadn’t told me. You guys looked so alike” she said after and I looked for Ethan who was already looking at me. We don’t even look that alike. “Oh” and we left after that.

“Damon! Where were you guys?!” An annoying voice was suddenly heard and I already knew who it belonged too.

“Oh we went to buy hot dog. Where were you?” He responded to her question then asked with a confused expression of his face.

“I was looking for you guys. I thought you went to the other hot dog stand and also this shoe is killing my feet. Can you carry me?” She asked, battering her eyelash as she wrapped a hand around his arms again. Damon was about to respond but once again was interrupted by Ethan.

“Dad..i don’t think. feel that good” Ethan said in a low voice that made him sound like he was suddenly sick and I began to panic immediately.

“What’s the matter Ethan? Does your head hurts? Your feet? Your worried arms? Don’t be afraid to tell me” I asked very, bending down to check his temperature.

“I-I feel-I think I’m going to vomit.” Ethan said and Damon pushed Christina away before reaching down to feel his temperature.

“You mean now?” I asked after what he had just said had registered in my brain. Ethan only nodded his head and Damon and I quickly took him to a public toilet before all of the content came out of his mouth.

He cried as the content came out of his mouth and into the toilet bowl and I was so scared and worried that I began to panic. Placing my hands on his back, I softly made circles with my hands.

“Shh! It’s okay” I said soothingly to him again while Damon was holding him up. I could also see that he was worried. Very worried. After he was done, I quickly left to buy a bottle of water while Damon stayed with him and

Christina was standing outside, squirming in disgust. I freaking hate her! As soon as I bought the water, I ran back to the toilet where Ethan and Damon were now standing out side. I quickly opened the bottle of water and carefully brought it to his mouth so he could rinse his mouth then he drank Some after.

“Do you feel better?” I asked, looking at him and he nodded his head. I Let out a sigh of relief before standing to my feet and saw that Damon was looking at me but he averted his eyes after as he bend down to carry Ethan in his arms.

Christina on the other hand was just glaring at me as if I did something wrong but I didn’t bother with her as I only followed Damon back to the car. We were leaving since Ethan wasn’t feeling well.

“I can hold him while you drive” I said to Damon and he nodded before he pass Ethan over to me. Christina then came into the car and sat in on the front seat before Damon started his car and drove. I was still worried about Ethan since he looked so quiet and a little pale. I hope he’s fine but I wanted to make sure.

“Ethan, are you sure your okay?” I asked him and he nodded his head before he snuggled into me.

“Ms Davis.” his soft, small voice began as he still had his head bury in my chest.

“Yes Ethan?”

“Are you worried about me?” He asked again but this time pulling away to look me in my eyes and there were curiously lingering in his eyes.

“Yes Ethan. I’m worried about you” I responded and saw him lips twitch into a little smile before he buried his head into my chest again. He went silent after that and I thought he was sleeping but then his small voice was heard once more.


“Thank you Ms. Davis”

“For what Ethan?” I asked, a little unsure what he was thanking me for.

“For worrying about me”



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