Episode 5

Camila’s POV

“Coco!” I exclaimed as I entered my house. I have just returned from my first day of work and I’m so tired and happy to see coco. “Miss mommy?” I asked as she snuggled into my arms. She just barked at me and I giggled and I began to make my way to the kitchen. Taking out a can of dog food again, I pour it out into her bowl before throwing the can away and watching her devour it in only a few seconds.

Sighing, I walked to the bathroom before washing my hands then decided to take a shower before l eat. I stripped from my clothes and turned on the shower before l entered the shower and sigh on satisfaction when the warm water hit my skin. I washed my hair after with one of my favorite scented shampoo then stepped out of the shower with my body and hair both covered in a small white towel.

Walking into my little closet, I took out my favorite pajama that had the image of B.T.S on it.

Ater I slipped on my undergarments, lentered my pajamas before walking to the front of my mirror. I then took off the towel from my head then blow dry my hair. Adding hair vaseline to my scalp, I massage it in before I began untangle the knots from my hair. When my hair was knot free, I tied it into a ponytail then plunge into my soft bed.

“Ahho” I sigh I satisfaction as my body hit the soft bed and sank into it. After a long day of work, I finally get to relax. Letting out another breath, I lay on my tummy to stretch my hands over to the little table beside my bed and grabbed my phone. Taking my phone in my hands, I scroll through instagram then my Dm and turn off my phone after, to sleep.



“Good morning “I waved and greeted greeted Mr. Slavay.

“Ah- Ms. Davis, How are you?”

“I’m doing quite fine Mr. Salvay and you?” responded to his question then asked. We were both walking to the elevator now.
“Great” He replied with a smile “and how did you make out yesterday?”

“ was fine” I shrug to my reply and came to a halt as we were both standing in front of the elevator now.

“I’m glad to hear that.” He commented on my reply and I nodded my head as the place turned into a sudden silence while we waited for the elevator to open.

“Good morning Mr. Slavay” A voice suddenly spoke and I jumped a little. Turning to where the voice was coming from, I say Mr. Alexander approaching us. He had his hands in his pockets while his eyes met mine, starting coldly into them and that alone it took for me to be frightened.

“Mr. Alexander, good morning to you” Mr Slavay greeted him with a little bow and I stood their silently as Mr. Alexander eyes went to Mr. Slavay.

“Mmh” Mr. Alexander responded to his morning greeting. He finally looked away from him and brought his eyes to me. I trembled slightly as his cold eyes stared into mine once again and I couldn’t help but wonder why was I so afraid of him?

“And a good morning to you.. Ms. Davis. How was your night?” he greeted then asked after lightly clearing his throat and that brought me out of my little daze.

“I-it was relaxing.” I stammered a little then averted my eyes from him to the elevator while I mentally shouted at it. Hurry up and just open will you?

!! Ping!

The sound went off and the elevator door opened after.

Letting out a sigh of relief, I quickly entered the elevator and turned around only to see Mr. Alexander standing next to me and Mr. Slavay outside, still standing there.

“Mr. Slavay aren’t you coming?” I asked, tilting my head with a frown on my face and I watch as he looked at Mr. Alexander then back to me.

“Umm, I’l come up later. I..have some other work to take care of for now. See you around Ms. Davis” he said then waved at me as the elevator door closed. I was still confused at what he had just said. Why would he wait in front of the elevator for so long instead of dotng the work he said he has to take care of? It just doesn’t makes sense

But right now I shouldn’t be thinking about that because right now I’m in an elevator with Mr. Alexander..alone. I was hella nervous right now. My breathing pace got a little louder as I felt my hands get sweaty at how nervous and scared I was. I was just praying that we could arrive at the top floor very quick.


The elevator sound went off and the door opened again. We weren’t at the top floor as yet but I was a little relief because they were a lot of people outside of the elevator waiting to enter But they didn’t they just looked at Mr. Alexander and greeted him a good morning then took a step back.

What? Arent they entering?

Gulping, I press myself into the wall as the elevator door closed once again, leaving only Damon and I inside. A lot of thoughts were running through my head right now. But seriously, why was I so afraid of him? I mean he was scary and all but why was I so scare of him?

Maybe because of the way he look at me or maybe because he’s Mr. Alexander one of the scariest CEO.

Anyways, as I was saying I was sooo scared! Or maybe just nervous. I was actually trembling by now and I was breathing so hard. I tend to do that when I’m really nervous or scared and I’m sure he must have notice by now And I was right because he spoke after making me a little scarier.

“Ms. Davis .. are you that scared of me?” He asked. His body was fully turned to me and he raised a brow, waiting for me to reply.

“Um m-maybe?” I said, well more like asked in a low voice.

“Why are you–” Ping! He was cut off by the elevator sound and the door came flying open after.

“Um..i better be going Mr. Alexander. I don’t wanna be late” I said then quickly exit the elevator after that.

–Four days later—

“Good bye coco!” I waved at her then locked the door.

It’s been four days since I’ve started my new job and it’s going so well. no its not. It’s so boring because the little kid, Ethan, won’t speak to me. Anyways, today was Monday so today was the day that I’ll start babysitting Ethan at Mr. Alexander’s house. I’ve already Google his location, since he didn’t tell me where he lives, so I know where he lives now.

I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt since it would be a little hot today and also some converse. My hair was in a pony tail and I sigh as the hot sun hit my skin while I stood outside, eating for the Uber to pick me up.


After a few seconds of waiting, the Uber finally came and I entered the car. After what felt like forever, the car finally pulled up at the house I say on Google and I thanked him before exiting the car. My eyes scanned the house in amazement while I made my way to the door. His house looks more beautiful in real life !! As I approach the door, I stretch my hands and press the door bell then my eyes want back the studying the exterior of the house while I waited for someone to open the door. It was so beautiful.

“What do you want?!” A voice was suddenly heard and I turned my focus from the house to the door. There stood a prerty blonde girl dressed in a shorts and a crop top. She folded her hands, glaring at me, waiting for me to reply to her question.


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