Episode 9

Damon’s POV

“Good night Mr. Alexander”Mr. Hannon said to me as I left my home office and I greeted him good night before I began to make my way to my room. Entering inside, I took a quick shower then got dress for bed. As I lay in bed,

I took out my phone and made a few call to my assistant to make sure the things I asked him to do were already done. After making the call, I wished him good night before I hang up and was about to turn my phone off but stopped when a photo popped up on my phone.

Tapping on the picture, my lips curved slightly into a smile as it gaze over the picture of Camila and I. She looked so nervous and uncomfortable and the smile on her face looked so fake. I know I was making her feel uncomfortable but somewhere inside of me just wanted to go along with the manager and take a few pictures with her. I found her so funny when she was slightly trembling in my hands she looked cute when she held her breath, looking at the camera then to Ethan who was taking a picture of us with my phone.

Camila is indeed a very interesting girl. I’ve never in my life seen a girl so frightened of me. Well there were a few but she first one to be so scared of me, like if I was some de.mon or Satan himself. She’s also the first woman to not flirt with me. Every single woman that has ever been around me either tried to date me or get in bed with me and it’s so annoy and I actually thought that there was no woman in this world that won’t flirt with me but I somehow found one .. And she diferent ..

“Daddy, when will Ms. Davis be here?” Ethan asked me for the fifth time and I sigh, looking up from my breakfast to him.

“She’ll be here soon Ethan. Now eat up, breakfast is very important” I responded back and he nodded his head before he went back to eating. It was almost nine and Camila hasn’t show up as yet and I’m beginning to think that she’s gonna be late. She better not be.


Looking back at the clock, I saw that it was 8:45 am. Fifteen more minutes before nine’o’clock and she’s not here as yet. Sighing again, I finish my breakfast with Ethan before the maids took the dishes away and both Ethan and I sat in the living room, awaiting the arrival of Camila. It was 8:59 now, one more minute before nine and she hasn’t showed up yet. I looked away from my watch to Ethan who was looking at the clock and I could see he was impatient.

“Dad when will she be here-” he began but was cut off by a familiar voice.

“I’m here !!” Camila shouted and I turned to the entrance of the living room to see Camila running into the living room. She was dressed in casual wear, A jeans and a T-shirt and even though it was simple, she looked so beautiful in it and her bare face, with no sign of makeup made her look even more stunning.

She actually looked like a model and the thing that I like about her was that she didn’t need fancy clothes or make up to look beautiful .. It was all natural beauty. And her eyes, they keep reminding me of Ethan so much! Even her facial features it just made me wonder who exactly is she?

“Ms. Davis !!” Ethan exclaimed happily and I watched as he got up and ran into her arms which took me by surprised.

I didnt know he liked her this much ..

“Ethan dear, how are you?” Camila asked with a beautiful smile on her face, now holding Ethan in her arms.

“I’m doing very well ms. Davis. How about you? Are you still shy from the incident that happened yesterday with you and daddy?” Ethan asked her and I looked to Ethan shocked at what he had just said then to Camila who’s face had suddenly turned as red as a tomato.

“W-what? N-no!” Camila stammered, her face getting even redder and Ethan looked at her in curiosity.

“You don’t have to lie Ms. Davis. You’re even blushing”Ethan said to her and a smile made its way to my lips as I watch Camila blush while she tried to form words from her mouth but not came out

“Okay Ethan, that’s enough” I said to him in a slightly warning tone because I didn’t want to see him about to cry again or maybe because Camila told me not to use a harsh tone on him? I could remember that day she scold me. She looked so cute when she’s scolding someone and I just couldn’t be angry at her and just had to agree with her. There was just something that made me agree with her and began to use a softer tone of Ethan Because she said so What the hell is wrong with me?

“Okay daddy” Ethan said, looking back to me then to Camila “Ms. Davis..can we watch a movie?” He asked her and she replied with a yes instantly before she walked over to the couch and sat down with Ethan.

“Mr. Alexander” she greeted me turning to me with a little smile on her lips and I only hum in reply ans watched her shyly turned her head away from me.

“So what do you wanna watch?” she spoke again, asking Ethan.

“Tom and Jerry the movie!” He responded happily and she nodded her head before she turned on the TV and put on the movie that Ethan said for them to watch. The movie was about to start when Ethan spoke.

“Wait! Don’t start it as yet, I’ll be right back. I’ll get us some popcorn” and then he ran off into the kitchen leaving on Camila and I.

And that’s when silence took over that was until she spoke. “Um a-aren’t you going to work?” She stammered nervously, only looking into my eyes for a second then looked away.

“I’lI work from home today” I responded, also looking away and her lips form into a ‘o’ shape and all she did was nodded her head, looking back to the TV. Ethan came back with one big bowl of popcorn and he sat next to Camila, leaving me next to her the placed the bowl on her lap so we could all eat.


The movie began a few minutes after and I lay back, looking at the cartoon, looking over to Camila and Ethan every once in a while when they laughed as Jerry once again tricked Tom. But I didn’t fail to notice how good they look to together. I mean like Mother and son Actually she wouldn’t be a bad mother for Ethan ..

Wait, what?! How did I get from she’s naturaly beautiful to she won’t be a bad mother for Ethan? “God Damon, you only know her for a few days and you’re already thinking about her being the mother of your child?

You really need to slow the fk down.

My phone suddenly rang and I pulled it out, answering it without looking to see who it was.

“Who’s this?” I asked over the phone.

“Damon babe !!! I miss you so muchh !! And I know you miss me too. I’m almost at your house babe the voice of Christina said over the phone.

Her again?


Camila’s POV

“Damon!” A familiar, high squeal voice was heard and both Ethan and I turned to the entrance of the living room to see Christina approaching us well more like Damon. She was dressed in a very short dress, face caked with makeup and a ten inch heel that she could’ve barely walk in.

“Damon baby! I miss you sooo much!” Christian purr before she sat on Damon’s lap and wrapped her arms around him. She then pecked him on the lips and I quickly covered Ethan’s eyes, glaring at her. Really? She’s gonna do that in front of a child ?!

“What are you doing here Christina?” Damon’s voice was suddenly heard and she pouted before looking him in his eyes then opened her mouth to answer his question.

“I already told you baby. I fkin”

“Watch your mouth around my son” Damon cut her off and she sigh before averting her eyes to Ethan then to me, sending me a glare which I ignore.

“Okay baby. I’m sorry. I just came to visit you because I haven’t saw you nor touch you in such a long time. Imiss you.. I miss everything we do together” she apologized to him then said, roaming her fingers on his chest and both Ethan and I squirm, looking away.

“I didn’t tell you you can come though, did i ?” Damon questioned her once again and she pouted before letting out a breath.

“Baby..I miss you. That’s why I wanted to see you. I know you didn’t ask for me to come but I wanted to cause I miss you sooo much. I also wanna spend some time with Ethan. I think it would be nice if I take you and him to an amusement park. It would be so fun and nice for all of us to be together, having fun” She explained her self while playing with the hem of his shirt. Damon didn’t say anything for a while after. He just looked to Ethan then back to Christina before he finally spoke.

“Okay then. We’ll go to the amusement park” Ethan suddenly stiffen beside me and I turned to him to see him glaring at Christina, who wasn’t looking at him. He looked pretty angry.

“Really baby ?! I know you would agree and since I have to know Ethan better, this would be a good time to get to know him” She said happily and Damon only nodded.

“Then we should leave now since it’s about an hour drive to the amusement park” Christina added and Damon nodded his head once again before he stood up.

“Then let us change clothes first and we’ll be back in a few minutes” he spoke before he called Ethan over and Ethan slowly walked towards him. Damon took his hands, giving me a glance before him and Ethan dissappear up the stairs. And here I am, stuck with this bch!

I just decide to scroll through my news feed and see what’s interesting since I didn’t want to look at her but I could feel her gaze on me and soon enough, she began walking over to me.

“So how’s Ethan coming with you? Does he still ignores you like he always do?” She asked, mocking me and I mentally rolled my eyes, pretending as if she wasn’t standing in front of me. “You just wait! One day I’ll get marry to Damon then I’ll fire you myself” She said angrily to me and I guess she was angry that I was ignoring her and guess what I did?

I ignore her again.

I pretended to see a very interesting post on instagram and began talking to myself. “Hmm. looks cute. I wonder how much it sells for” I spoke to myself and continued scrolling. I guess by now she was even more angry because she groaned loud, trying to gain my attention.

“Ignore me all you want you fking bch! But you just wait.. one day I’l see that pretty, plastic face of yours in tears after I had fired you MYSELF!” She said angrily and I continue to ignore her as I now started snapping a few pictures of myslef. “Fking bch! Do you know who l am ?! I’m Mr. Brooks’s daughter” she began. Mr. Brooks is not the richest but he is rich though and popular and so is her.

I continued to ignore her as she told me the whole history of her family. “He won’t hesitate to kill you slut! He’s also a good friend of Damon so if he complains to Damon about you I’m sure he will fire you right away” she finally concluded with a smirk and i rolled my eyes, turning towards her.

“And guess what?” I began, glaring at her.

“What ?!”

“I don’t give a fk” I responded before I went back to scrolling on my news feed and I know by now she was boiling in pure anger.

“You-” she began but was cut off by the voice of Ethan.

“Ms. Davis!” Ethan call my name. I turned to the door and saw Ethan running towards me and into my arms.

I place him to sit on my lap and my eyes immediately went to his face to see him crying. Why is he crying?

“Ethan? Are you okay?” I asked, wiping his tears away. I then tried to make him stop crying but he only bury his head in my chest as he continued his cries and I suddenly became angry..very angry Who the f ** k made him cry?

“Ethan!” Damon’s voice was heard next and I turned to the entrance of the living room to see a shirtless Damon entering the living room. He had a shirt in his hands and his hair looked like a mess as he began to approach Ethan who was in my arms, holding unto me really tight.

“What happened? Why is he crying?!” I found myself asking Damon In a kinda harsh voice and he looked a little surprised at the way I just spoke.

“Ms. Davis..daddy don’t want you to come with us” Ethan cried and I turned to Damon to see what he had to say. I didn’t care if I had to be around that bch. I rather go than see Ethan cry like this

“Hey hey, now that’s not what I said.I said we’ll have to ask Ms. Davis first and I don’t think she would want to come” Damon corrected his son and I glared at him before replying.

“Who said I will not come with him?! I rather go than see him cry like this!”

“Really?” Ethan asked, looking up to me and I nodded my head, wiping his tears away and smile at him.

“No. she can’t come!” Christina voice was suddenly heard and we all turned to look at her as both Ethan and I glaring at her.

“Then I’m not going anywhere with you Ms. brooks!” Ethan Said, folding his arms and glaring at her.

“E-Ethan gotta understand. She can’t come because this is like a family thing so It’ll just be the three of us” Christina said as she walked towards him, about to cup his cheeks but he flinched , Pushing her hands away.

“It should only be dad and I then since you also aren’t family but Since you are coming along then Ms. Davis can come too! That’ll only be fair!” This boy was very smart .. Very smartest! Christina and Damon looked at Ethan shocked and I saw that Christina was trying to say something but nothing was coming out of her mouth.

“I-B-But Ethan, I’m the one who came up with the idea so I should go however she is not family”

“No! I will not go anywhere without Ms. Davis!” Ethan shouted as he held tighter unto my shirt.

“Ethan you have to stop this” Damon said to him in a kinda soft voice and Ethan only shook his head no before he buried his head in my chest again. I sign before looking up to Damon who looked frustrated and Christina who was glaring at me with her fist clench.

“Then if Ms. Davis will have to Come very well then” Damon hesitantly said and a smile made its way unto my lips and I could feel Ethan smiling on my chest. He knows how to get people to agree with him Smart child indeed.


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