Episode 6

Camila’s POV

“Hi, umm’m here to babysit Mr. Alexander’s son, Ethan” I responded to the woman and she shifted her weight on one of her feet, now looking at me a little surprised.

“Oh I see. He has gotten himself a babysitter for his son” She mumbled ever so quietly and I manage to somehow hear.

“So, can I come inside now?” I asked feeling a little impatient. I surely didn’t want to be later because then I might anger Mr. Alexander and he might fire me. And we both know that’s the last thing I have on my mind because I really need the money. Speaking of that, I had already pay Mrs. Jones half of the rent I’ve owed her. She looked at me a little suspicious and asked’where did I get the money from ?. I told her Inow have a babysitting job but I don’t think she believes me.

“Where did you know Damon from?” She asked again in a rude tone, totally ignoring my question.

“Why does that even matter? Now can you please inform Mr. Alexander im here? I don’t want to be fired” I said back feeling a little annoy. I really need to let him know I’m here.

“How dare you speak to me in such tone?! Don’t you know who I am you bch !?” She shouted in an angry tone and I rolled my eyes at her.

She just called me a bch .. I hate when people call me that and right now, I was getting pretty angry. Really angry and when I get angry..bad words uncontrollably comes flying out of my mouth. But I somehow held it in. Yes I know who you are. You’re a blonde, angry bimbo who need to get out of my way before punch that plastic face of yours!

“Im sorry madam. Now can you please inform Mr. Alexander I’m here?” I said in an soft angelic voice, battering my eyelash at her.

“NO! and I will make sure I inform Damon of your bchy attitude and hope he could fire you right away!” She shouted angrily at me and I scoff, rolling my eyes. What bitchy attitude? You’re the one who’s acting like a total-female dog right now.

“Oh..I deeply apologize for the way I came off just now. I didnt mean to sound rude at all. Now can you let me in or at lest inform Mr. Alexander I’m here? I really don’t want him to think I’m late”I said with a fake smile on my face.

“No! You can stay your ass outside in this hot sun or leave. I’m not letting you in after what you just did And you’re FIRED by the way!” She said angrily then smirk after.

The fk?

“I’m sorry Madam but only Mr. Alexander can decide on that since he was the one who hired me and not you” I said back felling so impatient.

“I suppose you don’t really know who l am then. You see, Damon and I are really close and I can make him agree with me on anything. So you should already consider yourself fired. Now can you leave? I don’t think Damon would want an ugly pestsent wondering around his yard”she said while shooing me away and I felt my mouth threatening to say something to her. This lady is testing mel!
“What? Have nothing to say now?” She asked smirking and i couldn’t stop my mouth from talking right now ..

“Well..I would give you a befitting response, but my mom taught me to pity the less privileged- I am so sorry for you.” I shot back, smirking after I wiped the smirk clean off of her lips.

“You bch !! I’ll make Damon–”

“Make me what?” A voice interrupted her and I looked past her to see a confused Damon approaching us. He was dressed in a only a sweat pants, showing off his tone abs, biceps and V-line. Dang Damon!

“Oh Damon! You’re finally here!” The blonde said wrapping hee hands around his bicep then turned to me smirking.

“Camila? What are you doing outside?” He asked confused and i felt my heart skilled a beat.

The way my name rolled out of his tongue. It sounded so much better and foreign coming from his mouth.

“Oh Well, I think you should ask the woman standing next to you” I said sending her a little glare and she rolled her eyes before opening her mouth to speak.

“Well Damon, I don’t like her bchy attitude so I told her she’s fired” she said so boldly like if he will agree with her. I had to admit, I was scared and felt like it was over already. Sighing, I looked down at the thought of being fired. He’ll probably fire me since she said he always listen to her.

I better start looking for some vacant jobs or..pack my bag to leave the land Lord’s house. I’m—-

“And who give you the permission to fired her?” He asked her and I looked up, shocked at what he had just asked. So I’m not fired?

“I-I…… she’s not fit for the job Damon. She’s very rude to others and I don’t like it. She will be a bad influence to our son” she said in a soft voice then smile and I mentally rolled my eyes at her.

“My son. Not ours” he corrected her and her smile completely dropped.

“B-but we are together for so long, why don’t you let me call him our son?”

“We can talk about that later Christina.” He said to her then turned to me.

“Care to explain what happened?”

.”Mr. Alexander today I came here to work and was met with this woman here. All I asked of her was to please inform Mr. Alexander than I was here before he thinks I’m late and have the thought of firing me but she began asking me questions.” I paused taking a breath.

“I have to admit, I did speak rudely to her and that was because I was impatient but I did apologize after and madam here, didn’t take my apology and she took that time to call me inappropriate names that I didn’t like but I still try to keep my mouth close but she cross the line and I said something that had made her angry” I finally completed.

“And what did she say that made you so angry that you can’t keep your mouth shut?” He asked, still looking at me.

“Well she said ‘I suppose you don’t really know who I am then. You see, Damon and I are really close and I can make him agree with me on anything. So you should already consider yourself fired. Now can you leave I don’t think Damon would want an ugly pestsent wondering around his yard’ then she asked if I had anything to say”I said, mimicking her squeaky voice. He looked a little surprised at what I said as he glance over to the blonde then back at me.

“And what did you say back to her?”

“Well” I gulp before continuing “I said I would give you a befiting response, but my mom taught me to pity the less privileged-l am so sorry for you” his face held an amusing look as I saw his lips curved a litle. He stopped his lips from going into a full curve then clears his throat, looking away.

“I truly am sorry Mr. Alexander and only ask for you not to fire me.” I said in a little pleading tone and he nodded his head. So he agree?

“What ?! You agree with this bch ?! She don’t deserve this job Damon !!” She angrily and Damon send her a deadly glare that shut her up for good.

“I don’t want to hear you making decisions for me again, Understood?” He asked and she nodded looking down to the floor. “Good. Now leave” he said and she pouted at him begging him to let her stay.

“But Damon I-”

“Don’t make me repeat myself” he cut her off and she sigh before pulling away from him. Sending a glare at me, she turned around and scurried off.

“And you Ms. Davis, follow me” he said, gesturing for me to come inside and I followed him silently.

My eyes immediately dash to the interior of the house and I couldn’t stop myself from gasping on how modern and beautiful it looked. So beautiful! He suddenly came to a halt, causing me to bump into his back because I was so distracted looking at the house. Pulling back, I rubbed my forehead, hissing a little. Cod, is this man made of steel?

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine” I said, removing my hands from my forehead and looking at him. He was now facing me, his bare chest on display again. I immediately looked away feeling a little uncomfortable but also wanted to tough it because I’ve never seen a man half nked with a six pack and I wonder is this really reat?

“..i apologize for dressing unpleasant. I was trying to get Ethan dressed. He can be difficult at times” he apologize and I gladly accept his apology, looking away.

“Anyways,’ll let Mr. Hannon take you to Ethan’s play room while I get dress for work.” He said to me and I watched as he took out his phone and made a quick call and in a split of seconds, a man around his early 50’s was approaching us.

“Yes sir, you called?”

“Yes. Show Ms. Davis around the house then take her to Ethan’s room, will you?” He said to the man and he nodded his head before responding with a’yes sir’

“Good. I’l come to see Ethan before I leave” he said then disappeared up into the stairs.

“Ms. Davis, if up can follow me” the man said to me and turned my heels, following after him.



Walking up the stairs, I followed him up, passing a few plain white doors and we came to a stop in front of one that had a sign board that says Ethan’s room

“And here we are Ms. Davis”he said opening the door and I peaked inside.

“I’ll be leaving now” he said again before he left and Ientered inside. My eyes went to the child playing on the floor again and I smile before greeting him.

“Hi” He stopped playing and looked at me from the side of his eyes before he resumed to his playing and I sigh before walking to the gray couch that was at the corner of the room.

“I’ll just be over here then” I said to him before I threw myself down on the couch.

I’m bored .. When I’m done working, I’ll go home and eat a whole fridge of food then watch a Korean drama in bed while I snuggle with Coco. I was cut off by my thoughts when the door suddenly opened and in came Damon.

“Mr. Alexander” I greeted as I stood up.

“You can sit. I’m just here to see my son before I leave” he said and I nodded before sitting back down and tried not to look in their direction but I couldn’t help but look as Mr. Alexander talked to his son and I saw Ethan’s lips moving which indicate he was replying to his dad. I wonder what his voice sounds like.

“Don’t give Ms. Davis a hard time okay?” He said to his son as he stood up on his feet and Ethan only nodded his head.

“Ethan’s teacher will be here around ten’o’clock, you can have a break while his teacher teaches him and later you are to accompany Ethan to the park, understood?” He asked turning to me and I responded with a yes sir’ “Okay, I’l be leaving now” he said and I watch him peck Ethan from his forehead before he turned to the door and left.



“And here we are” Mr. Alexander’s driver said when he pulled up to the park and I opened my door, quickly exiting the car before going to the other side and opening the door for Ethan.

“I’ll be back to pick you guys up around five’o’clock” the driver said then drove off, leaving only Ethan and I.

“Okay Ethan, follow me” I said before turning around and walking towards the entrance of the park. Entering with Ethan beside me, we both walked to a vacant spot in the grass where it also shade ups from the hot, burning sun and I spread a blanket on the grass. Taking my bag off of me, I placed it on the blanket before sitting down and sigh and the cool wind hit me. My eyes went to Ethan again and say hum still standing there nit saying a thing so I spoke.

“Aren’t you gonna sit down?” No answer ..

O kay … I watched as Ethan walked away. playing with his toys not too far from me all by himself.

Looking away, my eyes dash to the blue sky that had no could floating around and the golden sun, shinning down on us. The place was hot .. very hot and the wind blew by once in a while which I sigh feeling satisfied of.

“Yo’Ethan! Wanna play with us?” I heard a child voice asked and my eyes went back to Ethan. There were a few kids now standing in front of him holding a basket ball. did he know that his name is Ethan? He must have known him from school but Ethan is home schooled .. Or maybe he used to go school but stopped after something bad had happened that may be why Mr. Alexander home schooled him now ..

Yeah, maybe ..

Ethan didn’t say anything at all. He just looked to the ground with his mouth closed and I looked on as the little kids looked to each other the one spoke.

“What? Are you dumb?!” They all laughed at what the fat kid had just said and I folded my hands, waiting to see what Ethan was gonna say but he said_nothing

“Are you really dumb? I asked a question loser !!” The fat kid said to him in a rude tone and they all laughed again.

“Yeah, maybe that’s why he doesn’t come to school anymore because he’s too dumb to be in school” another said and I raised a brow, waiting to see what Ethan had to say. Is he really gonna let them call him names and not do anything about it?

“And where’s you mom huh ?! She still didn’t come back !? Did she really leave you from another child ?! Did she hate you that much ?!”

The ugly fat kid asked again then pushed Ethan, making him fall to the ground and they all burst into laugher. And I had enough of this ..

“And who told you he don’t have a mom, huh ?!” I asked as I got up and walked over to Ethan, helping him up. They all looked at me then to Ethan with a shocked expression on their face.

“You can’t be his mom” one of them said and I rolled my eyes at him.

“And why say so? Because I’m too pretty? Maybe prettier than your mom’s?” I asked folding my arms and they looked down, like if what I had just said was true.

“He’s not dumb nor is he mother less. He has a mother and she’s right here! So I never ever want to hear nor see you guys bullying my son nor make fun of him that he does’t have a mom again, understood?!” I said to all of them ina harsh tone, feeling a litle weird when I called him my son.

“Yes ma’am” they all said in union and a smirk grew on my lips.

“Now apologize to him” I said and watched as they all looked to Ethan. They let out a sigh before speaking in union once again.
“We’re sorry Ethan”

“And what are you apologizing for !?” I asked glaring at them.

“For bullying and making fun of him” they responding to my question while looking at me.

“Don’t say it to me! I’m not the one who you bullied!” I said and they sigh again before truning to Ethan and spoke.

“We’re sorry Ethan for bullying you and making fun of you” the apologize in union and I smirk, feeling satisfied.

“Now Ethan, do you accept their apologies?” I asked Ethan, waiting for him to respond and he nodded.

“Good and I’m sure Ethan doesn’t want to see your faces again nor do I, so scramble!” I said shooing them away and they quickly scurried off.

And I burst out laughing feeling satisfied Great job Camila

“Are okay?” I asked Ethan after and he nodded his head. Good, that’s all that matters.

“Then let’s go sit down, shall we?” I said and held his hands, walking back to where I spread the blanket and we both sat down in silence. The place was silent for a while and we both just sat there as our eyes scanned the park but all of a sudden a soft, cute voice spoke.

“Thank you Ms. Davis”


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