Episode 7

Camila’s POV

“Thank you Ms. Davis” That same sentence echoed in my head over and over. I couldn’t believe he spoke. Omg! He finally spoke!

“You’re welcome” I said back. My face had a very bright smile on it right now.


We just sat there saying nothing at all but Ethan’s voice couldn’t get out of my head. I still can’t believe he spoke Sighing, i lay back on the blanket and my eyes want to the blue sky again.

“You can play if you want. I’l be right here watching you” I said to him and saw him slowly get up a few minutes later and ran off playing, not too far away from where I was. My mind went back to him saying thank you to me and a smile made its way of my lips again. Maybe Ethan isn’t that bad after all. Maybe he’l warm up to me slowly. Maybe, just maybe.


Ethan’s POV {Third person’s pov}

Ethan looked over to the brown hair woman sitting next to him. The same woman he didn’t like when he first saw her but now he’s beginning to have second thoughts about her. He actually thought that she only wanted the job to get closer to his father but for the past few days she’s been babysitting him, he had never seen her try to flirt with his dad. He’s actually greatful for her standing up to his bully for him. He’s been trying to get rid of then for a long time now and tried to prove to them that he has a mother who came back for him but he couldn’t. Ethan always wondered where his mom was.

He even asked his dad after the kids at school pointed out that he don’t have a mom. He thought his dad will tell him where his mom was but his dad was just as clueless as him and because of that he got sad. He didn’t ask to not have a mom, did he? He didn’t ask to be bully and picked on by kids at school because he didn’t had a mom, did he? No. All Ethan wanted right now was to have a mom. Then everything will be perfect and he’ll stop ignoring people. He only wished for that. He would pray every night for that just wishing that one day he’ll have a mom.

“Come on Ethan.” He heard the brown hair woman, Ms. Davis, said and he quickly made his way over to her.

Now coming to think of it, Ms. Davis isn’t that bad. ‘He thought. Ms. Davis was a beautiful lady with a nice personality and she was polite and friendly to him. She even stood up for him. She might even be a perfect match for his dad He mean, she was almost his dad’s height. Just a little shorter but just perfect for him. She was also pretty while his dad was handsome. They would make a good looking couple but of course looks isn’t all.

She was polite the him and friendly and even though his dad is scary to some people, he thinks his dad is quite friendly to people like him, his grandpa and grandma and also his dad best friend, lan.

Yes, she was perfect for his dad. He would even rather choose her over Christina any day. He thought of Christina as an ugly, gold digger. He hated her with all of his heart and he knew she was only with his dad for his wealth. She even tries to control his dad but luckily his dad Is smart. He don’t even know why his dad is dating her …. But Ms. Davis seems different. But he won’t assume anything yet, he’ll watch on a little longer then he’ll see if she changes or stay the same but right now .. She doesn’t seem that bad


Camila’s POV

“Good morning Mr. Slavay” I greeted him, a little surprised to see him at Mr. Alexander’s house. He must be his personal assistance.

“Ah- Ms. Davis, what a surprise to see you after so long” he said with a genuine smile, which I returned before speaking.

“How are you?” I asked.

“I’m doing splendid Ms. Davis and how’s the job so far? If you don’t mind me asking” he responded to my question then asked, waiting for me to reply.

“It’s going well so far.”

“Good. Just keep using my advice and you’ll do absolutely well.” He said before scattering my hair on my head and I only smile.

“Anyways, I should be going before Mr. Alexander gets angry at me. I hope to see you soon again Ms Davis” he said with a smile before walking off and I let out a breath.

Walking away, I made my way to Ethan’s playroom and I was met with an empty room. Where is he? Frowning, I exit the room and spotted Mr. Hannon dow the hall and I decided to asked him.

“Mr. Hannon,’m sorry to bother you but would you mind telling me where Ethan is? That’s if you know own or have any idea” I asked, after I interrupted him from his work.

“Ethan? Oh, he’s in the living room with his teacher for today” he responded to me and I nodded.

“Then I won’t bother you anymore. Thank you” I said with a smile and then wonder off to the living room. I walked down the hall as I tired to remember where Mr. Hannon showed me the path to the living room but I couldn’t remember if we went down this side Great Camila! You’re lost now .. Letting out a breath, I place one of my hands on my hips while the other went to my head, running through it. ‘Think Camila !!” I shouted to myself before my eyes scanned the hall and kept trying to recall where the living room was.

Sighing, I turned around and decided to go right since right is right think .. I walked straight down the hall untill ended at a dead end.Scoffing, I turned around and hastily walked to the other direction.The living room have to be this way for sure .. I quicken my foot step, walking faster and kept looking at the time.It was almost nine ‘o’clock and I don’t want Mr. Alexander to think I’m late.

So quickening my foot step even fatser, I walked across the hall just hoping I could meet the living room before or just in time. You can do this Camila .. Come on! Bam!

“Ow!” I wince as my body stumble back and went for the door, but suddenly strong arms, from no where, caught my body before It hit the ground. I let out a breath of relief and looked up, eyes widening when I saw Damon holding unto me and we were almost too close to each other. His dark eyes staring hard into mine and I somehow felt his grip got tighter around me. My eyes were glued to him. I couldn’t look away and was hella nervous since our nose was almost touching and his minty breath was fanning on my lips, causing my heart to speed up. But I quickly snapped out of my daze when I remembered why I was walking hastily down the hall.

“G-good morning Mr. Alexander” I stammered a little after pushing myself away from him. He straightened up his body, but his eyes were still looking into mine, that was until I looked away but could still feel his stares on my face.

The place was silent He didn’t reply to my morning greeting as he only stare at my face with a little frown on his face and I tried really hard to not feel nervous but failed.

“M-Mr. Alexander?” I called him and only then did he snapped out of his daze, looking away. He cleared his throat lightly after that then looked up back to my face, opening his mouth to speak.

“Why are you here? Aren’t you suppose to be with Ethan?” He asked, raising a brow.

“Y-yes but I forgot where the living room was so here I am, trying to find the living room. I do apologize for my forgetfulness” I apologized, looking to the floor with my head bow.

“Its..okay.I’ll show you where it is” he said and I instantly looked up, feeling a little shocked.

“0-okay” And we both walked in silence to the living room but this time I made sure to look at the route so I won’t be lost again.

“And here we are” Damon said as we both now stood in front of the entrance of the living room and I thanked him before quickly walking into the living room, where I saw Ethan and a male teacher sitting with him on the couch.

“Ms. Davis” I heard Ethan mumbled as I got closer to them and a smile instantly went to my lips.

“HI” I said to the man sitting next Ethan. The man smile at me before stretching his hands out to shake mine.

“Hi, I’m Mr. Brad and you must be Ms. Davis” he said and I shook his hands, returning a smile.

“Yes that’s me”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. As you can already tell, I’m Ethan’s teacher.” He said and I nodded my head then looked to Ethan who was looking at me.

“Then I won’t bother you guys. I’l just be right over here” I said and Mr. Brad nodded his head before going back to teaching Ethan and

I made my way over to a couch that wasn’t too far from where they were. I sat there and listened as Mr. Brad teach Ethan to pronounce some pretty BIG words that left me shocked. He’s teaching a five year old kid how to pronounce such big words? And what got me even more shocked was Ethan was pronouncing all the words perfectly without any mistakes.

“Okay the next word is Responsibilities. Say it with me”

“Responsibilities” he cut Mr. Brad off and I looked wide eyes at this little five year old kid. The hell ??

“Good job. And the final word for today’s lesson is Enthustasm. Now this one might be a little difficult to pronounce so I’ll help”

“Enthusiasm. I had practice pronouncing it last night” he cut the teacher off again and we both looked at him in shocked.

Is this really a five year old child? How in the world can be pronounce such big words?! as big as I am, I still have some dificulties pronouncing big words, hell! couldn’t even talk when I was at age five, it took me a few months before I could ..

“That’s good. Very good! Well that concludes our lesson for today. Just practise a little more before you no, you don’t have to just I don’t know”he shrug as he got up.

“I’ll see you next week then, Ethan” he said before getting up. Smiling at me, he turned around and walked off.

“So .. would you like to play a game?” I asked Ethan. Weve been sitting quietly for the past hour and I’m really bored.

No reply from him

“0.kay. Then, I guess we’ll just sit here silently” I said then let out a sigh. I’m so bored

“What game?” Ethan’s little cute voice was heard after a while of silence and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Well, we can play the question game” I responded and he looked at me with a frown on his eyes brows which told me that he didn’t know what the game was about.

“The game works like this. You can only ask someone one question at a time. Then after that person had answer your question truthfully, it’s your turn to ask the a question and it goes back and forth like that until you both have reached the twentieth question” i explained and he nodded his head which told me he understood how to play the game.

“Okay, then let’s start. I’ll go first” I said, clapping my hands together.

“Are you really five?” I still couldn’t believe he was only five and could pronounce such big words.

“Yes, I am” he responded then proceed to ask me a question.

“How old are you?”

“I’m twenty seven. Who learned you to pronounce such big words?”

“My dad. He began teaching me when I was three” he responded and I looked at him, still shocked.

Dmn, at three years all i could’ve did was drool and crawl all over the damn house.

“Why did you take this job?” He asked, waiting for me to reply.

“Well, I really need the money to pay my landlord the money I owe her” I said with a shrug then continue.

“Why do you like to ignore me?”

“I don’t know. I just like being by myself” He shrug and I give him a suspicious look. Something told me his lying.

“What do you think about my dad?” He asked a question after that made me look up to him. His dad?

.”Well..he’s.scary? And frightens me a lot and..scary” I responded as the image of Damon’s emotionless face popped in my head.

“Oh ..” he said.

“Yeah .. Do you have friends?” I asked and he looked into my eyes before looking away.


“Then can I be your friend?”

“One question at a time Ms. Davis” he said, reminding me about the rules and I nodded my head.

“Do you have any kids?” Ethan asked, tilted his head and I stiffen a little. This game is all about honestly right? So I gotta speak the truth.

“Yes, but not anymore” I sigh, mumbling the last part and I looked up to him and saw curiosity lingering in his eyes.

“What happened?” He asked again, curiosity dripping in his voice.

“One question at a time.” I chuckled, reminding him of the rules.

“Now, would you want to be my friend?” I asked again, waiting for his to reply.


After a few minutes…..

“I guess so” he said with a shrug and I nodded my head.

Great, I have a friend now ..

”It’s your turn Ethan” I reminded him since he was quite and he opened his mouth to talk.

“Why do our eyes look similar?” Ethan asked tilting his head again and I sigh in relief that he had dropped the question about’what happen to your kid?

But then frown when I my eyes went to his eyes and that’s when I realize our eyes looked similar ..


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