Episode 4

Damon’s POV

“Get out” I said to the woman standing in front of me. The smile, on her face, instantly dropped as she now had a shocked expression writen on her face.

“W-what?!” “I don’t repeat myself Ms. Mitchell” I spat before looking away. Picking up her file, I closed it before throwing it inside of the bin and looked up back to sew she was still standing there.

“Are you fking deaf?” I said in a cold voice. She wasn’t even making any attempt to move.

“M-Mr. Alexander, just give me one chance..Il prove to you that I’m fit for this job” she stammered pleadingly and I chuckled darkly at how desperate she sounds.

“Get the fk out of my office or I’ll have to call security and I know you wouldn’t want the room filled with people outside to see you being dragged away” I said laying back in my chair and she gritted her teeth before turning around and storming out of my office.

Fking finally ..

I was just having an interview to see if I could find someone suitable to babysit my five year old son. One who is not a fking whore, desperate bch or anyone who wants to get with me. Seriously, is that hard to ask for? Every girl that had entered my office so far are mostly wearing revealing clothes, trying to impress me and some even daring to fking flirt with me and im beginning to think, Isnt there one person, who came from the interview, that is here for the job and not to get with me? Jesus christ

“M-mr Alexander, S-should I send the next one i-in?” One of my employee asked nervously and I looked up to her to see her slightly trembling.

“No.I’m fking tried. Cancel everything and let everyone lea-”

“B-but there’s more than a few people remaining sir. They have b-been waiting since this morning.” she stammered again and I send a glare over to her that made her lips trembled as she tired to put some words together. But she was right .. l just can’t see them back after they have been waiting for so long and so early .. i shouldn’t give up anyways, I might just find the one.

“Fine but I’m only taking ten more. Send the rest away” I said before turning my chair around and I heard her let out a breath before she mumbled’yes sir’and left.

I just hope I find someone who’s suitable for this job After a few minutes, the door opened again which indicated that she was back with another person.

“Mr. Alexander, the next person is here for the interview” One of employee, from earlier, announced and I immediately turned around, surprisingly taken back at the woman standing in front of me. My eyes immediately stare into her and I had to say, I was captured by her beauty. My employee turned around before giving her a little tap on my shoulder and left the woman and I watched as she slightly shakes nervously, looking at me.

“Hi, I’m here for the job interview” her voice spoke in a nervous, shaking voice while her eyes were still ghued to her face and I couldnt help but look at her too. My eyes went to her face first, as I gaze over her perfect features. Her long dark brown hair was in a cute bun on her head, showing her soft, heart shaped face. She had greenish eyes that held innocence and I watched as it gaze ov my face. It was obvious that she was checking me out.

My eyes went all the way pass her perfect nose to her plump lips that looked tempting. My gaze went lower and lower until it went to her clothes. She was dressed in black leggings that hugged her soft curved and the little over size wine red sweater that added a cute look to her. She was dressed in casual wear and I sigh as I finally found someone who wasn’t wearing anything revealing. ‘Okay that’s enough looking Damon .I said to myself. L0oking back to her face, Iopened my mouth and spoke.

“And you are?”

“I’m Camila Davis.” Her somehow soothing voice spoke and I noticed the shakiness her voice held as I still held my cold emotion, looking at her I finally looked away from her and down at the file on my desk.

My assistant had took down everyone’s name and did a quick background check on them. It wasn’t nothing really too deep or going back to the far past. It just had like their name, date of birth, nationality and stuff like that. I skim through the file and my eyes ran through every detail about her. She’s an American born on April 27th, who likes reading books. And although I already knew her age, I still wanted to hear it from her because she seriously looked younger than her age.


“27” she simply responded and I could see she was still nervous as she wiped her hands on her leggings.

Looking down at the file again, I made sure I went through everything about her before I closed it and made a final decision that she’l be suitable for this job.

“You’re hired” I found myself saying and watched as her eyes widen in disbelief. I hired her because she was suitable for this job but that wasn’t all. I just felt something about her. There was something about her that I couldn’t really put my hands on. She looked familiar .. Like someone I knew. l just have this strange feeling about this woman standing in front of me.

“W-What?” She stammered looking at me with wide eyes.

“You heard me, you’re hired” I repeated my self, something that I don’t do..I never do.

“S-so that’s all? Like no more questions?” She asked tilting her head and I nodded my head.

“R-really? I mean this is the first job interview I’ve ever came to that just ask only a few questions and then-”

“What? Aren’t you satisfied or do you want me ask you tons of questions on you past?” I cut her off, feeling a little annoyed.

She got the job so why is she asking me all those questions? “N-no. I was just a little surprised” she said then slightly cleared her throat after.

“Good.” I said leaning back in my chair as my eyes went to her face again. sShe averted her eyes from me as she looked to the ground staring at her shoes. I was left amused as I looked at the interesting girl standing in front of me. She was literally the first girl that’s so scared to even look me in the eyes. Yes, I was someone people was scared of but none of them, especially women, were ever so scared that the looked away from me. It was surprising to watch

“Um ..” she suddenly trailed off then cleared her throat, still not looking at me.

“W-when do I start?”

“Oh, now” I responded and only then did she looked at me. She had a shocked expression on her face.

“Like now? I haven’t came prepared to get this job much less starting it today ..” she trailed off again as her eyes looked into mine but was suddenly averted.

“You look okay and besides it’s not like you have to get a uniform or anything. All you need to do is look after my son” I said with a shrug and she nodded.

“Speaking of you son, when can I get to meet him?” She asked looking back at me only for a few seconds before her eyes went back to either the floor or the walls of my office.

“You’ll meet him in a few minute but first, you need to know the rules” I responded to her question and she nodded her head. I gesture for her to come over and she slowly made her way over before I told her to take a seat and hell, she even look more stunning up close.

“Here are the rules” I said and took a fle that had a paper filled with rules inside. Ihad another one in my hand and decided to read it over with her just so she was clear and understood the rules.

Number one: You are to address me as Mr. Alexander.

Number two: You must respect me and listen to everything I say.

Number three: Don’t ever raise you hands at my son.

Number four: Food will be provided for my son by the maids so you don’t have to cook anything for him.

Number five: You work everyday, starting from 8Am to Spm.

Number Six: Always be on time

I read all the rules to her and made sure she understood it before putting the paper away and asking. “Do you have any question Ms. Davis?”

“Umm yes. Where will I be babysitting your son?”

“For this week, you are to come to my office everyday from 8Am to Spm. Staring from next week, youll come to my house directly from 8Am to 5pm” I responded and she nodded her head.

“Any other questions?”

“Umm I don’t think so”

“Okay, then I’ll get Mr. Salvay to show you to my son.” I said before I picked up my phone and made a call to his office. “Sir?” He answer over the phone. “Come into my office right now” I said and he responded with a’yes sir

“He should be here in a few minutes” I said after hanging up and she nodded her head again. Can’t she talk or some?

“Anyways, you’ll be working every day and I already told you what time to be here by. You’ll also be weekly paid so you should expect to see $1000 in you account every weekend” I said and she looked at me with wide eyes. I was about to speak again but was interrupted by the door opening and Mr. Salvay speaking.

“You called sir?”

“Yes, show Ms. Davis to the room that my son is in, will you?” I asked and he nodded his head. I watched as she got up and took another glance at me before turning to leave but she stopped in her tracks when I spoke.

“Don’t be late Ms. Davis. You won’t like what I’l do to you, if you are” I said and saw her shiver a little. She turned to me before nodding her head then left with Mr. Salvay, my assistant. As my day went by, I couldn’t stop thinking about her .. She looks very familiar And I wondered Do I know her from somewhere?


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