STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

By Naomi Cindy B


Miryang town**

Ginelle paced round her room , thinking about what Brayden told her about the flower goddess during their walk last week

It’s somehow related to Kimora but she’s not sure

He told her the flower goddess is a queen who ruled the flower realm for hundred years and her years of reign were peaceful but when she fell in love with a de.mon who came in form of an handsome prince, things changed,,

The prince whose name is Mazu started killing and drinking the blood of the inhabitants of flower realm, that was when it got revealed that he’s not a prince, he’s a king in the stars who got banished from the star city cos he turned to a de.mon overnight….by then, queen Petal is carrying his baby already though he’s not aware,,

He was banned into darkness by Lother, queen Petal’s father after which he died

And because queen Petal allowed such a beast in the realm, she was banished from the flower realm but she refused to leave, so when she gave birth, her daughter was cursed with the scent of flowers so she had no choice but to leave since her daughter is allergic to the scent…

That was where Brayden stopped the story at and she’s really really curious right now

Kimora is allergic to the scent of flowers

Does that mean she’s the one???

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Brayden has the biggest smile on his face as he made his way to Ginelle’s place that evening

If he’s capable, he’d want to be with her every minute but not like they’re married yet

He suddenly got crossed again

“Annyeong” Demi waved

“You again?, I thought I said we should never meet again” he said and Demi only replied with a cunning smile

“I’m not going to beat around the bush today, there’s a big secret of your life at the br©thel” she said

” What are you talking about?” He replied

” Come to the br©thel tonight, don’t die of curiosity” she replied and left

“I’m unusually curious” Brayden thought.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60



“Bang!” Cory said, suddenly appearing in front of Tania who’s just coming out of the kitchen

“I’m not moved by your plays anymore, I’m used to it” she said

” Oh…. I got a surprise instead” Cory said

” How have you been?” She asked to Cory’s surprise

” Ask that again” he said

” Forget it” she replied and he smiled

“I’m fine, are you good too?” He asked

“I guess so” she replied and swiftly faced him

” Who do you love among the two princesses?” She asked

“Why do you seriously want to know?, Are you crushing on me too?” He said and Tania smirked

” Don’t be so full of yourself, you’re not that handsome” she scoffed

” You won’t be able to say that if you look into my eyes” Cory replied and she faced him

Immediately her eyes caught his own, she stopped moving and blinked twice before looking away

“You’re frustrating” she said and Cory laughed

” I’m handsome, I know’ he said

” Cockiness ain’t the best” she said, rolling eyes at him

He suddenly pecked her and winked before running away

“That thug” Tania said, rubbing her cheek, unaware of when she smiled.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Night…. br©thel**

Curiousness got the best part of Brayden and he appeared in the brothel with a mask on his face though

He heaved as he entered and it’s not surprising that Demi is waiting already

“Make it fast” he said

“I promise, follow me” she said and led the way into the br©thel

Brayden saw different scenarios, how men waste their time with ladies here, being promiscuous…he hates it and the sounds that’s coming from the rooms are just irritating to him

They got to the front of a room and Demi faced him

“Go in, the secret is coming….in two minutes time” she said

“If this is a prank, I’ll skin you alive” he said

” I hate pranks” she replied seriously and he went into the room, adjusting his mask on his face, he stood for a while before deciding to sit on the only available place, the bed..

The opening of the door made him look up and even the heavens knows he couldn’t believe his eyes

Ginelle came in, dressed like a sIut with the heavy makeup and sIutty dress

Brayden’s eyes widened and he swallowed hard on his seat, watching as she came closer and closer, the shock is just too much

He’s even too shocked to move or talk

Ginelle got to him and started $tripping in front of him, starting with the robe and the inner ones, she’s left in her undies when she climbed the bed with him, her face is expressionless

“Why are you wearing a mask?” She asked but he couldn’t find his voice to speak

She held his face and kssed his ne¢k, she expected him to moan but he didn’t

“Why?, Should I just take my leave?” She said

“Ginelle” Brayden said, finally finding his voice

Even if the mask made his voice more deep, Ginelle recognizes it immediately


Her eyes widened and she slowly brought her shaky hands to his mask, she pulled it off his face and it fell off her hand when she saw his face

Bray…. Brayden” she stuttered shakily

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60



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