STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

By Naomi Cindy B


Royalty’s room**

She’s eating lunch alone today, Suzy went for a town tour with her maids and she almost succeeded in dragging her along but she’s just so tired

She ate the meal slowly and suddenly held her stomach tight

“It hurts” she said, dropping her chopsticks slowly

She stood from the table when she felt like vomiting, she rushed to get an hanky on the bedstand and covered her mouth with it, she vomited something on it,,

She slowly took it away from her lips and looked at it … BIoody bIood!

Her eyes widened and she sat back on the bed

Her stomach pains is gone by now though

“Why am I vomiting bIood?” She asked herself

“Am I sick?, I need to see the physician as soon as possible” she thought.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Miryang town**

” Raise the window blinds” Suzy ordered as the palanquin carriers stopped moving at her orders

The blinds were raised and she peeped out

“Beautiful” she smiled but it dissappeared when she remembered Royalty’s face

“That boring sister of mine, she even refused to follow me, how boring!, I miss her” she said

” Why will she be tired, not like she lifted a house…he¢k!, I don’t know why I’m missing her this much, Royalty I hate you for making me miss you this much” she complained and realized they’re in front of a big house

“This house wasn’t here during the festival” she said

” Yes your highness, it’s a new house, owned by the new rich man here, I heard the second prince made him rich” one of her guards replied

” Second prince…my brother?” She said

“Yes your highness”

“Lower the palanquin” she said and the carriers obeyed

She came out of it and looked at the house again

“I’m going in” she said and stepped into the big house

It’s just so spacious and beautiful inside, bigger than Park Sun’s house

“Your highness?” A voice said and she turned back to see a man coming towards her, dressed richly

“Your highness” he bowed when he got to her

“It’s a great pleasure to have you here” he said

“Rise” Suzy said and he obeyed

” I heard my brother enriched you” she said

” Yes your highness, he sent me many bags of silver, he made me rich In a day, he’s the best prince I’ve ever come across and if he becomes the crown prince your highness, I’ll be the happiest” he replied and Suzy smiled

” I’m glad you got to be fine because of him, what’s your name?”

” Hong, it’s Hong” he replied

Suzy closed her eyes, enjoying the cool breeze of the place

“Why is the breeze here cooler than that of the palace” she wondered loudly and faced Hong

” Can I come here sometimes to…spend time?” She asked

” I’ll be honoured your highness!, I’ll be greatly honoured!” He bowed and Suzy smiled.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Cory inhaled the Miryang air after getting down from the horse he brought

It’s Minho’s horse though, he used fake beards to change his looks already

He smiled as he made his way to the palace and entered like one of the servants

“One of the new recruited servants?” The head servant asked

*I came at the right time” he thought and nodded

“Follow me” he replied and led the way

Cory followed, looking around for any sign of Tania

He was lucky to see her just coming out of the kitchen

He snuck into a corner and left for the other side, he hid till Tania came by

He pulled her in and covered her mouth so she won’t shout

“It’s me Cory” he whispered, slowly letting go of her

She stepped back from him and removed the fake beard

“It’s really you weirdo…where have you been?, Where’s my friend and the second prince?” She asked

” Shh, just follow me” he said and used the fake beard again

They both snuck out of the palace.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


“So you mean…my friend is in a relationship with prince Jimin?, I had a hunch about it countlessly” Tania said, staring into space

Cory is sitting beside her at the base of a tree in the woods

“She must have a reason for not telling you, don’t get mad” Cory said

” I’m not angry, she’ll tell me everything when she feels like, I’m just glad she’s safe, now I can sleep peacefully at night” Tania smiled..

” You must love her so much” Cory said

” She’s like my sister”

” You don’t have parents?” Cory asked

” They were murdered by the first prince just because they looked him in the eye during his town tour some years ago, since then I’ve been taken in as a maid in the palace” she replied sadly

” Sad” Cory said and Tania looked at him

” I know….I don’t have a choice, but my only wish is for him to die agonizingly” she said, a little tear escaping her eyes

Cory is so full of pity for her right now

He moved closer and slowly her and wiped her tears before it could rush down her cheeks

“I’m sorry” he said

She nodded and he hugged her.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Ginelle’s place**.

*You cried a lot yesterday” Brayden said, pulling her to his laps gently

He slept beside her last night till this morning when he left though he never wanted to…but he did cos she insisted

He’s barely gone for thirty minutes before he came back

She sat on his laps and he held her face, staring at her lovingly

“I won’t do it again” she replied, wishing he could just kss her

She needs his lips badly right now, she was sad last night so no chance

“But you should have a reason, you scared me” he said

” I’ll tell you the day you tell me the story of the flower goddess” she replied and he laughed

” You blackmail too” he said

“I love you” she replied

Brayden turned serious and started leaning in slowly but Ginelle pulled him to herself and made their lips smash on each other.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Goryeo town…. night**

Jimin carried Kimora into their room in his arms and she won’t stop smiling, anticipating what he’ll do tonight

He placed her on the bed and she stared as he took off his robe, leaving him in only his pants

Then he started heading towards the bathroom

“You’re taking a shower…. first?” She said, looking at him impatiently

Typical of.. ” is a shower now important than I am?

He looked back and bit his lips slowly, that woke the remaining hormones

“Can’t wait?” He said

“Well…” She said slowly, not knowing what to say next

He came back to her swiftly like a lion and captured her lips immediately he climbed the bed.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

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